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Imperial Forces[edit]

The most common type enemy in the game. They range from the lowly stormtrooper to the Imperial Commando and the Dark troopers.

Imperial Stormtrooper[edit]

Serves as the basic grunt for the empire.

Imperial Officer[edit]

Recognizable by their uniform.

Imperial Commando[edit]

Recognizable by their black armor, they are drawn from the officer corps. Unlike the normal officers, they have a longer range of fire and can generally move faster as well.

Dark troopers[edit]

Robots which are tougher than the normal stormtrooper.

Phase 1[edit]

Resembles a skeleton and armed with a shield and a close combat weapon.

Phase 2[edit]

More armoured and complete version.

Phase 3[edit]

More powerful than the previous two versions. Piloted by Rom Mohc as an end of level boss on the Arc hammer.


Probe Droid[edit]

This type of droid is the most common droid and works for the Empire. They hover abopve the ground and are armed with a single laser.


Resembling small orbs covered in nozzles, the remotes are the smallest and the quickest moving type of droids. It is known to strafe and constantly moves.

Interrogator droid[edit]

The more deadly "cousin" of the probe droid. This comes equipped not only with a stun device for "target motivation," but with a power blast for escape-minded prisoners.

Other enemies[edit]

Gun Turret[edit]

Stationary emplacement, but is powerful and can rotate in a complete circle.


Squid-like creatures that are first encountered in the sewers of Anoat.


Pig-like thugs who work for Jabba the Hutt. Armed with axe-like weapons and can only engage in close combat.


This alien makes use of Thermal Detonators.


Kell Dragon[edit]

Boba Fett[edit]

Acts as a boss in the game.