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Tour of Duty 1, mission 1:

There are 5 freighters and one defecting Corellian Corvette when you arrive on the scene. First task, take out all the freighters. Your wingman will help with the first two, the rest you must get on your own. I suggest letting your wingman take out the closer two freighters, while you target the nearest of the three more distant freighters, and divert shield power to engines to get there as fast as possible. Wipe out the 3 freighters, and you should have a few minutes to take a breather. Use this time to charge your shields, and to head as fast as possible towards the corvette.

Around this time, a Nebulon B Frigate will arrive, and begin launching pairs of tie fighters, head towards the frigate, but it's best to maintain a few kilometer's distance, to stay out of its weapons range. Take out the fighters as quickly as possible, and be sure none slip past you to head towards the Corvette and the transport that docks with it. This mission is fairly easy, you should have little trouble with the ties. The second wave of Tie's are the ones that will attempt to skirt you and head towards the Corvette, so as cautioned, be sure to keep one eye on them as you fight. Before long, the corvette and transport will hyperspace, and you're free to leave. If you are after quick promotions and medals, it's best to stick around and kill all the tie fighters, eventually the Nebulon B frigate will cease launching them, and you can leave. Note: If you attack the Frigate, it will likely launch several waves of extra tie fighters to deal with you, (this happens in many missions, best to avoid hitting large enemy targets even by mistake, or you could easily be overwhelmed by extra waves of enemy ships). It IS possible to destroy the frigate, if you are very patient, nimble, and determined. Doing this will assure you a medal after your first mission.