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New heroes are deployed to attack or provide help here including some Jedi and some Darksiders. Also expect to fight various hero units including the Executor Star Destroyers and the Eclipse Star Destroyers (city-sized monster ships armed with a Superlaser).

The Rebel Alliance's New Heroes are:

  • Luke Skywalker

After the Battle of Yavin, Luke Trained for the next three years to become a Jedi Knight. It has paid off very much. He is now one of the best fighter pilots in the galaxy, not to mention a superb warrior. He can throw his lightsaber, cloak, and blaster fire heals him to an extent.

  • Yoda

Yoda is the Grand Daddy of all Rebel land heroes, literally. He can use special moves to wipe out entire units of stormtroopers, and revel the map for a short time.

  • Garm Bel Iblis

A former senator from Corellia, Iblis now is a General for the Alliance. His personal armored vehicle, the Gargantuan, is basically a massive, armed transport. He can Flare his shields to eliminate nearby enemy units, but the power of it is lower the less shields you have left, and you cannot use it at all if they are gone.

  • Rogue Squadron

After Yavin, Luke Skywalker reformed Red squadron into the Alliance's most elite squadron: Rogue Squadron. Now commanded by Wedge Antilles, you will find no finer a group of pilots in the galaxy. They aren't as good as Luke alone, though they can for a short time become exponentially more effective. Can destroy the Death Star, but unlike IG-88, Rogue Squadron will stick around and won't destroy the planet in the process. It will remove any Imperial heroes in orbit from play permanently though.

The Empire's new heroes are:

  • The Arc Hammer

A space-born factory commanded by Rohm Moc for the android Dark Troopers. Poor combat unit, have an escort.

  • The Admonitor

The ship commanded by Grand Admiral Thrawn, a Chiss from the Unknown Regions. Your basic Star Destroyer, but with the Assault ability. Think of it as power to weapons, but with no power loss and a lot more damage.

  • Updated Darth Vader

Darth Vader now commands his Super Star Destroyer, the Executor. It is massive and will take a lot to destroy, but also takes up a lot of the fleet's unit count. Can deploy many'many squadrons of fighters and bombers (including one TIE Defender squadron) with its ability.

The Zann Consortium's heroes are:

  • Tyber Zahn

The leader of the crime faction. He gets the Cloak ability (see Urai Fenn) and the Bribe ability, which lets him bribe enemy units to fight for him. In space, he fights in his ship, the Vengeance, which comes with a cloak and the ability to direct energy to the special weapons for one shot.

  • Urai Fenn

The second-in-command of the Consortium. He comes equipped with a Sonic ability which stuns enemies in a radius around him, and the Cloak ability, which renders him invisible to most units.

  • IG-88

The bounty hunter droid. He's available on land, or in space in his personal fighter. Can destroy the Death Star, but also removes the planet its orbiting at, anything on the ground or in orbit, and any heroes (including himself) from play permanently. Best let Rogue Squadron do the work.

  • Bossk

Another bounty hunter. He comes equipped with a flamethrower and grenades. and the Hound's Tooth, a small, Millenium Falcon-like ship. This one cannot destroy the Death Star, though.

  • The Eclipse Super Star Destroyer; it is available ONLY on the final level of the campaign in the unmodded game. Tends to added to the Empire with mods for use in Galactic Conquest.