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One of the two maps for Tatooine, Jabba's Palace is perhaps the hardest map in Battlefront II. With screams emitting from droid torture chambers, an infinite number of axe-swinging Gammoreans that are hostile to both sides, and an always-hungry Rancor (not to mention hordes of enemies that appear at every twist and turn), players are unlikely to survive for long in this map. The dimly-lit corridors don't help you much either: they are maze-like and confusing, and one can easily get lost. As if that isn't enough to worry about, Gammorean Guards can capture your command posts for the enemy (they remain hostile to the enemy). Overall, expect heavy losses for both sides and difficulty holding command posts.


The contained enviroment of this map provides excellent opportunities for grenades and other close-range weapons such as shotguns, Bulldog RLRs and grenade launchers. Don't use snipers though; they're pretty much useless. Also beware of Gammorean Guards, as they can kill you in one or two hits. Even heroes are not safe from them. However, they are slow to attack, so the best strategy to defeat them is to walk backwards while shooting until they drop. The rancor pit is pretty obvious: just don't step in front of Jabba the Hut. If you do happen to fall in, stay as close as you can to the wall, slowly edging yourself towards the door at the other end. Be sure to stay out of the Rancor's grasp. When the Rancor attacks another unit, quickly sprint towards the door.