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Code Effect
Deaddack All Levels
Chiken Bonus AT-ST Level
Igiveup Invicibility
Farmboy Millenium Falcon
Koelsch Fly a car
Tiedup TIE Interceptor (To use the TIE Interceptor, type Farmboy then Tiedup at the code screen, then go to the HOME 1 ship hold. Go in front of the Falcon and press Up c. The camera should go behind the Falcon and the Interceptor will be there.
Toughguy All power ups
Ace A-wing levels are harder
Radar Different Radar Colour
Halifax? Although you may hear R2D2 buzzing, ignore it. Then type yngwie . The Naboo N1 Starfighter will be available.
Hardrock, Bergowe, Watzi Type any of these codes and go to the menu. Wait for the demo to start. Then press A button. You will find that Luke's face is different.)
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Director View intermission scenes