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  • Neutral dpad : Move
  • B button : Use saber/blaster
  • A button : Jump
  • Start button : Open menu
  • Down dpad : Crouch
  • Up dpad/Down dpad : Climb ladders


  • Left dpad : Slow down
  • Right dpad : Speed up
  • A button : Jump
  • Start button : Pause


  • Neutral dpad : Move
  • B button : Swing lightsaber
  • Start button : Open menu

Millennium Falcon[edit]

  • Neutral dpad : Aim lasers
  • B button : Fire lasers
  • A button : Use shield
  • Start button : Pause

Luke Skywalker[edit]

Star Wars Namco Luke Skywalker.png

You control Luke Skywalker throughout the game. This Luke is a very different Luke than you may be familiar with. He starts the game with his own Lightsaber, and he has the ability to use seven different powers of the force, but only if he has collected enough force crystals to make use of them. See below to learn more about them. Luke can store, at most, 99 force crystals at any given moment. Luke will not survive a collision with any enemy, enemy projectile, or spiked terrain. Touching any one of these items will kill Luke. However, you start the game with two extra lives, and can earn more throughout the game by collecting extra life icons. When you run out of lives, the game is over, and there is no chance to continue. Luke can only jump to a certain height while standing still, but he can increase that height by getting a running start before jumping.

Force powers[edit]

The following Force powers can be utilized by spending Force crystals. Activate them by opening the menu with Start button and choosing one with A button. If you have changed your mind about using the Force activate a blank space instead. If you do not have enough crystals for a power, it will not appear in the menu. In Novice Mission, you only lose enough crystals to activate a power. In Pro Mission however, all crystals are used up when you activate a power.

Icon Cost Description
SW Namco Force Speed.png 5 Force Speed: This power lets you run faster and jump higher.
SW Namco Force Freeze.png 10 Force Time Freeze: This power freezes time. Enemies and shots can still hurt you.
SW Namco Force Saber.png 15 Force Saber Blast: A blaster round fires from your saber. Useless once you find a blaster.
SW Namco Force Kill.png 20 Force Crush: All enemies on the screen are destroyed.
SW Namco Force Shield.png 25 Force Shield: This power makes enemies and shots pass through you. Spikes and holes still kill you.
SW Namco Force Flight.png 30 Force Levitate: Hold A button to levitate.
SW Namco Force Warp.png 35 Force Warp: Teleport to one of several locations, chosen at random.