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This page is all about non-playable races.


  • Wookiees can be found in the Islands and Docks maps. Their weapons and stats are the same as the Wookiee Smuggler of the Rebels, and they ally with the Republic and the Rebels. Since they're a mix of the infantry, heavy weapon, and pilot units, they can be quite deadly. Combined with the fact that they have a larger amount of health than most units, they are quite dangerous. The best way to take them down is to snipe them or blast them with a grenade or missile launcher.

Wookiees are quite powerful.


  • Tusken Raiders are found on the Dune Sea map. They often hold at least one command post, and since there are often large numbers of them around such a post, it is very difficult to capture it. They carry blasters and ally themselves with no one. Tusken Raiders are equipped with a blaster rifle or a sniper rifle, and they have the ability to capture command posts. Since they are like regular units, you can just blast them with a blaster rifle. Their aim isn't that good, so keep strafing when you engage them. The easiest way to take their command post is to grab a vehicle and use it for suppressive fire while your infantry comrades take the base.
  • Jawas can be found in Mos Eisley. They don't have any weapons, but they go around fixing vehicles and constructing turrets, regardless of the team. They can be useful, especially to the CIS since they can repair droids, but if you see them aiding the enemy, feel free to blast them away. Also, if you find yourself low on health, you can kill them; they often drop a bacta tank.
  • Gammoreans are found in Jabba's Palace and are allied with no one. They are very big and have a lot of health, making them hard to kill with a blaster rifle. They have an axe that can kill with one sweep, so stay far away from them as you can. Keep deluging them with blaster fire and get your comrades to do so, and they will fall. The most efficient way to do away with them, however, is to blast them with a missile launcher. Grenades aren't very useful, as they move and roll around a lot. Keep your eyes out for them, especially when you're sniping.
  • The Sarlacc Pit is an invincible NPC in the Dune Sea map. It is basically a pit with tentacles wiggling out. If you step too close, it will grab you and you will be eaten.
  • The Rancor is an invincible NPC in Jabba's Palace. In the throne room, there is a trapdoor in front of Jabba that you can fall through (like in the Return of the Jedi). The Rancor is stationary, but if you move too close to it, it will grab you and messily devour you. Unusually, it cannot pick up the Droideka, but it will still deal damage with its claws. To pass it, go past its side where it cannot grab you; DO NOT try to go through its legs.


  • Gungans are found on the Plains map. They aid the Republic or Rebels. They can fix turrets, but mostly provide suppressive fire with their boomers, the balls that they chuck at their enemies. If their continual "Mesa here to help!" annoys you, feel free to kill them.
  • Royal Guards are found in Theed. They sport a variety of weapons, from blaster rifles to missile launchers, so be ready if you're not a Republic or Rebel unit.


  • Ewoks are in the Bunker map and aid the Rebels. There are a lot of them to help or hurt you, but if you're on the opposing side, they're only armed with spears and other primitive weapons, and relatively easy to kill. Be very careful for their AT-ST killing logs, they are a surprisingly effective booby trap.


  • Geonosians are flying alien beings. Besides being hard to hit because of their flight, they don't pose very much of a problem, except in numbers.


  • Jedi Heroes are available for all factions. The Republic gets Mace Windu, the CIS Count Dooku, the Empire has Darth Vader on their side, and the Rebellion has Luke Skywalker. They are resistant to blaster fire, as they will regenerate their energy when hit. They may be knocked down, but that's about it. Since they are invincible, there are only a few ways to kill them. The first is to blast them off of an edge or cliff, but not all maps have one. The best weapon to accomplish this is with the missile launcher. Because they are rather stupid, they're quite easy to hit. The second is to land a vehicle on top of them. However, you don't get credit for the kill in this way. The last method is to deplete your enemy's reinforcements down to 10%. After this, they die and do not respawn. At their best, they are quite useful and will slice down large numbers of their enemies. At their worst, they will just stand there and wait. Don't depend too heavily on them, and stay away if you see one.