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Star Trek: 25th Anniversary
Box artwork for Star Trek: 25th Anniversary.
Developer(s)Visual Concepts
Publisher(s)Ultra Games
Release date(s)
Flag of the United States.svg February, 1992
System(s)Game Boy
Mode(s)Single player
Followed byStar Trek: The Next Generation
SeriesStar Trek
TwitchStar Trek: 25th Anniversary Channel
YouTube GamingStar Trek: 25th Anniversary Channel
This guide is for the Game Boy version. For NES version, see Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (NES). For computer versions, see Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (Interplay).

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary is a 1991 Game Boy video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by Ultra Games, based upon the Star Trek universe. The game chronicles a mission of James T. Kirk and his crew of the USS Enterprise. Despite having the same name, the Game Boy version is not a port of the NES game or the computer versions, and is in fact a completely different game. It was succeeded by Star Trek: The Next Generation for Game Boy, developed and published by Absolute Entertainment the following year.

Table of Contents


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