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SWJKDF2 20 boc the crude.png

Boc is the last of Jerec's Dark Jedi and he will fight to the end. You must destroy him quickly and stop Jerec from seizing the Valley's power.

Mission Objective: Boc is Jerec's last line of defense. You must destroy him to confront Jerec himself.[edit]

Know this now: Boc is a pain. He constantly hops around, even when attacking, and it is somewhat difficult to block his attacks due to his use of two lightsabers.

Force Usage and Strategy[edit]

SWJKDF2 Boc force destruction.png

While not entirely difficult to defeat, Boc uses Force Destruction. It is therefore advised to engage him in close combat and not allow him to wander too far away. Force Protection and Force Blinding are also very useful in this battle.

Alternatively, if the player has chosen the Dark Side, there are hallways in the sides of the arena that lead to rooms with a fair amount of debris. The debris can be thrown at Boc to help whittle down his health.