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World Coruscant
Environment Jedi Temple
Hero Anakin Skywalker
Difficulty 3 out of 5
  1. Capture the Jedi Council Chamber.
  2. Go to the Library.
  3. Defend the Library and its contents until the scan is complete (2 minutes).
  4. Retrieve the Holocron from the Comm Room and bring it to the Veranda.
  5. Kill the Jedi with the Holocron and return it to the Veranda.
  6. Kill the three Jedi Masters.

Capture the Jedi Council Chamber[edit]

"Tonight, the fall of the Jedi is at hand..."
This is where the first wave of Jedi drop.
This doesn't look good.

Start as a grunt soldier or a Clone Engineer and make your way through the main hall. The fight may seem to be going really well, but as soon as you pass a point near the archways, a squad of Jedi will spawn. They will rip your troops apart if you don't shoot them, so focus your fire on the Jedi until they have been eliminated (part of the reason it's good to be an Engineer here is because their shotgun kills Jedi in one or two good shots). Remove the opposition in the hallway, namely the Jedi Temple Guard and the three laser turrets guarding the Council Chamber, before you advance into the Council room (if you're an Engineer, sit this part of the fight out).

As soon as you set foot in the room, several Jedi will spawn. The best way to get rid of at least some of them is to throw a grenade into the middle of the room, and, at the same time, stepping forward into the room to trigger the spawn. On the other hand, if you're an Engineer, you may want to set a Detpack in one of the entrances and lure the Jedi to come through that entrance by shooting at them. After you trigger the spawn, start moving backwards and shooting at anyone holding a lightsaber. It will probably take you more than one life to accomplish this objective.

Go to the Library[edit]

This objective is sneaky. If you follow orders immediately and run to the library, you will trigger the next spawn of Jedi sooner than your units can catch up with you. So instead, walk to the door but don't go in. Wait for your soldiers to catch up, reload, then enter.

Defend the Library and its contents until the scan is complete[edit]

As soon as you enter, get ready for this.
Keep repairing those bookcases throughout the waves.

Your primary focus in this objective should be the numerous Jedi, as they deal the most damage to the bookcases. Go in there firing on all cylinders, and clear each bookcase, on both sides of the room, of Jedi. Try to fire on those Jedi that are attacking the bookcases (as opposed to running around killing troops) first, since those Jedi will be too distracted and ripe for a shot to the back. There should be 2 bookcases at the very least remaining after you clear the room of the initial wave. Now the threat will be from the front of the room (where you came in), with Temple Guard troops throwing grenades and shooting rockets and the bookcases, until the 1 minute marker. Your troops can take care of this, so if you're an Engineer repair the bookcases you have left (yes, you can do that) with your Fusion Cutter and perhaps set a Detpack near one of the bookcases as a trap.

At the 1-minute point, about half a dozen more Jedi will spawn; move to a position from which you can see all the remaining bookcases, and just gun down anyone who tries to destroy them. If you had two left after the initial wave, and especially if you repaired them, you'll do fine with the second wave.

If you find yourself fighting frantically to save bookcases, try choosing one bookcase to focus on and defending it at all costs. You only need to have one survive to satisfy the objective.

Retrieve the Holocron from the Comm Room and bring it to the Veranda[edit]

Two Jedi? No worries. They won't follow you far.

Here you have 2 options: you can either go through the Archive Room and face multiple Jedi, or you can exit the library and go around to the Comm Room via the main hallway.

Look at those troopers, guarding that Holocron just for you but not thinking to pick it up themselves.

If you're up for a challenge, take option 1. To do this, go to the second floor of the library and enter one of the two doorways that lead to a room glowing green. Lots of Jedi spawn here, but they usually don't move beyond the entrance, so you can just mow them down. Continue through this room and you will reach the Holocron. If you go around, there won't be as many Jedi but instead a lot of Guard troops firing on you.

When you pick up the Holocron, you automatically get a squad of four troopers as an escort (similar to the F4 "follow" command). Note the number of troopers still following after running a gauntlet of Temple Guard and Jedi.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you clear the path on your way in, because everyone will be firing at you once you have the Holocron. On your way back, take the same route as you did coming in. Don't give up if you get killed when you're halfway back to the Veranda; just respawn and pick up the Holocron where you dropped it.

Kill the Jedi with the Holocron and return it to the Veranda[edit]

Clear the Veranda of enemy units before you spawn as Anakin Skywalker, as you're going to need him for a while. Once you spawn, seek out the Jedi with the Holocron, who spawns at the War Room command post on the eastern side of the temple. Treat him, and the Jedi Masters later in this level, as hero characters; they are definitely more difficult to defeat than General Grievous.

Even after you kill your target Jedi, you still have the others to worry about.

En route, you could either use "cheap" methods (such as throwing your lightsaber or Force Choke) to dispatch the many Jedi Knights and Padawans that get in your way, or you could actually try and kill them on a fair duel. It's your choice, but remember that while you're a lot more powerful than these Jedi and can take down a few even in fair duels, these fights will deplete your health meter. When you encounter the Holocron Jedi, about three more Jedi will spawn in the room; this is definitely not a situation where you want to slash it out, so just throw that lightsaber and be done with it.

Kill the three Jedi Masters[edit]

The generic-looking Jedi Masters are still very powerful and tough enough to withstand your attacks.

This is where you really need Lord Vader. To kill the Masters without him is a lot more difficult. If you're still playing as him, the Jedi Masters, even with their more powerful attacks and increased health, should not pose too much of a problem for you. The Knights and Padawans are on infinite spawn at this point (and there are about 30 on the battlefield at once also), so it's pointless to go after them, unless you need to increase your health meter by killing them. It's hard to kill the Masters with regular attacks, so either use your sprint attack (even if they're on Force Guard, they will lose about half their health) or throw your lightsaber. Force Choke and jump attacks will not work well because there are so many other Jedi that could disrupt your attack. Just make sure that if you start attacking one, you kill him; it's much easier to defeat two Jedi Masters with a normal soldier than it is to defeat all three.

If you lose Anakin, spawn as a Jet Trooper. Your best defense against the Jedi is to stay out of range, and a jetpack will help you do just that. Fly up out of melee range and fire rockets at or around the Jedi Masters. The purpose of using rockets is so that you don't have to be extremely accurate with your shots. It may take a while (meaning possibly 2 or 3 tries on the entire level) to finally defeat these guys, but it's worth it. It's excellent practice for what's to come.

Once the Masters have been killed, you have beaten the Clone Wars era of the campaign. Get ready for some Stormtrooper action!