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After Grievous kidnapped Palpatine who is really Sidious Anakin and his mentor chases after his flagship in their new up to date Jedi Interceptors and confront the General. There Anakin had a showdown and victorious rematch against the guy who cut off Anakins arm. Then the three try to escape but all of them got captured by Grievous and then had a large battle until the Invisible Hand had to crash land on Coruscant. Latter on Obi-Wan is assigned a new mission to personally kill Grievous and won. Latter on Anakin got seduced due to his mom died, visions and fear of Padmes death and being to close to Palpatine resulted in Anakin killed many Jedi in Order 66. When the Surviving Jedi try to escape the Clones Yoda goes after Sidious and Obi-Wan had to defeat Anakin who killed many Jedi and the Separatist Council.


  • Grievous' Flagship
  • Coruscant
  • Jedi Temple
  • Utapau
  • Mustafar


  • You will be forced to kill an evil Dark Jedi named Dooku at the Invisible Hand and rescue a chancellor who is actually Sidious.
  • You will later on Utapu you fight a robot named Grievous who steals lightsabers and murder him.
  • You will latter on see Anakin get seduced at Coruscant and execute order 66 by attacking the Jedi Temple.
  • You will play as a surviving Jedi whos clone troopers turned on him and try to survive and defeat foes like the Clone Blaze Trooper and the Republic Gunship.
  • You will finally play as Anakin and kill the Separatist Leaders and then play as Obi Wan and defeat Anakin who is appointed a Dark Jedi.