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Hull 1000
Shield 1000
Speed 130
Acceleration 144
Manoeuvrability 70
The TIE Reaper's a specialist model made for utility and squadron support. If the enemy sees one, they know they're in trouble.
-Willard Waylin

Support craft have a number of auxiliary systems dedicated to helping their team and hindering their opponents. While poor dogfighters and should never be in the middle of a furball, supports are often bullied by other players due to their value. They have a few anti-fighter auxiliary options, but lack the mobility of fighters and interceptors and the raw damage of bombers.

As a support, you will also be responsible for coordinating the rest of your team. You will be the furthest back from the action, and have the widest view of the battle. Communicate with your team and tell them about the stealthed X-wing going for a torpedo run on your capital ships.

Support Reapers will usually use the Tactical Shield, which allows Imperial fighters to receive the partial benefit of shields from a safe distance. TIE Reapers are very fragile with large hitboxes, making them easy pickings for fighters when isolated. The hitbox of the Reaper is smallest from the sides and largest from above and below, so avoid exposing your dorsal or ventral surfaces.

Official Description: The TIE reaper is a support starfighter with advanced utility, meant to aid their squadron by empowering allies, disrupting enemy starfighters, and protecting the Empire.




For specific component numbers and statistics, see the Components page.


Name Description
SWS-Icons-StandardCannon.svg Standard Sienar L-s1 Laser Cannon A well balanced weapon with good range.
SWS-Icons-StandardIon.svg Sienar Ion Cannon The default ion cannon is occasionally used on the TIE Reaper to emphasize its support role. In general however the default laser will actually kill targets and can help target AI opponents in fleet battles.
SWS-Icons-GuidedCannon.svg Sienar Au-8 Guided Laser Cannon Identical to the default cannon, but causes less damage and has auto-aim. The auto-aim on the cannon helps when tracking mobile targets like TIE Interceptors, but this upgrade is situational at best.


Name Description
SWS-Icons-Flares.svg Sienar XX-5 Seeker Warheads Seeker Warheads, or sometimes called "flares", are the most common and flexible anti-missile countermeasure.
SWS-Icons-Chaff.svg Chaff Particles Chaff particles are is not often used on the A-wing, as in order for it to reach maximum effectiveness, enemy missiles must fly through the static cloud. This cloud can be used to cover capital ships on occasion, but flares are the more popular choice.
SWS-Icons-Jammer.svg Sienar Sensor Jammer The sensor jammer's short 4 second duration and single use make it not often used. Its biggest benefit is being able to shake missiles at any rate and from any direction.


Name Description
SWS-Icons-IonMissile.svg Sienar I-7 Ion Missile Ion missiles are designed to be used against starfighters, and have half the lock-on time of concussion missiles. They cause minimal damage upon hits, but are strong against shielding. They inflict a stun on the target. Stunned targets continue on their previous trajectory and spin out of control, giving a pilot ample time to finish their opponent. They can be dumbfired and travel much faster than a torpedo, allowing a pilot to quickly hit-and-run capital ship shields or disable subsystems.
SWS-Icons-IonTorpedo.svg Sienar Ion Torpedo Ion torpedoes are much like proton torpedoes in that they are designed to be launched from standoff ranges against capital ships. As ion weapons cause considerable shield damage, ion torpedoes are slightly more widespread. It is much easier to hit a shield from standoff range than it is to hit a subsystem. Like proton torpedoes, ion torpedoes have a minimum range and cannot be dumbfired.
SWS-Icons-TargetingBeacon.svg Sienar Targeting Beacons Targeting Beacons auto-target and mark nearby enemies for 20 seconds. Marked enemies take extra damage, cannot use countermeasures to defend against missile attack, and will receive missile locks faster.
SWS-Icons-SquadronMask.svg Sienar Squadron Mask The squadron mask temporarily provides stealth to the entire team, forcing the enemy team to rely on their eyes to track your movements. Lasts 10 seconds.
SWS-Icons-TractorBeam.svg Sienar Tactical Tractor Beam The tractor beam is a lock on immobilizing tool. Catching an interceptor in your tractor beam allows you and your team to easily follow up and destroy the target. Lasts 7.5 seconds. Tractored enemies can try to boost their way out of your grasp. Reduce speed so you don't zip past tractored enemies yourself.
SWS-Icons-TacticalShield.svg Sienar Tactical Shield Lock onto a friendly and fire the tactical shield at them to grant them 500 extra shield strength. The range of the tactical shield is 2000, allowing you to fire it from safety. Extremely useful in public matches, where you can count on teammates to suicide into enemy capital ships.
SWS-Icons-ResupplyDroid.svg Sienar Tactical Supply Droid Lock onto a friendly and fire this at them to heal and resupply them. Restores approximately 50% of the targets' health and all their ammunition. Has a 900 metre range and strong homing, almost guaranteed to hit your target. If the resupply misses its mark, it will stay in one spot for 60 seconds, or until picked up by another friendly. Enemies cannot make use of your resupplies.

As the heal for the resupply droid is percentage based, it will heal less on interceptors and more on bombers. As a support you should stay away from the front line, so only grab this if your team is willing to come to you instead of you going to them.

SWS-Icons-TurretMine.svg Sienar Deployment Turret Can be either dropped behind you or fired at an enemy. When it arrives at its destination, the turret mine will open fire with a small gun at surrounding enemies. A default weapon, but often replaced by the explosive mines which do more damage. Turret mines last 24 seconds but have a 16 second cooldown, and only one can be deployed at a time. The turret mine will also expire if you are shot down.
SWS-Icons-SeekerMine.svg Sienar Seeker Mine Drops a mine behind you. The mine locks onto and chases any enemy that gets too close. Mines are most effective in narrow corridors where enemies will have to run near them. Particularly useful for bombers which have trouble shaking enemies off their tail.
SWS-Icons-RocketTurret.png Taim & Bak D9 Rocket Turret Can be either dropped behind you or fired at an enemy. When it arrives at its destination, the turret mine will open fire with rockets at enemy deployables (turret mines, missiles, etc.) and enemy capital ships and subsystems. While potentially useful against the Republic's CR90, Reapers are not survivable enough to warrant getting in close to the MC75 just to deploy a rocket turret.


Name Description
SWS-Icons-StandardHull.svg Sienar Ferroceramic Hull The standard hull, with no strengths or weaknesses.
SWS-Icons-LightHull.svg Sienar Agile Hull Equip this for reduced health but improved mobility. With 800 health, you will have roughly the same health as a stock TIE Interceptor. Use the improved acceleration and mobility to change direction quickly to help your allies. When an enemy comes hunting for you, however, the best defence will be to not be there anymore.
SWS-Icons-ReinforcedHull.svg Sienar Reinforced Hull Equipping this helps you absorb more damage to your hull, but reduces acceleration and manoeuvrability. To mitigate the mobility penalty, equip items that let you operate from a long distance, where only minute adjustments are necessary to shield allies.
SWS-Icons-DeflectorHull.svg Sienar Deflector Hull The deflector hull places more emphasis on your shields rather than your health. For TIE Reapers, the Deflector hull can prove useful in combination with the Fortified Shield.


Name Description
SWS-Icons-StandardEngine.svg Standard Twin Ion Engine The standard sublight engine with no benefits or drawbacks.
SWS-Icons-MicrothrustEngine.svg Twin Microthrust Engine Use the Microthrust Engine for close-quarters brawling. You lose a notable amount of maximum speed and acceleration, but gain it back in mobility.
SWS-Icons-PropulsionEngine.svg Twin Propulsion Engine The propulsion engine makes you start and stop quicker by a significant margin, at the cost of a small loss in manoeuvrability.
SWS-Icons-SLAMEngine.svg Twin SLAM Engine The SLAM (Sublight Acceleration Motor) engine automatically produces boost power regardless of whether there is maximum power in the engines or not, at the cost of maximum speed. It is similar to the Jet Engine, in that it provides smaller boosting power but lets you boost more often. The SLAM engine reduces your overall speed, but lets you divert power from engines to other systems and receive a small trickle of boost power. Increasing power to engines will appropriately increase the boost meter respectively.


Name Description
SWS-Icons-StandardShield.svg Standard Sienar Deflector Shield This shield offers no benefits or drawbacks.
SWS-Icons-ResonantDeflector.svg Sienar Resonant Shield Reduces your maximum shield capacity, but overcharges your lasers automatically when your shields are maxed out. The shield also does not decay when you switch power away from them. While the laser overcharge and lack of shield decay are very powerful abilities, the maximum shield capacity is reduced by a quarter.
SWS-Icons-ScramblerShield.svg Sienar Scrambler Shield An alternative to the Dampener Hull, the scrambler shield offers even longer lock times than the dampener hull, but it is only effective when your shields are at 100% or are overcharged. Even a glancing hit at normal shield power will eliminate the scrambler shield bonus, so users of this shield must be adept at switching shield directions. Once these shields are down, they take longer than normal to regenerate.
SWS-Icons-FortifiedShield.svg Sienar Fortified Deflector The Fortified Shield offers a bonus to shield capacity at the cost of shield regeneration. This shield is best used when taking heavy fire to attack a capital ship.