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  • Blaster Pistol — A reliable pistol that fires unlimited rounds, overheats after nine shots. No cost.
  • Fusion Cutter — An electronic tool which can slice into vehicles as well as repair vehicles, tools, and turrets, it deals no damage to personnel. No cost.
  • Trishot — A pistol which fires three shots at once, and causes considerable damage at close range. Overheats after extensive damage. 15 credits.
  • EMP Launcher — Although implied by the name the electromagnetic pulse launcher has no electrical disruption effects. It only causes damage to vehicles in similar ways to a rocket, but can also deal minor damage to infantry. 25 credits.
  • Explosive Blaster Pistol — A pistol which fire rounds that detonate upon impact, with a small amount of damage in the blast radius, only has a short range. 20 credits.
  • Grenade Launcher — Fires grenades at low speeds towards targets in an arc, which may be used to the players advantage. The grenade launcher effects both vehicles and personnel. 20 credits.
  • Guided Rockets — A rocket which can be controlled from long range and directed around obstacles. 25 credits.
  • Orbital Strike — Fires a beacon which signals a star ship in orbit to fire upon the selected area. 20 credits.