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SWJKDF2 15 the falling ship.png

The cargo ship's anti-gravity systems are failing. Race to the captured Moldy Crow in the landing bay before the ship crashes into the canyon floor below.

This level is extremely disorienting, mainly due to the fact that the falling cargo ship is canted to a diagonal. It is the only timed level in the entire game, as well as the only level that contains actual dead-ends and areas the player can’t get out of. There are three different paths through the cargo ship to the landing bay, which will need to be taken depending on the player’s difficulty level. Easy and medium difficulty allow for enough time for the player to make it to the captured Moldy Crow regardless of the path taken; hard difficulty, however, requires the player to locate the control room and fire off the port and starboard engines to bide more time. Due to the nature of this level, the routes are explained via screenshots and wording is kept to a minimum.

Secret Area 1/1: The first and only secret area in this level is in the room Kyle starts in. Walk up the slope on the left-hand side, jump up into the small tunnel, and slash the grate.

Route 1: hole in the floor[edit]

In the same room as the secret area, there are cutouts in the floor through which Kyle can fall. There are several flashing arrows on the walls that are either green, yellow, or red. As Kyle gets closer to the landing bay, the arrows will be red, but regardless of color, they all point in the direction Kyle needs to go.

Route 2: through the secret area[edit]

There is another grate at the opposite end of the secret area that leads to very wide-open parts of the ship and long falls. This route deals the most damage of the three but is the fastest and if followed correctly, it guarantees Kyle will end up in front of the door that leads to the landing bay controls.

Route 3: the control room[edit]

If the player is playing on hard difficulty, this route is mandatory as there is not enough time to take the previous route, regardless of how skilled the player is. This route leads to the control room that contains the port and starboard engine controls, which grants an extra minute of time.

Universal route[edit]

At a point near the end of the level, the three routes will all converge. The universal route consists of the two paths (left or right) that Kyle can take to access the landing bay controls and the catwalk to the captured ship. At this point in the level, GO RIGHT FIRST. This will ensure that the player will first lower the captured ship and unlock the landing trail and not have to backtrack later. Route #2 will dump Kyle in front of the door that can be found along the right-hand path, so although Route #2 terminates at a point somewhat farther along, it needs to be followed to guarantee maximum time.