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Primary Fire: close combat punch Secondary Fire: Same Basic close combat weapon. should only be used if empty on ammo. Secondary fire function is the same as the primary fire.

Bryar Blaster Pistol[edit]

Acts as a basic pistol. Good for far combat but not good for close combat. Secondary fire function is the same as the primary fire.

E-11 blaster rifle[edit]

Weapon used by Stormtroopers, and can be found regularly on downed Stormtroopers. Secondary fire is rapid fire. Like the Bryar Pistol, it uses Energy Units.

Thermal Detonator[edit]

acts as grenades. Primary fire lobs the grenade which explodes on contact. The secondary fire enables the grenade to explode after a delay.

Imperial Repeater Gun[edit]

A weapon that uses Power Cells, its primary fire has a very rapid rate of fire. The secondary fire shoots a cluster of three, but is slower.

Jeron Fusion Cutter[edit]

Originally used as a tool, but can be used as a weapon. Makes use of Power Cells for ammunition. Its primary fire shoots one barrel at a time in a straight bursts, while its secondary fire fires all of its barrels at once. uses Power Cells for ammo.

I.M. Mine[edit]

A weapon that functions like a mine. Primary fire deploys which explodes within a three-second delay. The secondary fire makes the mine explode upon proximity.

Packered Mortar Gun[edit]

Lobs shells that explode on impact. uses Shells for ammo.

Stouker Concussion Rifle[edit]

This weapon acts as a long-range rifle.

Assault Cannon[edit]

This weapon fires plasma bolts as its primary mode of fire, but fires rockets in secondary mode.