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The Separatist forces serve as the enemy.

B1- Battle droid[edit]

These droids serve as the basic grunt, although they can be numerous they are extremely weak.

Super Battle droid[edit]

Tougher version of the normal battle droid. They are armed with wrist mounted blasters and. They are protected by armour which can be blasted off by weapons.


Magna Droids[edit]

only encountered in the Kyshyyk levels.


Insectoid enemies that are introduced on the Geonosis levels.

Geonosian Warrior[edit]

These enemies have the ability to fly and make use of their blasters

Geonosian Elite[edit]

Superior to the normal warriors.

Geonosian Larvae[edit]

small young Geonosians


Trandoshan Slavers[edit]

Recognisable by their stumpiness. They mainly attack by closing in on their enemies with their vibro blades. Some are armed with ACP guns.

Trandoshan Enforcers[edit]

Acts as common troopers for the Trandoshans.

Heavy Trandoshan Mercenaries[edit]

Even taller than the other two types of Trandoshan, they are exclusively equipped with Heavy ACP Repeater Guns. They have most health out of all of the Trandoshans, but are slow.

Scrapper Droid[edit]

Droids that work for the Transdoshans.