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File:KotORII Map Fuel Depot.png
Map of the fuel depot

Harbinger Engine Deck[edit]

You enter the Peragus Fuel Depot at the southeast end of the fuel line. You can return to the Harbinger engine deck behind you.

Fuel Line to Harbinger[edit]

You see T3-M4 ahead of you in the fuel line to the northeast. As you approach, Atton speaks.

Rescue T3-M4[edit]

KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: It's a utility droid - looks like it's been hit with an ion charge and dumped here.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png T3-M4: Dee... reet. Dee... eet?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. I know - we ran into the "protocol droid" earlier, he attacked us, too.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png T3-M4: Dee... dree... eet.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. How did you survive?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png T3-M4: Dee, dreee-dee-deet.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. He just dumped you into this fuel pipe?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png T3-M4: Dee-deet.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. Sounds like he just wanted to keep you out of the way until he could find a way off the station... with us. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2 Good thing your memory core is well-shielded.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png T3-M4: Dee, dree, dee-deet.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. Can you travel, T3? KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. Don't blame yourself. If you hadn't gotten us out of the administration level, we'd have never made it this far.
Influence Gained: T3-M4
KotORII Icon Dialog.png T3-M4: Dee - dreet.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 3. Warm up your systems and let's go. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 4. We may still have a use for you. Follow me. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. Then let's go. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. Come on, then - we have to hurry.
Influence Lost: T3-M4
KotORII Icon Dialog.png T3-M4: Dee, dreet.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. [T3 has joined your party. He has the ability to make programming spikes on demand, and can also upgrade items if asked.]
KotOR Icon Journal.png Journal Entry Added: Rescue T3-M4
You have recovered T3 from the fuel line where he was dumped. It looks like he was attacked by the HK assassination droid.
KotOR Icon XP.png Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 100 Recovered T3 from the fuel line where he was dumped

Just before the northeast end of the fuel line, there's a concealed stash.

KotOR Icon Item(s) Received.png Item(s) Received: Concealed Stash This conduit looks like it was surgically removed from a critical door control circuit and dumped down in the fuel lines along with T3. Without it, it would be almost impossible to open the door it is normally connected to during an emergency lockdown.
[It looks like this container was deliberately tossed here. The control circuit looks important.]

Just beyond this is an Average Sonic Mine in front of the door on the right in the southeast wall.

Fuel Control Station[edit]

Containment Fields[edit]

Hangar Bay[edit]