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Map of Hoth: Echo Base
  1. This command post may look far from the battle, but it has an astrodroid that spawns Snowspeeders.
  2. This command post is inside Echo Base. It does absolutely nothing for you.
  3. CP 3 is on the front side of Echo Base. It offers a prime sniping position on the roof of the CP.
  4. You have to be either drunk or just plain stupid to run up to this one, with 2 AT-STs spawning here.
  5. The Shield Generator. Protecting this is one of your secondary objectives, though if you choose strategy #3 below, you won't need to worry about protecting it.
  6. This command post is a lot like CP 3, except it's a lot easier to get to if you're in an AT-AT.

** AT-ATs, mobile command posts that can be destroyed (rather easily, with enough practice).


  • Your faction: Rebels
    • Easy reinforcements: 200
  • Opposing army: Empire
    • Easy reinforcements: 250
  • Vehicles on map: Rebels: Tauntauns, Snowspeeder; Empire: AT-AT, AT-ST
  • Jedi hero: Luke Skywalker
  • Defensive Vehicles: Rebel Defensive Turret, Radar Laser Cannon


Don't get scared when you look at the starting reinforcements for this level; you don't need as many as the Empire in order to win this one.

Strategy #1: Start as a normal soldier at either of your front command posts (3,6). Stay fairly close to the shelter of the building, paying careful attention to the locations of the AT-ATs and AT-STs. Once an AT-AT goes past, you can walk with it and kill enemies as they spawn: just be careful not to get into the range of its main gun. If you're feeling particularly brave, then make sure there is no possible way you could get shot by the AT-ATs and run across the battlefield to CP 4. Good luck trying to take it, you'll have to just keep moving and dodging turret fire.

You can also spawn as a pilot and get on a tauntaun to quickly get an AT-ST. Get in. Start blasting the other AT-ST so when someone gets into it, it already damaged or destroyed. Start blasting the empire troops. You will clear the way for your teammates riding tauntauns. Always remember to stay close to the repair droid. Get someone in your tank once the CP is captured. Blast down the AT-ATs from the back.

Strategy #2: Spawn as a sniper at CP 3. Walk around and get on the roof, where no one will hit you unless they're aiming right at you (no joke, most people can't get close enough to hit you). Then start sniping at anyone in range. Good sources of targets are: AT-ATs between CP 3 and 6; units coming over the hill between CP 3 and 4; units who have captured CP 6 and are trying to take 3. This tactic is best for whittling down enemy reinforcements. Just be very careful about the AT-STs.

Strategy #3: This strategy will not get you a lot of kills, is difficult to perform, and is the most dangerous of them all. That said, it's probably the most fun, not to mention the quickest. Start at CP 1 as a pilot. Get in the pilot seat of one of those snowspeeders and wait for a gunner. Once a gunner gets in, take off (be careful not to crash into other snowspeeders on your way out of the hangar) and fly towards the AT-ATs. Now here's the tricky part: you have to fly around there legs 6-8 times - it'll take at least one round for the gunner to get his cable attached, then you have to stay within a certain distance of the walker for 5 circles. It helps if you're flying as slowly as possible. Also, try to get the cable attached to the AT-AT in the back, that way the other one can't shoot at you. In the dead time between AT-AT spawns, feel free to try shooting at enemy infantry.

Strategy #4: Start as a bog standard rebel solider and order men to follow you. It helps if you have a range of classes, because you might have an AT-AT or AT-ST after you. Run to the trenches and wait for enemies to see you. Because you're in trenches, you're harder to hit. Use your rifle to pick off troops when they get near. If they get around you, your men will deal with them. When an AT-AT or AT-ST comes over to you, your demolition man should shoot (if you took one with you). As long as you're entrenched, you have an advantage. If you get overrun, run to the nearest concentration of friendly troops (or rebel CP) and defend from there. Try to push forward if you see the opportunity. If your men get killed, stay, unless you can't hold off the enemy troops. If you can't, fall back, find more men, and order them to follow you and take the trenches back. Because the trenches are the only things standing between them and a rebel CP, they'll never stop coming. It works with other classes too, but the rebel soldier is easiest.

Strategy #5: Spawn in the Echo Base as a Rebel Pilot. Get into a Snowspeeder and fly over to an Imperial base. Jump out behind the AT-STs and get into one of them. Begin to blow up the Imperial troops from behind. By the time they know you're there, they are already dead. From here follow the AT-ATs to the Rebel bases. Recapture bases that have been taken by the Imperials and defend the other passageways leading to the Echo Base. Finish it off by cleaning up the rest of the Imperial troops. Be careful because troopers will hide in the trenches and take you by surprise. To deal with them, throw a few mines into the pit to kill them.