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Hull 1200
Shield 1200
Speed 110
Acceleration 121
Manoeuvrability 70
Y-wings are built to carry bombs and other heavy explosives. It makes them slower, but they pack a punch against large targets and capital ships.
-Zerelda Sage

Bombers are flexible craft with extremely powerful guns. What they lack in mobility, they make up for in firepower, against both fighters and capital ships. Being equipped with both bombs and proton torpedoes for capital ships is half of their battle - they also feature the powerful rotary cannon and the most health out of all the ships. They also use the Goliath and Multi-Target Missile to quickly destroy AI fighters in fleet battles, reducing the enemy's window of opportunity to target friendly capital ships.

Bombers are similar to the forward position of a football or soccer game: they should be focused on scoring points by eliminating enemy AI fighters and attacking enemy objectives.

In Fleet Battles, Y-wings are often seen as inferior to the TIE Bomber, as Y-wings lack the power conversion ability of TIEs. This makes redirecting shields very important when performing bombing runs, and raises the skill floor of the craft. When attacking Star Destroyers, avoid flying over the full length of the ship, as this exposes yourself to nearly all of its defensive turrets; instead, approach it from above, below, or from the sides.

Y-wings receive the Automated Ion Cannon, Multi-Missile, and Proton Bomb auxiliaries as standard.

Official Description: Repurposed by the Rebel Alliance, these older bombers utilize Ion Cannons and Missile payloads to immobilize and eliminate larger ships in the Imperial fleet.




For specific component numbers and statistics, see the Components page.


Name Description
SWS-Icons-StandardCannon.svg Standard Taim & Bak KX8 Laser Cannon The default laser cannon on the Y-wing is used primarily in dogfights. It is a well balanced weapon most suitable in turning fights against enemy starfighters.
SWS-Icons-StandardIon.svg Krupx JR-89 Ion Cannon Ion cannons aren't often used on the Y-wing. They can be used to target a capital ship's shields to make it easier to attack.
SWS-Icons-GuidedRotaryCannon.svg Krupx Guided Rotary Cannon The guided rotary cannon is rarely used on account of its reduced damage. While the auto-aim helps against mobile targets, your craft will have trouble turning while the cannon is firing.
SWS-Icons-RotaryCannon.svg Krupx Rotary Cannon The rotary cannon is most often seen used by players who enjoy head-on attacks against enemy fighters, or by players in a dedicated anti-capital ship role. The rotary cannon sharply reduces your turning ability while firing, limiting its effectiveness in turning fights.


Name Description
SWS-Icons-Flares.svg ArMek HM Seeker Warheads Seeker Warheads, or sometimes called "flares", are the most common and flexible anti-missile countermeasure.
SWS-Icons-Chaff.svg Particle Burst The Particle Burst is not often used on the A-wing, as in order for it to reach maximum effectiveness, enemy missiles must fly through the static cloud. This cloud can be used to cover capital ships on occasion, but flares are the more popular choice.
SWS-Icons-Jammer.svg Melihat Sensor Jammer The sensor jammer's short 4 second duration and single use make it not often used. Its biggest benefit is being able to shake missiles at any rate and from any direction.


Name Description
SWS-Icons-ProtonTorpedo.svg Krupx MG7-A Proton Torpedo Proton torpedoes cause up to four times the damage of a regular concussion missile. They are ineffective against shielding, but pack a wallop when they hit. Deploy them carefully against corvettes, which can outrun the torpedo. Combine with an ion torpedo strike from a fighter or support for best effect. Stay at maximum range (1500) when you launch the torpedo and reduce speed so you don't get too close when you launch it. The long range lets you potentially even snipe enemy frigates while on defence.
SWS-Icons-MultiMissile.svg Arakyd MD-88 Multi-Lock Missile Not to be confused with the cluster missile, the multi-missile locks onto multiple targets and fires a missile at each one. It will always consume one charge of ammunition, no matter how many actual missiles are fired. Lock onto as many targets as possible before firing. It is best used to farm enemy AI ships on defence, shrinking the enemy's window of opportunity to destroy your capital ships.
SWS-Icons-GoliathMissile.svg ArMek Goliath Missile This variant of the normal concussion missile is identical in most respects to its fighter counterpart. Unique to the Goliath missile is that it explodes in a huge area of effect, destroying entire AI squadrons and causing considerable damage even if decoyed by flares or chaff.
SWS-Icons-IonBomb.svg Taim & Bak Ion Bomb Ion bombs cause extra damage to shielding and can disable subsystems, but do not cause raw damage. Follow up attacks will be required to damage the targets. Green arrows will indicate your bomb will hit a target. Use the roll function to orient your ship so the target is beneath you and drop your bombs.
SWS-Icons-ProtonBomb.svg Arakyd PW-16 Proton Bomb Proton bombs cause considerable damage to targets, but require the target be directly beneath you. Green arrows will indicate your bomb will hit a target. Use the roll function to orient your ship so the target is beneath you and drop your bombs.
SWS-Icons-SeekerMine.svg Czerka Seeker Mine Drops a mine behind you. The mine locks onto and chases any enemy that gets too close. Mines are most effective in narrow corridors where enemies will have to run near them. Particularly useful for bombers which have trouble shaking enemies off their tail.
SWS-Icons-AssaultShield.svg Chempat Emergency Assault Shield The Assault Shield, when activated, puts up a shield in front of you that blocks a large percentage of damage. It only lasts 3 seconds and sharply reduces your turning ability when active. It is best used therefore in head-on attacks against enemy players, or as additional protection when attacking an enemy capital ship.
SWS-Icons-CompositeBeam.svg Quarrie Composite Beam Cannon The composite beam cannon, sometimes called the "memebeam", is a powerful anti-capital ship weapon. While you can't alter your course with the beam active, it is more than capable of drilling through shields and hull to deal considerable damage - especially against enemy subsystems.
SWS-Icons-AutoIonCannon.svg ArMek Automatic Ion Cannon Unique to the Y-wing, the automatic ion cannon is a stock option that adds a canopy-mounted automatic ion cannon. It is capable of dissuading enemies, but does not cause enough damage to ward off dedicated players. It is often removed and replaced by one of the other options as a result. With a cooldown shorter than its duration and infinite charges, always have this ion cannon working if you equip it.
SWS-Icons-BoostExtensionKit.png Incom Boost Extension Kit When triggered, this component gives you a full boost charge. Utilize this component to aid in advanced drifting techniques, allowing you to maintain offence and mobility simultaneously.
SWS-Icons-PrototypePiercingTorpedo.png Krupx Prototype Piercing Torpedo Piercing Torpedoes are used exclusively against flagship subsystems. While they cause minimal damage to the hull of the target flagship, they are unique in their ability to ignore shielding. They are most often used against shield generators to allow for easier subsequent attacks.


Name Description
SWS-Icons-StandardHull.svg Incom Ferroceramic Hull The standard hull, with no strengths or weaknesses.
SWS-Icons-DampenerHull.svg Fabritech Dampener Hull The Dampener hull increases the amount of time an enemy needs to lock onto you with missiles. This benefit comes with a reduction in health, so it isn't often used since Y-wings are generally fairly easy to lock onto anyway.
SWS-Icons-ReinforcedHull.svg Koensayr Reinforced Hull This hull increases your ship's hull at the expense of mobility. This makes it perfect for dedicated bombers, looking to fly with the extra health required to reach their targets.
SWS-Icons-DeflectorHull.svg Chempat Deflector Hull This hull improves the shield capacity of your craft at the expense of health. This hull modification is best used for dogfights where it is possible to retreat and regenerate your shield. The default is preferable in bombing runs as it offers more total health, including shields.


Name Description
SWS-Icons-StandardEngine.svg Incom Sublight Engine The standard sublight engine with no benefits or drawbacks.
SWS-Icons-UnstableEngine.svg Unstable Sublight Engine This engine makes you lose a moderate amount of both health and shields, but offers greatly increased acceleration and speed. What really makes this engine stand out, however, is the large explosion you create when you are shot down. Some players use this explosion as an anti-capital ship weapon, hoping to take out the capital ship's turrets when they die.
SWS-Icons-JetEngine.svg Quadex Jet Engine This engine greatly increases the rate at which you generate boost power, but also greatly increases the rate at which you consume it. This engine is mostly designed for drifting, as it performs very poorly when boosting in straight lines.
SWS-Icons-SLAMEngine.svg Incom SLAM Engine The SLAM (Sublight Acceleration Motor) engine automatically produces boost power regardless of whether there is maximum power in the engines or not, at the cost of maximum speed. It is similar to the Jet Engine, in that it provides smaller boosting power but lets you boost more often. The SLAM engine reduces your overall speed, but lets you divert power from engines to other systems and receive a small trickle of boost power. Increasing power to engines will appropriately increase the boost meter respectively.


Name Description
SWS-Icons-StandardShield.svg Standard Incom Deflector Shield This shield offers no benefits or drawbacks.
SWS-Icons-ConversionShield.svg Krupx Conversion Shield When the conversion shield is depleted, this shield takes all your weapon power and dumps it into a brief but impenetrable barrier. With no weapon power, you are effectively a sitting duck, but it can give you time to temporarily withdraw from battle to make it to safety.
SWS-Icons RayShield.svg Loronoar Ray Shield This shield falls quickly to missiles, but takes less damage than normal from lasers. Mines and capital ship missiles can be dealt with by manoeuvring and countermeasures, but Onslaught Rockets from TIE Interceptors and TIE Fighters become a considerable threat. As Y-wings are not very mobile, enemies equipped with rockets will always use them against you with them if they are able.
SWS-Icons-OverloadedShield.svg Overloaded Shield The overloaded shield offers a lot of defence, reducing incoming damage while still having a good capacity. Once these shields are depleted, however, they will not regenerate.