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SWJKDF2 1 double-cross on nar shaddaa.png

Find 8t88 before he escapes with your father's data disk. His cronies are out there with blasters in hand and your name in the clip. Tread lightly.

Mission Objective: Find 8t88 before he escapes with your father's data disk.[edit]

SWJKDF2 level 1 1.png

Leave your table and turn right to go into the main bar area. Continue through the doorway, heading up the ramp to the left. Go to the end of the room and turn right to find a downward-sloping ramp. Meander through the next hallway and cross the bridge.

Secret Area 1/6: There is a platform to the right of the bridge; its walls are covered in graffiti. Make your way down there and head up the steep slope to the top. Jump up onto the roof and look for a square hole; drop down inside. Continue to the other end of the room, hop across the fan, and continue down the hallway to an elevator. Take the elevator to the top to find the IR Goggles.

SWJKDF2 level 1 2.png

Open the door and hang a right onto another bridge; there is a platform to the left of it that contains some ammo and shields. Continue through the next doorway and around to the right. At the end of both ledges, hang a right and ride the elevator.

Look for the narrow metal bridge and cross it, then cross the next one and enter the building. Wind around to the left, go up the ramp, and go through the door at the end of the hall. Cross the bridge to the next building.

Secret Area 2/6: Instead of entering the building, go to the edge of the floor across from the doorway and look down. There is a Gran shooting at you from down below. Run off the edge and land on the ledge with the Gran. Turn to the right and look for a small elevator; ride it to the top and drop down the fan to return to the previous area.

SWJKDF2 level 1 4.png

In this building, there is a sloped cargo lift ramp and a switch. There is a switch on the bottom level as well. Call the lift and when it arrives, board it and ride it to the top.

Secret Area 3/6: Just before the cargo lift reaches the top of the ramp, there is a small entryway accessible only by crouching. Slide down the slope and land in the room.

Once at the top of the ramp, cross the bridge to the left and enter the red room. Continue to the end where a female civilian is standing by a switch. Hit it to call the cargo lift and board it. Ride it to the top and continue across the rooftop to the next doorway.

SWJKDF2 level 1 7.png

Turn to the right and enter the small control room, then hit the switch to open one of the sections of roof in the next area. Continue into the area and drop into the room through the open section of roof. Directly across from it is a large rectangular piston and a switch on the wall. Hit it to bring the piston down, then hit the switch again while standing on the piston to ride it up to the ledges above.

Jump to the ledge and circle around to the small door. Open it and go left down the narrow hallway, then curve right and cross the bridge.

Secret Area 4/6: Turn left and run across the sloped ledge to a cubbyhole in the far wall.

SWJKDF2 level 1 10.png

Go through the doorway and cross the second bridge; a TIE fighter will take off when it sees you. Go through the next door and continue forward to a trench. Jump inside and jump out on the other side, then locate the part of the floor that ends (underneath the narrow window with enemies shooting through). Drop down and head up the ramps to enter the control room, then locate the switch on the wall. Hit it to allow the metal doors to slide open and allow access into the storage area below. Quickly exit the room and jump out before the metal door opens; when the storage area opens, the control room will be blocked off.

SWJKDF2 level 1 11.png

Secret Area 5/6: Instead of taking the ramp down into the storage area, walk along the top of the wall. Turn around and look down to see a niche in the stack of crates below. Strategically fall into that niche, then jump up onto the top of the crates. Run across to the other end and hop inside.

Secret Area 6/6: From where you dropped out of the previous secret area, continue straight ahead to the back of the stack of crates, then run up the slope and go through the doorway. Enter the room to get the drop on a couple Gran that are stationed above the fans.

Drop down one of the fans and into the hallway, and open the larger door to finish the level.