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The TIE Defender is most powerful craft in the game, made only second with the release of the expansion packs. The normal configuration has lasers, ion cannons, warheads and a tractor beam.

The TIE Defender combat missions are only available once they are introduced in the main campaign, or if you have the Collector's Series CD.


Primary Goals
  • Destroy at least one Novice X-Wing
  • Destroy at least one Novice Y-Wing
  • Destroy at least one Novice A-Wing
  • Destroy at least one Novice B-Wing
Secondary Goals
  • Destroy at least one of each type of fighter for each skill level
Bonus Goals
  • Destroy all fighters.
  • Destroy container Challenge.

This is a custom dogfight mission. The primary objective is to simply destroy the novice level of each craft (4 kills), and the secondary to destroy each skill level of the crafts (20 kills). The bonus objective requires destroying all craft - 25 fighters with 9 waves, totalling 225 kills (a marathon effort.)

The rules are simple:

  • Inspecting a container causes the novice skill level of a pilot to arrive.
  • Destroying a ship causes the next higher skill level of a pilot to arrive.
  • Attacking a container causes all skill levels of a ship to arrive.
  • Destroying a container causes ships of that type to disengage.

It is your decision to focus on one group of fighters, or to simply have them all arrive at once. However, if there are enough fighters deployed, some of them will attack the reload craft, leaving you without the ability to resupply missiles.

Dealing with the non-challenging craft is simple by adding laser and tractor beam recharge (F8 and F10). With the tractor beam, you can paralize the A-Wings that fly all over the place, and the other less-maneuverable craft are also destroyed easily.