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Map of Kashyyyk: Islands
  1. The Wookiees will attack this command post in force; it's important, though, so defend it.
  2. Another prime target for the enemy, you absolutely cannot lose both of these command posts.
  3. It'll take some skill and hard work, but this command post is worth taking.
  4. The 3 command posts in the middle of the map come in a 3-for-1 deal; in other words, if you take one, you have to take them all.
  5. As with the others, all it takes is some disciplined fighting to capture this CP.
  6. Don't let the aircraft fool you; this command post is not worth anything and the wookies will rarely get near it.


  • Your faction: CIS
    • Easy reinforcements: 200
  • Opposing army: Native (Wookiee)
    • Easy reinforcements: 200
  • Vehicles on map: CIS: Droid starfighter MAF gunship; Native: none
  • Jedi hero: Count Dooku


Spawn at one of the northern command posts (1,2) as either a super battle droid or a droideka. Move slowly toward the enemy CPs, but make sure you don't outrun your allies. Also, be sure to not let any enemy units sneak past and capture your command posts. After (or, as the case may be, if) you have survived the initial Wookiee onslaught, advance to CP 3. Be very thorough in your search of the area to make sure nobody hits your troops from behind later on. Once you secure CP 3, continue to the next two spawnpoints. It's highly unlikely that you will be able to take all three command posts; don't be discouraged if you only have two of them. Hunt down and destroy the remaining Wookiees.