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Ammo Types[edit]

Note: This section does not include ammo received from firearms.

Energy Cell[edit]

SWJKDF2 Energy cell.png

Energy cells give +20 ammo for the Bryar Pistol and Stormtrooper Rifle.

Power Cell[edit]

SWJKDF2 Power cell.png

Power cells give +25 ammo for the Bowcaster, Imperial Repeater, and Concussion Rifle.

Rail Charge[edit]

SWJKDF2 Rail charge.png

Rail charges give +6 ammo for the Rail Detonator.


Note: The weapons are listed by the number to which they are assigned.

1. Fists[edit]

SWJKDF2 Fists.png

Description: As a last resort, Kyle can beat enemies to death
Primary: N/A
Secondary: N/A

Ammo Type: N/A

2. Bryar Pistol[edit]

SWJKDF2 Bryar pistol.png

Description: Slow-firing and relatively weak, but very accurate
Primary: single shot
Secondary: N/A

Ammo Type: Energy Cell

3. Stormtrooper Rifle[edit]

SWJKDF2 Stormtrooper rifle.png

Description : Faster rate of fire, but quite inaccurate
Primary: single shot
Secondary: N/A

Ammo Type: Energy Cell

4. Thermal Detonator[edit]

SWJKDF2 Thermal detonator.png

Description: Handheld explosives that can take out several enemies at once
Primary: impact explosion
Secondary: delayed explosion

Ammo Type: N/A

5. Bowcaster[edit]

SWJKDF2 Bowcaster.png

Description : Very slow but makes up for it with power and multiple firing options
Primary: single shot
Charged Shot: hold and release the primary fire key to release a maximum of five shots at once
Secondary: magnetized shot that deflects off of surfaces

Ammo Type: Power Cell

6. Imperial Repeater[edit]

SWJKDF2 Imperial repeater.png

Description : Very weak but very fast and ammo-efficient
Primary: single shot
Secondary: three bullets/shot

Ammo Type: Power Cell

Tip: Hold the fire key to take full advantage of the repeater's rate of fire.

7. Rail Detonator[edit]

SWJKDF2 Rail detonator.png

Description : Very powerful weapon that launches precision explosives over long distances
Primary: impact explosion
Secondary: timed explosion

Ammo Type: Rail Charge

8. Sequencer Charge[edit]

SWJKDF2 Sequencer charges.png

Description : Land mines that can be placed for unsuspecting enemies
Primary: instant explosion
Secondary: proximity explosion
Ammo Type: N/A

Tip: Don't use the primary fire option. Ever. It's as useless as windshield wipers on a bicycle.

9. Concussion Rifle[edit]

SWJKDF2 Concussion rifle.png

Description : A weapon that is extremely deadly to a wide area
Primary: splash concussion wave (good for groups or when accuracy fails)
Secondary: linear concussion wave (good for individual enemies in close proximity)

Ammo Type: Power Cell

10. Lightsaber[edit]

SWJKDF2 Yun's lightsaber.png

Description: The legendary weapon of the Jedi
Primary: single swing
Secondary: double swing

Ammo Type: N/A

Tip: Combine primary attack with forward, backward, and side movements to perform different attacks.