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This is a list of vehicles in Star Wars: Battlefront.

Ground vehicles[edit]

  • AATs (Armored Assault Tanks) — Armored Assault Tanks, or AATs, are powerful vehicles that, unlike the AT-ST, can strafe. The main pilot can fire several blasts of yellow lasers from the sides while the main gunner can fire a single powerful blast from the turret. This vehicle belongs to the CIS.
  • AT-STs (All Terrain-Scout Transport) — The All Terrain Scout Transport is the main Imperial ground vehicle. It can be operated with a single driver (who operates the controls and the main blasters) and a second occupant, who operates the side mounted blasters. The walker is neither fast nor slow, and can rotate its "head" to target Rebels. It is incapable of strafing like its Rebel counterpart, the landspeeder, and in a straight fight between the two, the AT-ST is at a disadvantage unless it is crewed by two drivers. This vehicle belongs to the Galactic Empire.
  • AT-ATs (All Terrain-Armored Transport) — The All Terrain Armored Transport is one of the two known command walkers in the world of Star Wars. AT-ATs are practically invulnerable to blaster fire and serve as mobile command posts. The AT-AT is part of the Galactic Empire's force. The AT-AT can be operated by one driver, who operates the extremely powerful (but slow-charging) heavy blasters, and a second occupant who controls the medium blasters on the sides of the vehicle's "head". The AT-AT is slow and ponderous, and is generally incapable of shooting down snowspeeders (unless under the control of an excellent marksman.)
  • AT-TEs (All Terrain-Tactical Enforcer) — The All Terrain Tactical Enforcer is the precursor of the AT-AT and fills the same role for Republic forces, a heavily armed mobile command post. The AT-TE can be crewed by three Clones - a pilot who operates the main quad blasters, a rear gunner, and a turret gunner. The turret is a heavy blaster capable of dealing heavy damage, and has the ability to traverse a full 360 degree field of fire, though the recharge time and rotation time is very lengthy. The AT-TE is every bit as slow as the AT-AT, but slightly more maneuverable.
  • Skiffs — A lightweight but not very nimble floating craft that is primarily intended for use as a troop transport, not a combat vehicle. One pilot controls the craft, and three gunners may man the side blasters. It appears at the Sandcrawler in the Tatooine: Dune Sea map. However, a trained player can avoid being shot and just pick the enemies off of the skiff - There are usually 3 or 4 easy pickings available.
  • Naboo Gian Speeders — Gian Speeders are less-powerful versions of the Rebel Combat Landspeeder. It has an open cockpit that leaves the two occupants (a driver and a main gunner) open to hostile fire. They are only available in the campaign mode.
  • Separatist Hailfire droids — Hailfire droids are large but swift missile platforms. The purple missiles home in on the target at the center of the targeting reticle. It is possible to get a weak target lock by positioning the reticle over a vehicle when firing. Its secondary fire is a small but powerful laser that fires from underneath.
  • Imperial IFT-T Hover Tanks/Republic IFT-X Hover Tanks — Imperial Hover Tanks, or IFT-Ts, are powerful hovertanks that are more akin to Combat Landspeeders than the AT-ST. The Republic version is known as the IFT-X and features identical weaponry to the Imperial version save the colour of the lasers. The pilot position features two blaster cannons which fire singularly as well as two missile launchers which also fire singularly. The second gunner position is an open-cockpit beam attack similar to that of the Republic Gunships.
  • Rebel Combat Landspeeders — A powerful and swift vehicle which is lethal to even an AT-AT if maneuvered properly. It features a driver seat with side cannons and a hood-mounted cannon which fires in bursts of three. The pilot's secondary fire unleashes twin rockets. The additional rockets make for a lethal combination against Imperial forces.
  • Separatist "Spider Walker" — Homing Spider Droids are large four-legged walkers armed with a beam that fires from a large dish. Primary fire fires a long highly-damaging beam attack which causes considerable damage to the target. Secondary fire fires a smaller laser in pulses, which is effective against infantry. The Homing Spider Droid is also possibly the slowest vehicle in the game, rivaling the much larger AT-AT in terms of its lack of speed. While dangerous in its own right, the Spider Walker is easily destroyed by other vehicular craft.
  • Speeder bikes — Speeder bikes are light and the fastest non-aerial vehicle in the game. The light armor makes it easy to kill. It has a single laser cannon. Because of their light armor, they are easily damaged by obstacles and rough terrain. The Republic version features a fast-firing machine-gun like attack. Also, if used carefully, speeder bikes are fairly effective at killing footsoldiers or Jedi by ramming.
  • STAPs — STAPs are slower and less maneuverable than speeder bikes, but their attacking power is much greater. They are operated by a single pilot. Additionally, they do not take damage if they collide with obstacles, but are still relatively vulnerable to enemy fire. STAPs have an open cockpit, allowing infantry to shoot off the pilot.

Aerial vehicles[edit]

  • Bespin Cloud Car — The Cloud Car is a small, nimble aircraft found only on Bespin. As in the movies, the Cloud Car features a pilot and a gunner position. The pilot operates the craft's lasers, which are similar to the TIE fighters, while the gunner may launch rockets.
  • Droid starfighters — Similar to the TIE fighter in many respects, the Droid starfighter fires a volley of twin lasers from its wings. It can fire much faster than the Jedi starfighter but lacks missiles.
  • Geonosian starfighters — The Geonosian starfighter, found only on Geonosis, features one of the most rapid-firing lasers in the game, but the strength of the lasers is weak, and the recharge time long.
  • Jedi starfighters — Similar to the X-wing in many respects, the Jedi starfighter can fire less before its lasers overheat but features dual lock-on missiles. They have the fastest turning and acceleration response and they are very durable and strong for something so maneuverable.
  • LAAT (Low Altitude Assault Transport) Republic Gunships — The Republic LAAT/i Gunship features the highest carrying capacities (5)and has the most powerful weaponry. The main pilot can fire guided missiles and front lasers. The guided missiles have less of a lock-on time than most other missiles. The Co-pilot can fire two beams from the wings while the two ball gunners can fire from the sides. The final position is the passenger and features no weaponry. Fully loaded with Pilots, it can almost immediately regenerate any damage taken. If you happen to be battling one, concentrate all your team-mates' fire on the LAAT. Eventually, it will fall.
  • Rebel Snowspeeders — Snow speeders, featured on Hoth, have two seats - a pilot and a rear gunner. The pilot has two standard cannons while the rear gunner has a tow-cable and a blaster at their disposal. If the tow-cable connects with the AT-AT's legs, as seen in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, the pilot can loop around the walker's legs, tripping the AT-AT and causing it to crash to its "knees", destroying it. You will, however, be easily shot by a non-computer player while doing this.
  • Separatist Gunships — The disc-shaped MAF gunship has three positions - the pilot, who, like the Jedi starfighter, has dual lasers and lock-on missiles, the Copilot has lasers similar to those of the LAAT Republic Gunship and the Spider walker, and the main gunner has a 360 degree view of the battlefield and fires on enemy positions with standard lasers.
  • TIE fighters — The TIE fighter is the Imperial equivalent to the X-wing. It can fire more shots per volley and is faster, but is more fragile and does not feature lock-on missiles.
  • TIE Bombers — The TIE Bomber is the Imperial equivalent to the Y-wing. The pilot has control of cannons and lock-on missiles, making it much better at targeting X-Wings, but bombs are controlled only by the second position.
  • X-Wings — Armed with four rapid-firing laser cannons, X-wings are among the best fighters. It can also fire a pair of proton torpedoes with secondary fire upon lock-on.
  • Y-Wings — The Y-wing has 2 seats - a gunner and the pilot. Secondary fire unleashes a series of bombs. The gunner controls a turret. The main defense weapon is the chain gun that is situated on top of the craft.


If there are aircraft, leave them to a pilot, or be a pilot. Pilots are generally unsuited to ground support (although their weapons are often very powerful). Besides, they automatically restore the health of the craft they are in.

A good tactic is dive-bombing. This is when you fire at ground troops from above. Used correctly, it will quickly whittle away reinforcements. When you dive-bomb, hold your brakes down for the entire dive. Locate a group of enemies and blast away, or fire missiles if you can. This can be done with any type of craft.

Another tactic is to destroy an enemy's craft before it takes off. It respawns again, but it robs them of a vehicle temporarily.

When dogfighting, decide on a craft to kill and pursue that craft only. When you can hit it, brake and loose your lasers. If this is not enough, you may want to fire missiles if possible. Be liberal with the gunfire if you are fighting a bomber.

If you take too much damage, fly over to a secure command post (make sure it is your own) and whip out your fusion-cutter. To use it, use secondary weapon. Do this until you replenish your health. Another method if you are a pilot is to fly around and avoid combat. You can slowly regenerate your health by this way.

One of the only ways to kill a Jedi or Sith is to land an aerial vehicle on top of one, or one can try using a IFT-T and drive over. However, the player will not get the credit for the kill.

Also, if you are playing in a flying map (ex: Bespin) you can pick a Missile Launcher-equipped trooper and manage to launch a missile in the Jedi's\Sith's foot, he'll take knockback, repeat it and push him off the edge and you kill him.

If you're in a larger vehicle, always be sure you have infantry support. By yourself, you will be torn apart by heavy weapons troops.

Organic "vehicles"[edit]

  • Kaadus — Kaadus are reptilian animals which players use to traverse large distances on the Naboo: Plains map. No weapons can be used while on the back of a Kaadu. A player will die if the Kaadu is shot out from beneath them.
  • Tauntauns — Tauntauns are large creatures that can be used to traverse distances on the Hoth map quickly. Weapons cannot be used while riding one. Although Tauntauns seem content to stand around for long periods of time, by hopping on a Tauntaun, a timer is set off that decreases the beast's health the longer a player rides it (reflecting the death of Han Solo's Tauntaun in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back from exposure). If a Tauntaun is shot out from under a player, the player will be killed.

While riding, it's good to keep in a straight line so you don't run into any trouble. Standard infantry will have a tough time hitting you, but steer clear from vehicles; they can fry you with relative ease.


In addition to the above, various blaster turrets and emplaced guns are available on various maps. The standard turret looks much like a chain gun. It fires rather slowly, and doesn't give much bang for its buck. Generally, don't enter these turrets unless you don't have any ammo, or you've got a squad to cover your vulnerable back. Be very careful for snipers and heavy weapons units.

On Hoth, there are two special types of turrets. The first looks a lot like a satellite dish. It fires a powerful yellow laser that can fry anyone with a single blast. The second is a large turret with a thin barrel. It fires in spurts of three, and is mostly useful against straggling enemies. On Tatooine: Mos Eisley, a special type of turret may be seen on the barge.