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SWJKDF2 17 valley tower ascent.png

The impact of the cargo ship has stripped away the main cargo lift to the top of the Valley Tower. By activating the internal cargo system, it should provide an alternative route.

Mission Objective: Activate the internal cargo conveying system.[edit]

SWJKDF2 level17 1.png

Once the elevator reaches the top, make your way into the small control room ahead and hit the switch to open the door. Go through it and to the elevator on the far side of the ATAT. Ride it up and walk along the ledge to the door at the end.

The hallway will open to a larger room with a lift to the right and a control room to the left, up a set of ramps. Enter the control room and disable the energy field or else it won't be possible to board the lift. Board the lift and ride it down one stop.

SWJKDF2 level17 2.png

Go through the grated crawlspace to the left and emerge onto a ledge. The area will have a yellow-green tint to it. Fall into the shaft and down to the bottom, at which point you will bob on an air current. Hold the forward key to step onto the ledge, and hit the switch on the wall to activate the cargo system.

Mission Objective: Exhaust from Imperial mining operations is discharged from several openings in the mountain. Find a vent near the main exhaust port.[edit]

Ride the cargo back up to the top ledge, then ride the lift to the top, past the area you first entered.

Secret Area 1/6: Jump up to the catwalk and enter the room directly across from the elevator. Blow up the fuel containers to access the secret area.

SWJKDF2 level17 3.png

Secret Area 2/6: Follow the cargo into the air lift and ride a crate up to the highest ledge. It contains a rail detonator.

There is a tunnel in the right-hand wall of the air lift; ride a crate up to it and proceed to the exhaust shaft. The exhaust shaft releases bursts of air that you must ride to the top. There is a metal ledge about halfway up, but it is possible to time a force jump with the exhaust to launch straight up to the top.

The exhaust shaft opens up into an outdoor area. Hop down from ledge to ledge to the ground below. Locate the lift and ride it to the very top.

SWJKDF2 level17 5.png

This next area is a bit difficult to navigate. There is a moveable platform docked at the far end of the chasm that must be brought over. The switch is located on a ledge beneath the platform. To get to it, enter the room to the left and take the lift down, then run across the bridge and curve around to the switch. Use caution while crossing the bridge as the exhaust port will release intermittent bursts of air and blow you off the edge. If you have rank four Force Jump, it is possible to combine it with Force Speed to jump clear across the chasm and onto the platform, bypassing the switch altogether.

Secret Area 3/6: Jump down from the bridge into the exhaust port and sprint to the very back. Drop onto the grate to collect the items and to keep from being blown out. Warning: it is very difficult to make your way back to the bridge before the next air cycle. It is advised to let the air cycle carry you to the bridge.

SWJKDF2 level17 6.png

Once across the chasm, jump up onto the crate nearest the jutting natural ledge. Make your way to the lift and ride it up. Alternatively, run out to the edge and look down. Fall onto the small ledge below and take the lift at the other end of the room.

Secret Area 4/6: On ground level, there is a room containing fuel drums. Blow them up and drop into the small nook in the floor.

Once the lift makes it to the top, run straight past the cargo crates and past the exhaust port.

Mission Objective: Suspend the air flow from the main exhaust port long enough to break into the exhaust monitoring station.[edit]

SWJKDF2 level17 8.png

At the very end of this outdoor area, there is a rectangular lift; at the top of it, there is another vertical exhaust port. Jump over to the small ledge and enter the tunnel. Continue straight ahead through the tunnels to the next exhaust port. Either jump straight across to the room on the other side or use the port to the right to avoid the exhaust.

Ride the lift all the way down and enter the exhaust vent control room. There is a tunnel leading underneath the port and into a second control room. The most basic goal at this point is to throw the switch in the first room, run through the tunnel, and then hit the switch in the second room so that the airflow is temporarily disrupted. It is advised to clear both rooms of enemies beforehand so that the process goes more quickly.

SWJKDF2 level17 9.png

With both switches thrown, the exhaust will come to a brief standstill; squeeze through the window to enter the port, open the door in its floor, and drop down into the exhaust monitoring station.

Mission Objective: Find a way into the maintenance room high above the exhaust monitoring station.[edit]

SWJKDF2 level17 10.png

Once there, locate the switch and hit it, then ride the lift up. Go down the hallway and enter the double doors; head to the left and exit the room. Follow the ledges into the next room, then hit the switch to open the doors and establish airflow. Ride the air current to the top and destroy the grate.

Secret Areas 5/6 and 6/6: Before reaching the top, there is an area surrounding the air current. The easiest way to access it is to run into the back wall and hold the forward key. The two secret areas are the accessory exhaust ports on either side of this area.

Ride the elevator at the opposite end of the room to end the level.