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This section is about the different classes and units in Star Wars: Battlefront.


The Republic units have weaponry that is effective against droids, such as EMP technology.

  • The Clone Trooper is the basic infantry unit with white coloration. He is armed with a blaster rifle that shoots rapidly with a 60-round clip. In addition, he carries a blaster pistol with a charging function, EMP grenades, and concussion grenades. The Clone Trooper is very versatile, and are a good choice on virtually any map.
  • The ARC Trooper, with blue coloration, is armed with a rocket launcher, blaster pistol, mines, and thermal detonators. The ARC Trooper's rocket launcher can fire two shots without reloading, making them one of the more useful heavy weapons units in the game. As a result, they are useful even on maps without vehicles. They are also useful at taking down turrets, which can really be pesky during the game. The mines are also very useful for stopping enemy advances. Put them around corners and in dark spots where your enemy is likely to step but unlikely to see them.
  • The Clone Pilot, with yellow coloration, has a DN Bolt Caster, blaster pistol, ammo/health dispenser, and a fusion cutter to repair vehicles, turrets, and droids. The Clone Pilot's main weapon is inaccurate and very ineffectual, so whenever you can, just stick to piloting or the pistol if you must. Keep a few around with you to dispense ammo and health when you need it. The Clone Pilot, like all pilots, automatically repairs any ship they are in. This is very useful when using the LAAT with its capacity of 7 people. Fully loaded with clone pilots, they can automatically regenerate any health lost.
  • The Clone Sharpshooter, with red coloration, has a sniper rifle with a 6-round clip and a scope that zooms once, a pistol, thermal detonators, and a recon droid. The sharpshooter isn't very good in closer combat, but on maps where you have a good view of the battlefield and can snipe from afar like Kashyyk: Docks or Kamino, the sharpshooter is one of your best bets. The recon droid is especially useful, as enemies will not aim at them. You can use its weak blaster or more preferably call for an orbital strike.
  • The Jet Trooper, with green coloration, is the Republic's special unit. They have a two-round EMP launcher, a pistol, and a whopping 6 thermal detonators. The EMP launcher can kill any droid in one hit except for the shielded droideka, but it's slow and needs to reload often. You may want use it where there's enough cover for you to reload. The jet pack makes it a slow unit when running, but its speed is almost unmatched when airborne. Use your jet pack to gain and aerial advantage, then just blast away from above. Keep one of these units with you as often as possible. The secondary blaster pistol can be used as well with moderate efficiency. The Jet trooper is one of the most dangerous units in the game if used properly. Use both the EMP launcher and the blaster pistol to eliminate the enemy, and the jetpack provides a quick and effective way to escape enemy fire if you have low health.


  • The Super Battle Droid is the basic infantry unit. They have a rapid-firing wrist blaster with 55 rounds a clip. Their alternate primary weapon instead of a pistol is a wrist "tri-shot" where they shoot three laser blasts simultaneously from their wrist. This is a pretty useful alternate weapon for finishing off your foes. Finally, instead of grenades, Super Battle Droids have rockets that they shoot from their wrist blasters. It's more accurate and useful for assaulting vehicles and turrets, but it lacks the punch that the grenade brings against groups of infantry.
  • The Assault Droid is armed with a one-shot missile launcher and a blaster pistol. They can also lay mines and throw grenades. They hold 7 missiles and 3 grenades. Not very useful in maps without vehicles or turrets.
  • The Sniper Droid is armed with a sniper rifle. This sniper rifle holds 5 rounds but can zoom twice, making it better for accuracy. They also carry a pistol, 3 grenades, and a recon droid. Be sure to have a few Sniper Droids in your group to pick off clones. In any case, aim at the clone's forehead to get a good headshot.
  • The Pilot Droid is one of the best pilot classes. Their main weapon, a radiation launcher, is hard to aim but devastating, dealing splash damage. It has 5 rounds per clip. Besides that, Pilot Droids also carry a pistol, a fusion cutter, and a health/ammo dispenser. An indispensable unit regardless of the map.
  • The Droideka is one of the more unusual classes. It is highly immobile because of its low speed and agility. The Droideka only has one weapon, the repeating arm blasters. This is a devastating weapon due to its high damage and rapid fire. In addition, it has a shield. The shield can withstand two EMP blasts or rockets, but it slowly runs out on its own. The battery regenerates slowly, so only use the shield when there are enemies around. Without its shield, the droideka has the lowest health of any unit. The droideka cannot pilot vehicles. Instead, when the "man vehicle" button is pressed, the droideka will roll up into a wheel, transforming it into a very fast, mobile character. Droidekas cannot give commands. A single droideka can mow down a ton of clone troopers, so have one with your group. If your shield runs out of battery, roll up and make a hasty retreat, else you will be swiftly killed.

Rebel Alliance[edit]

  • The Rebel Soldier carries the best all-around rifle in the game; while it doesn't deal quite as much damage as the Stormtrooper's rifle, it's more accurate and doesn't lose its precision after automatic bursts of fire. Additionally, the Rebel Soldier is the fastest non-special-unit class in the game. Rebel Soldiers also carry a blaster pistol, 3 thermal grenades, and 3 concussion grenades for anti-vehicle use.
  • The Rebel Vanguard is an authentic rocketry unit in that each time you fire its rocket launcher, two rockets are fired. If you aim at the center of a vehicle, the rockets will home in and find their target. The Vanguard is also useful in narrow hallways, as the rockets will cover more ground and create more devastation than most other units. The Vanguard's second weapon is a pistol, and he carries 4 grenades and 4 mines.
  • As far as sniper classes go, the Rebel Marksman is a fairly good soldier. Its sniper rifle inflicts decent damage and has 2 levels of zoom; the main advantage to this unit is its ability to use the sniper rifle in close-range combat. The biggest problem with this unit is the fact that there are no good levels for sniping in the campaign; to take full advatage of the Marksman, play Galactic Conquest or Instant Action. If you run out of ammo for your rifle, the Marksman also carries a blaster pistol, 4 grenades, and a recon droid.
  • There is almost no variation between the pilot classes in this game, and the Rebel Pilot is no exception. Its main weapon is a shotgun. From close range, these units can pack a punch against infantry, but their strength lies in, well, piloting. They carry the customary blaster pistol, fusion cutter, and health/ammo dispensers, as well as the ability to repair vehicles they occupy.
  • The Wookiee Smuggler is the Rebel Alliance's special unit. Don't be fooled; despite their slow pace, these Wookiees are well armed. Their main gun is a bowcaster. If you hold down the fire button, it will charge up to become a spray shot, optimum for multiple enemies, moving targets or persons with bad aim. And that's not all; their secondary, and equally devastating, weapon is a grenade launcher. Hold down your primary attack button to fire the grenades longer distances. The Wookiee's only secondary attack item is a time bomb; when placed, they have a 10-second fuse. Additionally, time bombs can be attached to walls, turrets, vehicles, or even infantry if you have the mind. Wookiees carry 3 time bombs. Generally, they aren't very effective unless you know the enemy is coming over.

Galactic Empire[edit]

  • The Stormtrooper is the best grunt soldier out of the four factions. Its blaster rifle, containing 55 rounds per clip, deals tons of damage to enemy units (and friendlies, for that matter). Besides the rifle, Stormtroopers carry a standard-issue blaster pistol, 4 thermal detonators (grenades), and 2 concussion grenades.
  • The Shock Trooper is the heavy artillery of the Empire's infantry. His rocket launcher fires 1 rocket at a time, and must reload after each shot. The good news is that rockets fired by the Shock Trooper home in on their targets. These units also carry pistols, 4 thermal detonators, and 4 mines. These mines create devastating explosions when triggered by enemies (friendly units cannot trigger them). Place them around corners, in shadows, or across chokepoints for maximum effect.
  • Scout Troopers are good for just about that - scouting. Their sniper rifle has only one level of zoom, and is not as powerful as some of the others. Other equipment carried by this unit includes a pistol, 3 thermal detonators, and a recon droid. Recon droids can be very effective if you know what you're doing; they move quickly and have a small blaster, making them ideal for scouting. Additionally, enemy units do not fire at your recon droid.
  • The Imperial Pilot is an integral unit in your attack. A pilot's main weapon is a grenade launcher that fires thermal detonators; this is your only source of grenades with this unit. They are equipped with a pistol, a fusion cutter, and can dispense ammo and health. Pilots also come with the passive ability to repair the vehicle they occupy.
  • A bit of a downgrade from the Jet Trooper, the Dark Trooper does not have the same impact as the other special units. Their main gun is a shotgun, much like the one used by the Rebel pilots. Dark Troopers also carry blaster pistols and 4 thermal detonators. The Dark Trooper's unique ability is the ability to "fly." In actuality, it's sort of a super-jump that catapults you up in the direction you were running. Useful for getting around, but the Dark Trooper's long jet-recharge time and low firepower removes any advantage it gains. The Dark Trooper's jet pack is not as good as covering vast distances like the Jet Trooper's jetpack, but it propels the trooper higher. In addition, the Dark Trooper's jetpack spews black smoke when it is used, making it sort of a giveaway (not that a flying unit isn't already).