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Alternate Fighting Styles[edit]

This section will help you gain that extra momentum you need to win a battle, or just give you new ideas as to how to play the game. For each class of soldier, the various ways to use that unit in combat are described.

Grunt Soldier[edit]

Units in this class include: Clone Trooper, Super Battle Droid, Rebel Soldier, Stormtrooper

Automatic Rifle: This is the most commonly used style, because it doesn't require a whole lot of skill. Basically, you just hold down the trigger and unload into whoever is standing in front of you. While this works as a "panic" style, or when there are a lot of enemies in front of you, it's not very ammo-efficient everywhere else. Try to avoid using this style if possible.

Semi-automatic: Once you've mastered this combat strategy, you can play this game with the best of them. It is a fact that, when using the rifle's automatic capabilities, it tends to become very inaccurate after about 5 shots. So don't fire more than 5 at a time - hold down the trigger for about a second, then let up. Take aim again and fire another burst of shots. Not only does it prevent you from wasting a ton of ammo, it allows you to aim more precisely and target a specific place on an enemy's body (namely the head).

Sniper Rifle: This is a very effective alternate style. Find a good sniping position, and zoom in with your blaster rifle. Fire 2 or 3 shots and let go, look to see if that killed your target, fire some more (if he's still alive). The main advantage to this style is the ability to switch to close combat if, for example, your nearby command post gets attacked.

Rocket Launcher[edit]

Units in this class include: ARC Trooper, Assault Droid, Rebel Vanguard, Shock Trooper

Anti-artillery: This is the basic combat style for rocket launcher units. You use a blaster pistol for normal infantry units and fire rockets to make quick work of turrets and vehicles. There are two things to make note of with this style: first, make every shot count, it takes a long time to reload a rocket launcher. Second, beware that when you start shooting at a vehicle, they are most likely going to shoot back at you. Keep rolling around and get the high ground if they see you, and evasion should be possible.

Anti-infantry: With this strategy, you will use the explosiveness of the rockets to mutilate or destroy other infantry units. This style only works in narrow hallways or places where there is nowhere to escape the explosion. An example of this is Bespin: Cloud City - rockets work almost as well as grenades at taking out bunches of enemies in long hallways. Just aim for either the units' feet or the wall next to them. Jabba's Palace is also a prime spot for anti-infantry rocketeers. This tactic is not as good for Assault Droids or Shock Troopers, who only can only fire one rocket at a time.

Rocket jumping is a myth - you cannot duplicate that feat in Battlefront. Not only are you unable to fire while jumping, firing too close to yourself will only demonstrate the game's crazy ragdoll physics to you.


Units in this class include: Clone Sharpshooter, Sniper Droid, Rebel Markman, Scout Trooper

Standard Sniping: Find a secluded spot that is far away from the battle, but close enough that your targets don't look like ants. Usually, that spot is at least 5 meters above the main battlefield. Pick a target (try to find someone that is running directly towards you, holding still, or running directly away from you) and aim for its head. A headshot will kill any unit in one shot. Note that the "head" of a Super Battle Droid is right between the shoulders, and that there is no headshot on droidekas because, well, they have no head. If you have to fire at someone running perpendicular to your sightline, aim for their torso. Try to pace your gun's movements with their running, and fire about half a meter in front of them. This takes a lot of practice to perfect.

2 Kill: When sniping, you might tend to miss their head. If you do not have great accuracy, you should go for their torso. Most units get killed by 2 sniper shots on their torso. This method is great, especially if you don't have great accuracy for their heads, but don't like the main battlefield.

No-Zooming: This combat method is devastating if you're accurate with your shots. It is the converse of the "sniper rifle" method in Grunt Soldier. Take your sniper rifle and use it like a normal blaster rifle, in close combat. As long as you're accurate with your shots and you have a good sense of when it's safe to reload, this style is more deadly than any blaster rifle combat style you use.


Pilots can actually be some of the most useful backup classes, because of their vehicle bonuses, powerful weapons, and health/ammo dispensers. Overall, they are handy to have around but not particularly effective in combat (this is remedied in the sequel, with the addition of Engineers).

  • Piloting: As their name suggests, pilots are good at piloting. They can slowly regenerate health to vehicles they pilot. When piloting, you should make it a point to whittle down as many reinforcements as possible. Hit and run attacks are especially useful: Blast all the enemies you see, then retreat backwards to a secluded spot to dismount and heal up. Vehicles make excellent spawn campers for capturing command points as well.
  • Backup: Backup pilots make it their responsibility to back up grunts and rocket units with their health/ammo dispensers and heavy weapons. They are also active in constructing and fixing turrets and droids. These types of pilots are few and far between, but a good team should have a few of these types of pilots. As the pilot is quite vulnerable by himself, he can make himself much more useful by keeping his comrades alive. These types of pilots shine in maps without vehicles like Rhen Var: Citadel or Kamino: Tipoca City.
  • Aggressive: If you're really feeling up for a challenge, you can try the aggressive pilot. This works best for CIS or Imperial Pilots because of their one-shot-kill launcher weapons. Basically, you just act as another fighting unit. With some practice, you can really be a killing, CP-capturing machine. The main downside is that they tend to be quite selfish, dispensing health and ammo for themselves, hopping into vehicles alone to capture command posts, and only fixing turrets and droids for their own sake. Unless you are very good, stick to backup or piloting. I've found that aggressive pilots are very successful in smaller maps like Citadel, Temple, or Jabba's Palace.

Special Classes[edit]

It goes without saying that these units differ too much to come up with a strategy for all of them. However, the one thing they have in common, with the exception of the droideka, is a handful of grenades. Use them to your advantage, but be careful not to drop one in the middle of your allies.


Name a profile "Jub Jub" (case-sensitive)and all the units on the battlefield will be about half their original size. It doesn't exactly make the game easier, but it's fun sometimes to see all the units in dwarf-like proportions.