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SWJKDF2 3 The Return Home to Sulon.png

Find Weegee, the old family droid, in your father's home. He can decode the data disk that you reclaimed from 8t88. Watch out for scavenging Tuskens.

Mission Objective: Find your way into your father's home to look for Weegee, the family droid.[edit]

Secret Area 1/8: Once the level starts, immediately turn to the right and head up the slope. Shoot the darker section of wall to reveal the secret area.

Secret Area 2/8: There is a section of moss-covered rock wall along the left side of the house that is obviously different from the rest. Shoot it to blow it open.

SWJKDF2 level three3.png

Kyle begins this level outside of his father's home. Go around to the left side of the house and shoot out the middle window. Alternatively, the window can be activated and pushed out, but where's the fun in that?

Mission Objective: Go through the house, around back and through your father's natural power generator.[edit]

SWJKDF2 level 3 2.png

Exit the bedroom into the living room and take the door on the opposite end to enter the foyer. Step onto the wooden beam to fall to the floor below.

Secret Area 3/8:This secret area is in the hallway, after it turns to the right. The safest way to access it is to ricochet a thermal detonator off the left-hand wall.

Secret Area 4/8: At the far end of the walkway, opposite the switch door, is a destructible wall.

The key is behind these boxes.

Continue up the stairs and through the door. Go left and through the next door, into the garage. From the door, run straight and jump over the boxes to get the red key. Leave the garage and go up the second set of stairs to enter the kitchen.

The kitchen leads to the dining room. There is another door just to the right of the one you came through that leads to a bar. Go through the bar and into the courtyard. Turn right and hit the switch to open the door.

Go up the stairs to the top and into the hallway.

Secret Area 5/8: There are two cutouts in the wall to the left that contain shield recharges. The second of these walls will slide open when shot.

Cross the bridge in the garage to the next hallway. Climb the stairs and go through the double doors on the left to pick up the yellow wrench. Leave the room, head towards the outdoor area, and go through the second-to-last door. Head down the slopes into the underground bar to find the blue wrench. Leave the bar and continue to the edge and drop down onto the dirt mound.

Secret Area 6/8: Jump into the water and swim to the far hallway. Halfway up the ramps is the secret area (a Tusken will be there).

SWJKDF2 level 3 6.png

Swim over to the far side of the lake to the window pictured, then crouch to go underwater; there is a pipe with a plug sitting off to the side. Swim down and through the pipe, then surface in the control room. Use the wrenches to manipulate the metal dividers and block off half of the lake.

Swim back through the pipe and jump up onto the bank, then up onto the divider. Drop onto the other side and go through the doorway, up the ramps, and around to the pools of battery acid.

SWJKDF2 level 3 7.png

Step onto the sloped dirt ledge immediately to the right and follow it down into a divet. From the bottom-most point, fall onto the top of the metal wall.

Secret Area 7/8: This secret area is located at the bottom of the battery acid pool, closest to you. Drop off of the wall to the left and swim to the bottom to find the cubbyhole in the corner.

Swim to the right-hand side of the pool and jump up onto the bank. Jump up onto the ledge and leap across to the top of the next wall. Jump from here to the far bank, then climb up onto the wall and run across it to the other end of the pool. Make your way to the ledge, go up the ramp, and enter the power generator.

Mission Objective: Locate your father's workshop.[edit]

The secret area.

Secret Area 8/8: About halfway through the generator, there will be a narrow passageway in the right-hand wall that curls around.

Make your way through the generator and drop into the workshop to end the level.