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Box artwork for Star Wars: TIE Fighter.
Box artwork for Star Wars: TIE Fighter.
Star Wars: TIE Fighter
Developer(s)Totally Games
Publisher(s)LucasArts, Virgin Interactive
Year released1994
System(s)DOS, Mac OS, Windows, macOS, Linux
Expansion pack(s)Defender of the Empire
Enemies of the Empire
Preceded byStar Wars: X-Wing
Followed byStar Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
SeriesStar Wars: X-Wing
Genre(s)Flight simulation
ModesSingle player
Rating(s)ESRB Kids to Adults
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Star Wars: TIE Fighter was devloped by Totally Games and released in 1994 as a sequel to the previous year's X-Wing flight simulation game. This time you play the part of a pilot in the Imperial Navy, marking the first time a Star Wars game has put you in the role of the bad guys.

The game was released later as a Collector's CD-ROM edition which included full voice acting for all the dialogue and higher resolution graphics. It was re-released again for Windows systems and ran on the X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter game engine which had a complete graphics overhaul.

At the battle of Yavin
Rebel terrorists, aided by
spies and traitors within the
Empire, struck a cowardly
blow at the new symbol of
Imperial power... The Death Star!

Darth Vader brought swift justice
to the Rebels by destroying their
main base on Hoth. The pitiful
remnants of the Alliance have
now scattered to the Outer Rim.

In the days ahead, the Emperor
will call upon the Imperial Navy
to eradicate the last vestiges
of rebellion and restore law
and order to the galaxy!


Beginning as a rookie pilot in training, you advance your way through the ranks and play through missions against the Rebel scum amidst a story of intrigue and corruption within the Empire.


While the game engine was based on that of the original X-Wing, it boasts enhanced graphics with Gouraud shading, interactive mission briefings, goal-oriented missions (including secret bonuses) and pilot dialogue while in flight which furthers the story as you play.

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