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Character customization.
After Alderaan is destroyed, pilots of the REBEL ALLIANCE fight for galactic freedom.
Meanwhile, fearless TIE pilots enforce the will of the GALACTIC EMPIRE.

The single player campaign features 14 missions that alternate between the Galactic Empire and New Republic viewpoints. As such, you will have to make two characters: one aligned with the Empire, and the other with the Republic.

There are four categories of character customization in the single player campaign, with additional elements available in multiplayer.

There are twenty pre-set head designs available in the campaign - ten per side. See the bottom of the page.

The body structure can either be male or female.

There are ten voices available for the New Republic and the Empire.

New Republic Description Galactic Empire Description
Gambler A (female) "This oughta be fun."
"I'm game if you are."
"Think I'm gonna enjoy this."

You made your mark playing the odds - and winning. You have skills, but somehow always get a lucky break when it counts.
Ace A (female) "A wise choice."
"Easy victories, incoming."
"Nothing but the best."

You've earned your reputation with style. To the enemy, you're a terror; to your squadron, you're an inspiration.
Gambler B (male) Ace B (male)
Hotshot A (female) "Happy to see me? Happy to be here."
"It's an honour. Yours, not mine, obviously."
"I'll outfly any Imperial pilot. Just watch me."

You push the limits, then push harder. Some call you reckless; you know that victory belongs to those who dare to chase it.
Fury A (female) "I have nothing to lose."
"Victory will be mine."
"Let me at them."

Your rage is the Empire's strength. Unleashed, you scatter your enemies before you and drive your allies to excel.
Hotshot B (male) Fury B (male)
Leader A (female) "Standing by."
"Let's not waste any time, then."
"We can do this."

You're the first into the charge, and last out. You know your strength is your team. It's not enough to fight, you must inspire.
Soldier A (female) "We will bring order to the galaxy."
"If it's a fight they want, it's a fight they'll get."
"My life for the Empire."

You are the model Imperial pilot. Tempered by combat, your experience makes you the backbone of your team.
Leader B (male) Soldier B (male)
Rookie A (female) "Get me in a cockpit."
"I've never been more ready."
"I won't let us down."

You're ready to prove you have what it takes. Someday, they'll say this is where your legend began.
Specialist A (female) "Try not to get in my way."
"They won't know what hit them."
"This won't take long."

You don't care much for protocol, but you've got skills the Empire needs. When they want the best, you deliver.
Rookie B (male) Specialist B (male)
Veteran A (female) "Someone's gotta do it. Why me?"
"Another day, another shot at the Empire."
"There've been worse ideas, I guess."

You've fought across the galaxy for years and suffer no fools. You've earned your scars, and the respect of your squadron.
Tactician A (female) "I am an unexpected variable."
"Our victory is inevitable, of course."
"Do not underestimate patience and precision."

Strategy is second nature to you. Years of experience and rigorous study make you an efficient and deadly foe.
Veteran B (male) Tactician B (male)

Each pilot's name can be customized however you want.

Non-Human Head Options
You cannot select the Abednedo, Sullustan, Duros, or Twi'lek heads for the single player campaign, even if you unlocked them from the main menu. It won't matter anyway - there are no cases where you will see your character's face in the campaign.

Character customization options for single player cannot be reset unless you reset your story progression, so ensure you have everything set up properly.

After choosing your character customization options, you can choose either standard or instruments only mode. With instruments only, things like targeting brackets and health bars for objectives will not appear on the main screen - you must fly using your instruments only, and see only what a normal human being in the same cockpit would see. Standard is the recommended option, especially for new players.

You can then set a difficulty level. Unlike other options, the difficulty level can be changed in the middle of your playthrough. The difficulty levels are:

  • Story Mode (For players who want to experience the story and the thrill of space combat, without a significant challenge. Enemies are less dangerous, starfighter control is easier, and aiming is greatly assisted.)
  • Pilot (For players with some experience in flight games. Balanced for a challenging and rewarding adventure.)
  • Veteran (Recommended for players with lots of experience in flight games. Enemies are more deadly and more agile.)
  • Ace (Master your piloting skills in the most challenging difficulty mode. All fighters are more fragile - including yours.)

Once all your settings have been configured, you can launch the game and proceed to the game's prologue.

Head Options[edit]