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If your character is dark side (Alignment < 40) when you next travel through the docks on Nar Shaddaa after getting a message from Visquis of the Exchange, then Hanharr becomes your temporary character in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr tunnels, but the first time you can speak to him as follows is if you add him to your party to board Goto's yacht.

However, a few more options are available once you're both aboard the Ebon Hawk, where he paces a circuit around the southern half of the ship.

When you first speak to Hanharr with Alignment 20 or less:

Hanharr: There is something about you - not a scent, but a feeling - it is decay, like rot within a great tree. Even your appearance has changed - hunters will have a hard time recognizing you now, I think.
1. This is the face of power - and you will learn to respect it. 2. Then all the better for me. 3. I couldn't care less what you think.
Hanharr: Is it? I think your face bears the scars of hatred well, human. But it is only a small part of the Shadowlands you see. Hanharr: Such is the way of humans as they treat my people - but like Czer-ka, perhaps one day you will care much of what I think.
Hanharr: I may serve you for now - but I watch you, I shadow your movements through the dark places in the galaxy.
1. Just answer my questions. 2. Enough with the threats. I need answers from you. 3. Forget it. I'll be going now.

When you first speak to him with Alignment 80 or more:

Hanharr: There is something wrong with you - it is like you carry... light within you, and it casts fire across your skin. It is a contrast to the Shadowlands around you - it is a fire, a beacon in the darkness, and it makes you a target.
1. It is the sign of one who is at peace. 2. Perhaps it is a beacon for others who have lost their way. 3. Why does it bother you?
Hanharr: I have never seen such a fire within a human - or any other beast. It feels wrong. Hanharr: Is it? I think your face would bears the scars of hatred well, human. But it is only a small part of the Shadowlands you see. Hanharr: Such is the way of humans as they treat my people - but like Czer-ka, perhaps one day you will care much of what I think.
Hanharr: I may serve you for now - but I watch you, I shadow your movements through the dark places in the galaxy.
2. I would not let it trouble you - I would let it serve as an example.
Hanharr: Do not speak down to me, human - there is nothing I can learn from your kind that you have not already taught my people.
1. I had questions for you. 2. We'll see. For now, I will leave you be.

Otherwise, or upon returning:

Hanharr: I thought I smelled your stench... speak, human, then leave me be.
1. You will speak to me with respect, or I will break you.
Hanharr: I... will do as you ask.

Once aboard the Ebon Hawk, you can ask him to stop or keep pacing, and why he does it so much:

Hanharr: What do you want, human?
1. Stop stalking the ship - stay in one place and don't move. 1. Keep pacing the ship if it will help you burn some energy.
Hanharr: I... will do as you ask. But this ship shall not long hold me, I swear upon my blood. Hanharr: I will... and the sooner our feet are upon ground, the better.
2. Why are you pacing so much? 3. Are you all right?
Hanharr: Because this ship stinks of metal. It stinks of a cage. If I stay in one place, the red behind my eyes grows to blood.


Hanharr: I care nothing for your questions, and little patience for answers.
1. Nevertheless, you will hear them and answer them - or else. 2. I order you to answer me. 3. You will never be free of your debt unless you do.
Hanharr: Then speak them, and leave me be.

You cannot maximize (or minimize) your influence with Hanharr simply by asking questions:

Dialog Influence
0-100 Influence Dark Side Points Gained But still you serve me, as a slave should. Dark Side Points Gained Any human that cannot stand against you 58
25-75 Influence If Mira spared your life, it was likely to humiliate you before others rather than mercy. 66
< 40 Influence > 60 Dark Side Points Gained Yet somehow, they were strong enough Dark Side Points Gained Perhaps you are weak 74
< 30 Influence > 70 Dark Side Points Gained You lessen an act of slaughter Dark Side Points Gained The only truth is that you killed your tribe 82
< 20 Influence > 80 Dark Side Points Gained If you think such deaths bother me Dark Side Points Gained Everyone at Malachor died 90

However, > 80 Influence is all that's required to unlock everything, and this can be achieved with Persuade rank 10, allowing you to gain experience, and granting you and Hanharr attribute bonuses (and a penalty for Hanharr):

Dialog Influence XP Main character Hanharr
Shackles < 40 > 60 500
Tribe < 30 > 70 500
< 20 > 80 1000 Wisdom: +1
Mira < 25 > 75 1000 Constitution: +1 Constitution: +1
Break 1000 Strength: +2 Intelligence: -2
Kreia Accepted strength 500 Strength: +2 Constitution: +1
Rejected strength 1000 Wisdom: +2

You cannot lose sufficient influence to unlock all of this simply by asking questions but, since this would normally involve moving closer to the light side of the Force and you have to be a dark side character to recruit Hanharr, this isn't recommended anyway (he isn't a Jedi, so his alignment should normally be irrelevant).

1. I heard you hunt humans.
Hanharr: There is a thing among our people called a life debt. It is a gift... a recognition that the one who spares your life deserves your life, all you can do to help them. When humans came to my homeworld, they showed that such debts are viewed with contempt. Our sacrifices, our honor fell prey to human instincts, human greed. And that is why I hunt your kind.
2. Never mind. I had some other questions for you.


1. How do you hunt us?
Hanharr: To defeat them, one must know their ways, use their weapons. Kill them with bowcasters, blasters, know how to mine their colonies, to gas them. As my people were fallen upon with shackles, and their bodies wracked with electricity and pain, so must every human feel the same, countless times over. No human must survive, those that do must be taught what life debts are - and why they will pay the price for my people.
1. If you continue to cause that suffering, it will never end. 2. Not all humans are like the slavers who came to your world - you blame a species for the crimes of a few.
Light Side Points Gained: +1
Influence Lost: Hanharr (-8)
Hanharr: Such pain is always on my thoughts, human - and it is meant to be shared. Hanharr: I have heard tales of the tribe called the Sith - how they were once of the tribe of Jedi, and turned away. Yet the potential for the tribe of the Sith lies within all Jedi. Such is the way of all humans - and why they must all die.
3. But still you serve me, as a slave should. You know your place. 4. Any human that cannot stand against you deserves to die.
Dark Side Points Gained: -1
Influence Gained: Hanharr (+8)
Hanharr: I respect your strength, and my place is with you as you walk the Shadowlands, but I do not serve you. Know that I watch you, shadow your movements through the dark places in the galaxy. Hanharr: That is the way of the predator - and the way of humans, of prey.

You can ask why he made his home on Nar Shaddaa, and about the Shadowlands once he's mentioned them:

2. Why did you make your home on Nar Shaddaa?
Hanharr: Because it is like my homeworld, yet the signs of the Shadowlands are greater, and that is more to my liking. It is like home, with its great metal trees that touch the sky, with a land similar to the Shadowlands below.
Hanharr: And many humans come here, tribes from lost battles. Exiles. Hanharr: And many humans come to the world of metal trees, tribes from lost battles. Exiles.
Hanharr: And I can climb upon the metal trees, seek the heights above, and see the Shadowlands all around me.
4. Before, you mentioned the Shadowlands. What did you mean? 1. Shadowlands?
Hanharr: The Shadowlands is the place where we now walk. It cannot be touched, only felt and heard around you. It is the black that surrounds us, that encircles all planets - and reaches into their heart. You know the Shadowlands well - all who were cast out, all who were exiled, walk in the Shadowlands. It was not until the tribe of Czer-ka took me from my homeworld did I realize the Shadowlands extend forever.
1. What do you mean? 2. If you are implying some connection in our exile, there is nothing in common between us.
Hanharr: This ship, this planet... these people, they all live within the Shadowlands, a place of darkness, where predators wait, always, to strike. It is my place to be here. Hanharr: All who walk the Shadowlands are shackled together. Every movement of predator and prey, causes a movement across vast distances. If you are blind, if you cannot hear, then that is your burden - and it is the way of those who walk in the Shadowlands.
1. Why do you call it the Shadowlands?
Hanharr: Because that is its name, human. Every one of my people see it when they open their eyes for the first time and stare at the depths of my planet, where the roots of the great tree grow. And though they did not always know it, they saw it whenever they stared into the darkness in the sky. They simply did not see the predators and instead dreamed of places where they lived forever as light.

You can also ask why he uses the term "Jeedai?" once he's used it:

5. Why do you use the term "Jeedai?"
Hanharr: It is how I first heard it - from the mouths of Hutts. It is the way they speak the title of your tribe in their language. They speak it with contempt - but beneath that contempt is fear.


5. Why do you wear those shackles?
Hanharr: They are memories caged upon my wrists. I wear them so I will not forget.
1. What do you mean?
< 40 Influence > 60 40-60 Influence
Hanharr: [Influence: Success] I have never spoken of such things... but there is strength in chains, these things of metal. They remind me of the tribe of Czer-ka, and what befell my tribe... my people. Hanharr: [Influence: Failure] It is not for you to know... human. Even if you heard the words, you would not understand them. I shall one day show you what I see in my heart, and you shall know what is predator and prey, and what sacrifice means.
1. Tell me about Czerka. 2. What happened with your people?
Hanharr: Humans came to my homeland, across the great sky. And they spoke a language I knew, and they spoke it to my tribe, and again to me. Hanharr: Czer-ka fell upon my people like kinrath - but slow, without claws extended.
Hanharr: They taught me their ways, and I saw their truth.
1. What truth?
Hanharr: They brought with them a new idea, a new way of looking at my people. They showed me what life debts truly are - they are cargo, cold and lifeless. They taught us slavery. That the weak must obey the strong - a lesson we, as hunters, had forgotten. Metal they placed upon my wrists and neck, to keep me bound and weak. They were not strong enough to hold me otherwise.
1. What they did to you and your tribe was wrong - life is not a commodity. 2. Yet somehow, they were strong enough to cage you - as it should be. 3. Perhaps you are weak in that you allowed the shackles to be placed at all.
Light Side Points Gained: +1 Dark Side Points Gained: -1
Influence Lost: Disciple (-8) Influence Gained: Hanharr (+8)
Hanharr: You are wrong. Anyone without strength has no right to their life at all - it belongs to the strong. Hanharr: They were predators, yes, and though small and weak, they were more dangerous, for they hid themselves as prey until they had infested our tribe. To see prey behave in such a manner to hunt others... it was another thing that I learned from your people. Hanharr: Yes, they were stronger - for a time. And the weak must obey the strong.
1. What happened then? 2. What did Czerka do after capturing you? 3. So they sold you off-planet?
Hanharr: I was taken from the forest world of my people, brought to a place where the trees had turned to stone... and metal. They intended me to haul cargo, to lift metal boxes into great flying beasts like the cage in which you travel from planet to planet. I turned the cargo boxes into boxes to store their bodies. From then on, I walked the Shadowlands without them hounding my tracks.
1. You killed them? 2. What did you do to them? 3. How did you kill the entire crew?
Hanharr: Yes, all of them. As we traveled across the Shadowlands, the predators who had fallen upon my people, upon me, became prey again. Hanharr: As we traveled across the Shadowlands, the predators who had fallen upon my people, upon me, became prey again.
Hanharr: In the ship, there was not enough room for them to flee, to run - yet I stalked them for days, let them flee, hide in vents, starve slowly. And right before the moment where it seemed they would surrender to me, beg for mercy, I would strike.
1. How did you fly the ship? 2. What happened then? 3. How did you get to Nar Shaddaa?
Hanharr: I did not. It drifted across the black, until it reached its destination. Much of its control was unknown to me. Hanharr: The metal cage drifted across the black, until it reached its destination. Much of its control was unknown to me.
Hanharr: When it fell into the world of metal, I was able to leave the cage and walk again. Around me soared trees that were cold and dead, creatures of metal and screams. But there, I could climb, and hunt, and survive. There was prey again, and the smell of blood. And there was work for hunters, the bounty was wealth.
1. What did you do? 2. So you started hunting for credits? 3. Is that how you became a bounty hunter?
Hanharr: No, I hunted for prey. That is always the reason for hunting.
Hanharr: As humans taught me slavery, I started selling humans. Many at a time, wailing packs of children and their mothers, entire tribes of humans. There is a debt that you humans can never repay me. And that is my life debt - one that humans will pay with their lives.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 500 Influenced Hanharr to say why he wears those shackles


6. You can't have been the only slave Czerka took from your world.
< 30 Influence > 70 30-70 Influence
Hanharr: [Influence: Success] The rest of my tribe are gone, they do not walk in the Shadowlands as I do. I sent them away - by my hand, one by one. Hanharr: [Influence: Failure] I am the only one of my tribe to be taken into the Shadowlands - the rest are gone.
1. What do you mean?
Hanharr: I will not speak of my past or my tribe to you, human - you would hear the words, but not understand... much like Vogga's slaves and killers did not.
1. Other bounty hunters said you killed your own tribe.


1. Wait - you killed your own tribe? 2. So you admit your crime. 3. If you slaughtered your own people, there is no coming back from such an act.
Hanharr: I did not kill my tribe. I saved them, even though they cast me out, threw me into the Shadowlands.
1. So... you were exiled? 2. Why did your people cast you out? 3. What happened between you and your tribe?
Hanharr: I was raised as one of my people, within the tribe. But I did not belong there. Beneath the trees of our world, where the roots run deep, there is a place of mist and shadow, where only the most fearsome predators walk. In our tongue, it is called the Shadowlands. That is the place that called to me, that filled my eyes when I stared into flames and darkness.
1. And that is why they cast you out? 2. You must have done something for them to drive you away. 3. They could not have forced you to leave, could they?
Hanharr: It was a choice - my choice to be beneath the trees, to run in the dark places of our world. I spent more and more time in the Shadowlands, where I could kill, and keep killing. In time, my tribe would not accept me back. They exiled me there, for they sensed too much of the kinrath within me, the urge to hunt and kill. I was never at peace among them - the Shadowlands always called to me, not the safety of the trees.
1. But what happened to your tribe? 2. But you said your tribe was killed, sent away by your hand. Why? 3. And this was before Czerka arrived on your world?
Hanharr: I was there when the tribe of Czer-ka landed upon our planet. I watched them, saw that they were weak - but still predators. When you have dwelled in the Shadowlands, you know the difference - even the smallest, weakest of prey can kill with the right weapons, the right tools.
1. What did Czerka do when they arrived? 2. And they made you slaves? 3. They must have struck quickly to overpower your people.
Hanharr: They fell upon my people like kinrath, quick, deadly, armed with weapons that my people had never seen. I watched, I knew what would happen. Prey is devoured, broken. And my eyes filled with blood. And I knew my people would be sentenced, would become slaves. They would be turned into prey forever, hunted - but demeaned, not killed.
1. What did you do? 2. So you killed your entire tribe? 3. How did you do it?
Hanharr: I... killed the young ones first. Those were the ones most in danger. Then I moved onto the adults, from the weakest to the strongest, as they slumbered. Then when many awoke, I slaughtered them, too. With ryyk blade and bowcaster - they fell. But with every one that fell, I gripped them by the throat and stared into their eyes. I let them see the Shadowlands, and all its darkness. I let them see what their weakness had brought them.
1. What happened with Czerka? 2. Czerka must have been - displeased with their slaves being killed. 3. And so you killed your tribe, rather than let slavers have them.
Hanharr: When the tribe of Czer-ka saw what had been done, they took me. They were angry that I had killed their herd, when what I had done was save them. So they chained me instead - and I let myself be offered up to them instead of the dead.
1. So you slaughtered your entire tribe, killed them. 2. If you killed them to spare them, then you cheapened them.
Hanharr: They are not dead. Where I sent them, they are free. Even as their screams fell upon me, even as they fell still as I crushed the life from them, I know that they are far from the Shadowlands, in a place where will never be chained.
1. You are nothing more than an animal, Hanharr. 2. And how do you figure that? 3. As long as you justify murdering your own, then fine.
Hanharr: You are of the tribe of the Jeedai. I have heard of your weak code, your defense of prey. But there is one truth that you know - that all life is connected, and there is life and light after the black of the Shadowlands.
1. For all the evil you have done, Hanharr, there is hope of redemption for you. 2. Even if your tribe cannot forgive you, I will. 3. You lessen an act of slaughter by thinking it was salvation. 4. The only truth is that you killed your tribe because they were weak - which is what they deserved.
Hanharr: I do not ask for forgiveness, and you cannot grant it. To speak such words is an insult. Hanharr: Salvation speaks of hope.
Light Side Points Gained: +2 Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Influence Lost: Hanharr (-8) Influence Gained: Hanharr (+8)
Hanharr: Such hopes are for the weak. I only seek death, and when that day comes, I will speak to my people again, all as one tribe. Hanharr: Yes... and I could not bear to see such weakness in them.
Hanharr: I do not wish to walk in the Shadowlands any longer. I wish to walk on top of the trees of my homeworld, and when I die, I shall be there. Yet I am trapped here with you, in this cage, surrounded by the stench of human animals.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 500 Influenced Hanharr to speak of his past and his tribe

You could have gained or lost sufficient influence from your most recent response to immediately succeed with the following, but if you haven't then you can return and ask either of these questions later:

1. What you did to your people was madness - yet there was strength in it. 2. What you did to your own tribe, Hanharr - it was wrong.
< 20 Influence > 80 20-80 Influence
Hanharr: [Influence: Success] You think to know my actions, human? Perhaps you know them, better than you realize.Turn your eyes upon your own acts, the deaths you have inflicted upon your tribe, the tribe of the Jeedai. Hanharr: [Influence: Failure] Do not think you can ever know me, human. My acts, and my reasons for them, are my own.
1. What do you know of that? 2. Be silent - you know nothing of what occurred. 3. No one can ever know what happened at Malachor - least of all you.
Hanharr: I know enough. Enough to smell how weak you are, how broken such an act made you. Did you hear them scream as you butchered the Mandalorian tribes? Did you attempt to cover your ears, kill your heart to shut them out? I have heard of you, Jeedai - heard of your battles. You are a coward who must use planets to kill your foes so you will not see their faces as they burn. At least every one of my people I killed I looked into their eyes as they died, and they knew why they were dying. I know that you did no such thing with your own tribe. They died alone, in pain, and the only one to hear them die was you.
1. And I regret every death, Jedi and Mandalorian, to this day.
Light Side Points Gained: +1 Influence Lost: Hanharr (-8)
Hanharr: Such emotions are wasted. Take strength from your act, do not have it weaken you. To bring about the deaths of your brothers and sisters by choice is more powerful than you know... there is greatness in such actions. But not to realize that - it means you have not looked inside yourself for some time.
2. If you think such deaths bother me, they do not. 3. Everyone at Malachor died because they had to - and I would destroy them all again, gladly.
Dark Side Points Gained: -1
Influence Gained: Hanharr (+8)
Hanharr: You may think so, Jeedai, but you would be wrong.
Hanharr: We have spoken about this enough - now you should think upon it, and realize perhaps we are not so different in how we perceive life and death.
1. [You have gained +1 Wisdom - and a new perspective about your actions during the Mandalorian Wars.]
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 1000 Gained wisdom and a new perspective about your actions during the Mandalorian Wars

Life debt[edit]

7. Why do you follow me?
Hanharr: Because the weak must obey the strong. As long as I am here, I will force you to be strong, for the moment you show weakness, I shall be at your throat. Hanharr: You... spared my life. I honor your action by serving... until your life ends.
Hanharr: When you die, our debt shall be settled.
1. Does that mean you serve me?
Hanharr: Serve you? I watch you, I shadow your movements through the dark places in the galaxy.
Hanharr: My reasons are my own, but know that I shall one day show you what hatred is, and what life is.
3. So one day will you try to kill me like you did Mira?
Hanharr: No, one day you will die as Mira did. It is different. I shall be there at the moment when your life dies. I will watch it go from your body - fleeing, for somewhere else.
1. As long as you obey me, I couldn't care less.
Hanharr: I believe you are correct, human - and so wrong, at the same time. It is enough, I think. You have taken me prisoner, but you do not own me. I see the slaves you have gathered around you. You are as much a slaver as the tribe of Czer-ka, but the price of that slavery lies behind the eyes. In the heart. Do not think we are different, you and I. You are as much of a monster, an exile, as I am. We both walk in the Shadowlands, to prove ourselves great.

If you've only asked him questions then the first time you ask him why he killed Mira he should fail to answer fully, but if you can be persuasive then you have a chance to gain or lose influence.


4. Why did you kill Mira?
25-75 Influence
Hanharr: [Influence: Failure] Because I was the stronger, and she was the prey. There was no other reason. She was weak, weak behind her eyes, and in her spirit.
Persuade 2. [Persuade (10)] And what weakness about her made you want to kill her?
Hanharr: [Success] By other hunters, it is said that she spared my life. There is no truth in such words. She spared my life as an insult, to break my spirit. She held my life in her hands, and she cast it away. Hanharr: [Failure] I will not speak of it to you, human, and we will speak about this no more.
1. Humans don't generally do that as an insult - I think you mistook her intentions. 2. If Mira spared your life, it was likely to humiliate you before others rather than mercy.
Influence Lost: Hanharr (-8) Influence Gained: Hanharr (+8)
Hanharr: I couldn't care less what humans think - among my people, it makes us slaves, and to be a slave to prey - to be shown mercy by prey, is contempt, a blade in the heart. Hanharr: I do not think you understand, human, but what she did was an... insult, yes.
Awareness 1. [Awareness (13)] I do not believe you. Awareness 1. [Awareness (13)] So you had nothing to prove?
Hanharr: There were many who believed that she was a better hunter than I... but there is no one who believed that she was a predator. And in the end, to hunt... and not to kill, that is the call that will bring death to you in the Shadowlands.
1. And you were angry at her weakness - and rightfully so. 2. So you killed her because she would not? Her choice is to be admired, not hated.
Hanharr: My anger... it is close to the words you speak, yes, but it is not all. Hanharr: You do not understand, human - but perhaps one day you will.

Otherwise, once you've gained or lost sufficient influence he answers fully:

< 25 Influence > 75 7. I wanted to ask about Mira again - and why you killed her.
Hanharr: [Influence: Success] Because I was the stronger. She was prey. Because she saved my life, and she would not let me take hers. So I tore it from her. Hanharr: I killed her because I was stronger - she was prey. Yet when it was her turn to kill me, she denied me death and made me a slave. And that is why she had to die.
1. So she saved your life once? 2. You took her life - because she didn't take yours?
Hanharr: She showed me mercy, and that I could not bear. To feel such, from prey. She had my life in her hands, her weapon pointed at me as I lay wounded in my own traps, and she did not kill me. And I saw her eyes. And I saw she felt... mercy.
1. So you would rather she have killed you? 2. She spared you, to show she was stronger?
Hanharr: It is the way of the hunt. When one lies broken before you, you end them. There is no mercy in such things - there is death. That is the price for the failure of the hunt, and she denied me that death. Hanharr: No... that was not her intent. She felt... mercy for me. For a predator.
Hanharr: And that is what I could not bear. Yet I could no longer kill her, for it meant I owed her... owed my life to a human. Humans who broke all my people with slavery - she did what they had done, to my people, to me. And that is why she had to die.

Once you've influenced Hanharr to speak of his past and his tribe after saying he can't have been the only slave Czerka took from his world:

Awareness 1. [Awareness (16)] I don't believe you. It is not the hunt that drives you. 2. She did not make you a slave - instead, she denied you freedom, death.
Hanharr: Then you do not know my heart, human, nor what lies behind my eyes. Hanharr: You are wrong, human - those are not my words, nor the truth.
1. I think you wanted her to kill you, to break you. To end your life.
Hanharr: I do not chase death, I chase prey.
1. You have spoken of your tribe, Hanharr, and I think you wished to join them.
Hanharr: My tribe is no more - my people are no more, because of humans!
1. Your people are no more because you killed them, Hanharr. Not humans.
Hanharr: I killed them to save them! I have told you this!
2. She denied you death. And made you walk in this place you hate even longer, because now you owed her your life. 3. But you said they exist, but not here. And you wished to join them. 1. And I think that thought of slaying them hunts you. And that is why you wanted her to kill you. 2. Those words of desperation stink of desperation - and lies. 3. All I have heard are your words, not the truth. And you know it.
Hanharr: I... I see your eyes... hear your words, human. And your words echo within me. Perhaps I wished to die at her hands. And walk in the Shadowlands no longer. Yet she spared me, and to continue living... I could not bear it. I wish to go where my tribe went, where I sent them, where they are finally free. Where they may forgive me. I do not wish to walk in the Shadowlands any longer. When I die, I to walk on top of the trees of my homeworld, to hear the voices of my people again.
1. Walk with me, Hanharr, and I promise I shall never spare your life, or deny you the death you seek. 2. If you wish to die, then let it be done in a way that matters - saving others.
Hanharr: That is the only pledge I have heard from a human that I will accept. I will walk with you, human, and my strength shall be yours. I shall break our enemies. And when death comes, do not turn it aside - and I will do the same for you.
1. That is a pledge I will accept. 2. Very well - let this be all that is between us. 3. I swear the same - for now, until the end of our journey.
Hanharr: Then it is done - we die together, our lives as one, or not at all.
1. [You and Hanharr have formed a new bond, both of you gaining +1 Constitution.]
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 1000 Formed a new bond with Hanharr

If you've gained or lost sufficient influence to form this new bond with him, then after asking about his debt you can also break him...


2. What debt are you talking about? 3. The debt you mentioned - what are you talking about? 7. Let me ask you about your life debt.
Hanharr: Among my people, there is a custom, a debt that is a form of slavery. I did not see what it was until your kind came to our planet and showed it through your eyes.
1. What kind of debt?
Hanharr: For my people, to stop one from dying, from traveling to the Shadowlands, makes their life yours. These bonds are called "life debts." They are invisible shackles that one wears upon the wrists - and in the mind.

This is your first chance to break Hanharr fully into your service, although if you've only asked him questions then you should fail:

1. Why do you keep life debts if you hate them? 2. You are a fool to let your primitive customs chain your actions.
10-90 Influence < 10 Influence > 90
Hanharr: [Influence: Failure] If I give up everything of my people, then the Shadowlands will have my body... and my mind. Hanharr: [Influence: Success] To give up everything of my people... means I will be no longer one of them, even in the place that exists beyond the Shadowlands.
1. But to adhere to the codes of your people - that is only another form of slavery. 2. Then you shall always be prey.
Hanharr: It is what must be.
1. All you need to do is give them up.
Hanharr: That... I cannot do.

This is your second chance to break him:

1. Then you shall always be prey, Hanharr. You are your own prey, and such things are weakness.
< 25 Influence > 75 25-75 Influence
Hanharr: [Influence: Success] To give up everything of my people... means I will be no longer one of them, even in the place that exists beyond the Shadowlands. Hanharr: [Influence: Failure] You know nothing of strength, human, and you know little of me. It is the way of prey.
Hanharr: When I die, I shall become part of the Shadowlands... and never return from my exile. This blackness that surrounds me will be where I die, forever.
1. And to face such oblivion is strength. 2. You are already damned, beast. It only requires that you face it.
Hanharr: :: Silence ::
Hanharr: Enough... human. You wish to break me from my people - you wish to make it so I am no longer prey. You have done this - shattered the shackles in my mind with your words. The last path to the place beyond the Shadowlands is now denied to me. I honor no life debt now - and I walk with you and your tribe, by choice.
1. Then there is nothing keeping you here. 2. So at last you are free to do what you wish. 3. Then walk my path, and realize that nothing should keep you tied to this galaxy or others.
Hanharr: You keep me here - you have murdered that which made me weak, and killed it in my spirit. And I am here to be the predator of such things which stalk within you.
1. [You have broken Hanharr fully into your service, making him stronger. He has gained +2 Strength and lost -2 Intelligence.]
Hanharr: Leave me, human. There is nothing more for us to say - only battle, and the death it brings. Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 1000 Broke Hanharr's spirit
Dark Side Points Gained: -4
Laugh It Up, Fuzzball
Laugh It Up, Fuzzball
Broke Hanharr's spirit

Although you're obviously only meant to be able to break him once, you can actually do so every time after repeating the following sequence:

  1. Why do you follow me?
  2. Does that mean you serve me?
  3. The debt you mentioned - what are you talking about?

After breaking him five times, he's reduced from 10 to 0 Intelligence: however, after breaking him a sixth time (which you'd expect to result in -2 Intelligence) he has 254 Intelligence (INT +122). You can continue to break him until he has absolute maximum 255 Strength, including bonuses (256 = 0 Strength), at which point he should still have at least 32 Intelligence (INT +11).

If you want to exploit this, save game before doing so in case you reconsider, or experience unintended consequences.


After asking Kreia about Hanharr you can ask him the following, although it isn't necessary since breaking him actually allows you to tell her you've learned the lesson of strength from him:

3. Hanharr, what is the source of your strength?
< 25 Influence > 75 25-75 Influence
Hanharr: [Influence: Success] This question has the scent of the old human about it. You ask for her - or for you? Hanharr: [Influence: Failure] You know nothing of strength, human, and you know little of me. It is the way of prey.
1. I ask it for her sake, to indulge her. 2. She spoke of it, but she did not provide an answer.
Hanharr: The old woman knows the lesson of strength. Her strength is to fasten shackles from air, from the mind. She is a dangerous predator - because she hunts other predators.
1. Kreia?
Hanharr: Yes, but that is only a name - it is not her strength, who she is.
2. She is manipulative, that is true.
Hanharr: It is a dangerous predator that can bend the will of another with a word. It is the most dangerous predator.
3. And what prey does Kreia hunt?
Hanharr: She hunts truth, I think - and she seeks it in you. And truth is dangerous prey - difficult to seek, and difficult to face. And with greater desperation, she hunts that which runs against that truth.
1. Like what? 2. What are you talking about?
Hanharr: She hunts these shadows you hunt in the Shadowlands - they are like the kinrath. They are primal things, and they hunger. I can feel it. And I can feel that same hunger in you - beating, like a creature that screams within the hollows of a tree.
4. It doesn't matter - and I'm ordering you to answer. 3. I ask because I want to know. 1. And this is the lesson of strength?
Hanharr: To be brave enough to hunt truth, yes. For the hunting ground for such things is within you. But that is not all - that is only the first step on the path.
Hanharr: You do not know enough of what drives me, why I wear these shackles, why I hunt. Until you know such things, my answer of strength will mean nothing.

Once you've influenced him to speak of his past and his tribe after saying he can't have been the only slave Czerka took from his world, he answers:

Hanharr: Already, you know it, I think - your answer is a command, not a question. There is no doubt.
Hanharr: You know of what happened with my people, when the Czer-ka came upon them. And you know why they fell at my hand.
3. You wanted to save them, but you weakened them by doing so.
Hanharr: Perhaps - it is something that I had not considered. But perhaps I saw no strength in them becoming like me, either a slave, or a predator.


1. Because you're mad? 2. You killed them to spare them.
Hanharr: Madness is not always that to one who can see it for what it is.
Hanharr: The lesson of strength is this - it is not having the strength to kill those you hate, but those that you love. Strength is when you crush their lives beneath your hands, murder them to save them from falling into the Shadowlands, as you have.
1. To save them from falling into the Shadowlands?
Hanharr: You know what happened when you killed the tribe of Mandalorians. And why the Jeedai had to die, so they did not become as the Mandalorians do. It was a coward's way of killing, but the choice was strength. To kill your brothers and sisters, those of the tribe who stood with you in battle.
1. And you think that is strength? 2. It was what had to be done. That is all.
Hanharr: When you no longer try to block out their screams and their blood mats your hide, so much so that nothing will clean them, that is strength. Strength is when you separate yourselves from those of your tribe - you know this.
1. My tribe?
Hanharr: Your tribe... your Jeedai.
Hanharr: And now you do the right thing - you find them, and you kill them. You show them what a predator is. You show them the face of evil, of murder, of slaughter. You take their lives, break them in your hands. And by showing them this, you make them strong. You make them realize that this tribe, the Sith, is something that hunts them and makes them stronger. You stand alone. Hanharr: But now you seek them out, a weakness. You ask for their help, their support. There is no strength in that. You show the galaxy that these Sith predators are not something you can face alone.
1. But I do not - you are here. 2. If such is strength, why do you follow me? 1. If strength is facing the enemy alone - by needing no one else, why are you here? 2. But you could not face me alone.
Hanharr: I am here... because I must be. There is no choice - debts must be served.

Otherwise, if your character is dark side (Alignment < 40) and you've also formed a new bond after influencing him to tell you why he really killed Mira:

Hanharr: I am here because you showed me what chained me, and there is much I may learn from you. There is strength in such things - and you will know this, when you go into the place all exiles go. When you are willing to kill everything you love - and everything that walks and breathes hates you. When you are willing to leave paradise behind, to curse your life for all time. And know that you did to save another. And to show the galaxy what prey is. This is the lesson of strength, human. And it is the only lesson you will learn from me. Now leave me - there is nothing more for me to share with you.


The following is unlocked after the Handmaiden confronts Visas, or Atton confronts the Disciple, aboard the Ebon Hawk, due to the latter having at least 15 more Influence than the former in either case:

3. Hanharr, do you know what love is?
Hanharr: I understand mating. If you want a mate, you fight with her, beside her, and against her. Break her against the Shryykrrr.
1. Against the what?
Hanharr: The Shryykrrr is the primal strength of my people, the rage that comes from within us. If there is one you desire, first attack her, show her your strength. Show her that she must submit. Bare your fangs, break wood, bring her a kill. Then she will bear strong children, a tribe.
2. I'll try to bare my fangs, break wood, and see what happens.
Hanharr: Perhaps the human will succeed - but I think the wood will break you.


1. That doesn't seem much like love.
Hanharr: Humans do not know love. There is no love in showing weakness to your blood or your mate. By showing strength, you make them strong. Make your decision quickly. I can smell the scents aboard this ship, and your mates are stinking it with their hormones.
2. I asked about love, not mating. 1. So what do you think love is, then?
Hanharr: I have heard of this concept from humans, from Hutts. They express such feelings for their money, their possessions, their slaves. It is commerce to them, an Exchange. There is no love, there is only your people and their survival. For your mate, you must show that you are willing to die so that she might survive. And she must be ready to do the same - and knowing that when she dies for you, that is as it must be. It is difficult for others of my kind to accept that to kill, to take the life of another - that is the truth between two beings, that is what builds tribes, and strength.
1. So love is when you are willing to end yourself for another?
Hanharr: And they are willing to do the same. When you accept that you must give up everything for another... that is what must be. Whatever mate you take, they will understand such things - and it may be that they already know it, without words.