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New faction! The faction has hovering heavy tanks that can target air and ground all the way to battleships that rival Star Destroyers. They got ex-Clone Wars weapons including Buzz Droids and droidekas.

The Zahn Consortium's space units include:

  • Star Viper fighter squadrons
  • Skipray Blastboats (analog to the TIE Bomber and Y-Wing.)
  • Marauder Gunships
  • Keldabe-Class Destroyer (Mandalorian capital ship, named after the Mandalorian capital)
  • Vengeance-class frigates (No Shields but heavily armed and armored)

Its land units include:

  • Grenadiers
  • Merc Assault Squads
  • Mark II Destroyer Droids (special ability: Swap Lasers for Ion Cannons)
  • Canderous Assault Tanks (Armed with 2 powerful mass driver cannons that penetrate shields)