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File:KotORII Map Iziz Cantina.png
Map of the Iziz cantina

Western Square[edit | edit source]

The entrance from the western square is in the middle of the bottom side of the Iziz cantina. A Duros named Gormo stands on the right side of the first room, and he's looking for an Open Starport Visa:

Gormo: Are you a starship captain or a passenger? Please if I could take a moment of your time.
1. What do you want? 2. I have my own ship. 3. Why do you ask?
Gormo: I am Gormo, captain of the Tweigar. I've been stuck on Iziz for over a week because some flaming scoundrel stole my starport visa. And now those idiot guards won't let me pass. My crew is going to leave without me soon, we can't afford to be docked for so long. I don't suppose you have an extra starport visa?
5. I'll be going now.
Gormo: I still haven't had any luck finding a flaming visa. I don't suppose you have an extra starport visa?
1. Have you tried to explain your situation to the soldiers?
Gormo: "No starport visa, no exit," they said, even when my crew came out and vouched for me. Mindless bureaucrats. I tell you, once I get off this rock, I'm never coming back.
2. I only have mine and I'm using it.
Gormo: Without a skilled slicer, your starport visa wouldn't be any help anyway. That visa is keyed to you alone. I need an open starport visa. Just like everyone else here. If you happen to find one, I will pay for it.
1. Slicer?
Gormo: A very good slicer could strip the identification code from a visa to make it an open one. That is no doubt what happened with my starport visa. A word of wisdom from me to you, guard your visa with your life. You don't want to be reduced to this.
3. There seem to be a lot of people here that need one.
Gormo: You speak the truth. I don't have a fortune, I'm but a captain struggling to make ends meet. But I will pay you 500 credits if you find one. Help out another captain!
4. Do you know what is going on here?
Gormo: I don't know for certain. The military has limited all travel throughout the city. Checkpoints are everywhere, and rumors of war. This is no place for me!

There's a Twi'lek patron at the table in the top right corner of the first room:

Do you like my lekku? I just got them waxed. Go ahead and touch them. I don't mind.

Through the doorway in the top wall of the first room is the cantina's hub: the left side has swoop registration and the bar, while the right side has a room reserved for the Beastrider Gang.

Swoop Registration and Bar[edit | edit source]

In the bottom left quarter of the cantina's hub, there's a Sullustan patron at a table by the inside wall:

Ah, I wish I could leave this planet. Trouble is brewing. I can feel it in my ears. I wonder why Vaklu's soldiers wear masks. I don't trust sentients who wear masks.

The Pazaak player Nikko stands outside the doorway to swoop registration and the bar in the middle of the hub's outside left wall:

Nikko: Nice to meet you, sentient. Are you interested in a friendly game of pazaak? The deck is warm, the drink is plentiful, and the company amiable. Can I tempt you? Nikko: Welcome back. My deck is still warm, if you're up for pazaak.
1. Let's play some pazaak. 2. Perhaps later. I'll be going.

In the top left quarter of the cantina's hub, an Aqualish patron and a Rodian patron sit at the table by the inside wall:

Leave me be. Go away. Don't make me get out of this chair...
Damn, I forgot my blaster.
I feel naked without my blaster.
My mother always told me to never leave home unarmed.
There are many people who would take advantage of a defenseless Rodian.

A Nikto patron and a male patron sit at separate tables by the outside wall:

I have nothing to say to you. Back off! Your proximity makes my hair curl. Do you mind?
[This patron ignores you.]

Between them stands the veteran Xaart, who's looking for an Open Starport Visa:

Xaart: I thought it was you. I served in the Mandalorian Wars with you. You're a Jedi, right?
1. You look familiar, too. 2. I don't remember you. We fought in the war together? 3. I don't know what you're talking about.
Xaart: There is a great deal of interest in Jedi these days. Your... reluctance is understandable. But we did both serve the Republic during the war.
Xaart: I was one of the ground troops. We fought on Dagary Minor together. It was near the beginning of the war. We, uh, we didn't win that battle.
1. That's ancient history. 2. I remember Dagary Minor... 3. Can we talk about something else?
Xaart: Enough of the past. The whole galaxy isn't safe for Jedi now. Especially here. Onderon has suffered through three wars started by fallen Jedi. Do you still serve the Republic?
3. I'm out for myself now. The Republic is of no concern to me.
Xaart: A pity. The Republic needs every capable person they can get. If you'll excuse me.
If you'll excuse me.


1. Not directly any more, but I try and lend a hand when I'm able. 2. Jedi don't really serve the Republic.
Xaart: That's the first good news I've had in months. Xaart: I didn't mean any offense. But this is the first good thing that's happened to me in days.
Xaart: I was sent by the Republic Senate to investigate certain delicate matters that are happening on Onderon. It's worse than we feared. I have to get to Coruscant to deliver my report. But days before I was planning to leave they started requiring starport visas.
1. Why is it so important if one world secedes from the Republic?
Xaart: After the Jedi Civil War the Republic was weak... and the cost to the Jedi Order was staggering. This entire region is unstable and the entire Republic government could collapse. If Onderon secedes other worlds may follow, and that can't be allowed to happen!
1. Why not?
Xaart: Trade between our worlds has brought economic prosperity, and people just take it for granted. All worlds are now interconnected. The Senate also smoothes over differences and is a great instrument for peace. If the Republic falls apart, a thousand little wars born out of petty rivalries will erupt over time. Eventually the entire galaxy could be thrown into a dark age.
2. What were you doing here? 3. What was your mission?
Xaart: I really can't say. The most I will say is stay clear of General Vaklu. His ambition knows no bounds. I believe the people of Iziz are absolutely correct, a civil war is brewing. And Vaklu may very well win if I can't get to Coruscant in time.
1. You might want to travel to Telos, as well. There is a Republic representative there.
Xaart: Thank you for the tip. The journey to Coruscant would be more costly and attract more attention. But there are many freighters bound for Telos.
2. You can have my visa.
Xaart: Thank you, but this is a personal starport visa. It is keyed to you, and you alone. I appreciate your gesture. But I need an open starport visa. Those are transferable and work for anyone.
3. Couldn't you get a visa?
Xaart: My mission requires the most extreme caution and delicacy. I don't want to risk going through channels to get a visa. General Vaklu is not above arranging an accident for me. I'm taking a great risk talking to you, but I'm running out of options.
4. I'll see what I can do.
Xaart: Helping me is not without its risks. I know you have Jedi training, so you can probably handle it. But I may be being watched. If - if that would compromise your mission, perhaps we should go our separate ways.
Xaart: Good to see you again. Any luck with the visa?
1. Could you tell me about why you're here again? 2. I'll be going now.

A Quarren named Qimtiq stands just inside the doorway to swoop registration and the bar:

Qimtiq: Ah, come to watch the races have you? I am called Qimtiq, and I own this fine establishment. If there is anything I can do to make your visit here more pleasurable, please do not hesitate to call on me.
1. I want to race. 5. I'll be going now.
Qimtiq: You are back again! For racing or something else?
2. Tell me about the cantina.
Qimtiq: The cantina flourishes like a functioning outpost deep in the Outer Rim. Business is good, and the races exciting.
3. You seem to be in a good mood. 4. How's business?
Qimtiq: With civil war looming so close, people are always looking for a distraction from their day-to-day lives. I provide this for them in the form of the swoop races.
1. You want the war to come?
Qimtiq: Certainly not! If the war just holds itself in a pleasant looming pattern, that would be ideal. If things continue this way, the projections of my accountant droid are quite intoxicating.
1. But if a war happened then wouldn't you be shut down? 2. A logical but mercenary attitude.
Qimtiq: Perhaps. Or perhaps soldiers will come here. It does not matter who the patron is, so long as they buy drinks. War could rear its head at any time, but until then there is entertainment to be had. For a price, of course. Qimtiq: It may not be pleasant, but it is life. Is there anything else?

There are two tables in the middle of the room, with a Nikto patron at the right one and two female patrons playing pazaak at the left one:

I have nothing to say to you. Back off! Your proximity makes my hair curl. Do you mind?
[This patron ignores you.] [This patron ignores you.]

The Bith bartender Bahima stands behind the bar at the back of the room:

Bahima: I am Bahima, first class bartender of this magnificent cantina.
Bahima: I hesitate to mention, but my people have marvelous ointments for your skin condition. We can make you look like a human in your prime again. It's just an offer.
Bahima: How may I help you, sentient?
1. Don't ever mention my appearance again.
Bahima: I meant no offense. Just trying to be helpful. Your warning will be heeded, sentient.
4. I'll be going now.
Bahima: What brings you to Bahima this time, sentient?
1. Would you know where I could find an extra starport visa?
Bahima: A popular question during this month cycle. I will tell you what I tell everyone. Open starport visas are rarer than Volduuk crystals. Only the very rich, very powerful, or very connected could get them. And none of them will give them up lightly. Be thankful you have a visa of your own. Many here are not that fortunate.
2. What do you know about Iziz?
Bahima: The ancient city around you has been the only center of civilization on Onderon. They withstood many beasts and hardships. They are quite wary of aliens and off-worlders, though. Especially now.
1. How has it changed recently?
Bahima: I've been here for many years, this cantina was one of the first built by off-worlders. Off-worlders have brought them many wars, and many wish to return to simpler times.
3. You've got several rough characters in here.
Bahima: Some of my patrons I would never call friends. But as long as they pay and don't start trouble here, they are welcome. Besides they can make... persuasive points.
1. They seem little more than thugs.
Bahima: They are little more than thugs. But what can I do? The soldiers are too busy with many troubles, so this part of the Merchant Quarter gets more wild by the day.
1. Anything I can do to help?
Bahima: Please don't do anything. They could make my life especially difficult. We have an arrangement that is delicate. I am happy enough as it stands.

The Nikto swoop rider M'sadaar stands at the front of the bar:

M'sadaar: What are you looking at, smooth-skin?
1. Are you a swoop racer? 2. Buy you a drink?
M'sadaar: I don't do autoprints. Go away. M'sadaar: I have one. Go away.
1. Look, I just want some information. 2. Can you tell me about swoop racing here?
M'sadaar: Do I look like an information terminal to you?
1. Just a few questions.
M'sadaar: Look, I don't like reporters and I'm not in this for fame or glory. You want a story? I'll tell you my story - credits. Racing on Onderon is dicey at best, but it pays well.
1. Why are racers paid so well?
M'sadaar: Because the fans pay well. More credits for management equals more credits for us.
3. I'll be going.


2. You look like a pile of chuba-eating space debris. 2. There. Was that so painful?
M'sadaar: Keep that up and someone will take care of you permanently. But if racers are caught "misbehaving", we lose our racing privileges. We'll settle this on the track, smooth-skin. I hope no one leaves anything volatile on the track.

The Twi'lek female swoop rider Jonra Far stands at the back of the bar, in the top left corner:

Jonra Far: Share a drink to General Vaklu with me, stranger. My name is Jonra Far. Jonra Far: Join me in the Struggle, Name. We will convince Queen Talia yet!
1. I'll take that drink. I'm Name. 2. I'm Name.
Jonra Far: I saw your race on the swoop track monitor. What do you race for?
1. Primarily the credits.
Jonra Far: Credits alone aren't important. But they can be invaluable if used for a noble cause.
1. I am merely trying to survive. 2. Are Twi'lek dancers and spice a noble cause? 3. My finances are my business.
Jonra Far: Ah, yes. We are all part of the Struggle. Jonra Far: Uh... no. I think I fundamentally misjudged you. Have a... good day, just not too good if you know what I mean. Jonra Far: Ah, but the Struggle is everyone's concern.


2. For recognition and glory.
Jonra Far: Glory by itself is an empty reward. But fame and adulation can be an asset to help the Struggle.
1. I have no interest in your struggle.
Jonra Far: You should read the literature on the table. It might open your mind and change it.


3. Fun.
Jonra Far: Fun? Yes swoop racing can be fun, but it can be so much more. It can be a tool to bring about dramatic political and social change.
1. How so? 2. Social activism via swoop racing, sounds far-fetched to me. 3. Go on.
Jonra Far: Everyone on this planet is involved in an ongoing Struggle at the moment. The very fate of our children is at stake!


4. Nothing in particular.
Jonra Far: Then might I suggest you help yourself to some of our literature over by that table. It is very enlightening of the Struggle.
4. I'll be going.


3. I'll drink to General Vaklu's health. I'm Name. Jonra Far: General Vaklu will triumph.
Jonra Far: Do you not support the Struggle, Name?
3. What do you think of the other racers?
Jonra Far: I don't think of them. Panar is a thug and M'sadaar is only in racing for the credits! Neither deserve to win, and fortunately they don't.
2. Can you tell me about the swoop track?
Jonra Far: This track is difficult, but not to the degree of Nar Shaddaa's track. Here at least we race in the same direction as everyone else. The track basically runs through the caves and ruins. The difficult part comes when you cannot see where you are going.
1. What do you mean? 2. I don't understand. Just get to the point.
Jonra Far: Most swoop tracks are flat and so visibility is never a problem. Here on Iziz, the track changes its elevation.
1. Struggle? 1. You mentioned something about the Struggle?
Jonra Far: Yes, the struggle to free ourselves from the war-mongering Republic.
1. Free yourselves? I didn't know Onderon was a conquered planet. 2. The Republic doesn't seem particularly war-mongering.
Jonra Far: Then it is curious that they are so good at getting in them. This is not why we came to the Republic.
Jonra Far: We joined the Republic willingly, yet since that time, we have suffered through many wars and privation! We, above all, wish a sustained peace.
1. Sounds like the Republic has been bad for Onderon.
Jonra Far: Two generations of men and women sent to fight in wars both here and the rest of the galaxy. You cannot put a price on the damage of a lost generation. The potential that is gone now. What we could have been. Will you help us with the Struggle? Help try to make the Queen see reason and leave the Republic?
1. What can I do? 2. I'm not interested.
Jonra Far: If you do well in the swoop races, claim your victory for General Vaklu! Many citizens watch the races from home. Racers such as ourselves can make a difference in the Struggle! Jonra Far: Come back when you have a more enlightened view of the galaxy.


2. But the Republic surely saved you from an even worse fate. 3. The entire galaxy was at war. Why would you think your planet would be spared?
Jonra Far: The Sith left us alone when we were not part of the Republic!
1. If the Sith conquered the Republic, what hope would there for one planet such as yours? 2. But now you are under the protection of the Republic with all of its resources. You are safer now than you ever were before joining.
Jonra Far: The prime of our generation has fought in two wars already. That isn't what I would call safe. Jonra Far: By my counting we've been in five wars since joining. Five wars is not safe!
1. You may be right about that, but the Republic only wants peace.
Jonra Far: Come back when you have a more enlightened view of the galaxy.

A Rodian swoop fan named Vix stands by the back of the bar, in the bottom left corner:

Vix: You Swooper? Swoops zoom zoom much fun go!
3. I'll be going.


1. Uh, hi. Vix: Swoop?
2. No, I don't swoop. Vix: Too bad, swoops fast!


1. Yes, swoop. Vix: Swoops fast!
2. I do race swoop bikes if that is what you meant. 1. Yes, swoops fast. Is there something I can help you with?
Vix: Swoopers great! Vix watches every swoop race.
1. That's great, Vix. I'm going to go stand over here now.

Beastrider Gang[edit | edit source]

In the bottom right quarter of the cantina's hub, there's a male patron at the lower of the two tables by the outer wall, and a female Twi'lek patron and a male Twi'lek named Kiph standing by the top table:

[This patron ignores you.]
I wonder if the waitress will ever get me my drink.
I've been all over the galaxy, and this has got to be the worst service I've ever seen.
We've never had a civil war. If Vaklu starts one, I don't think people realize how bad it will get.
Beast-riders are nothing but barely tamed animals! Things are bad enough without their gangs.
Kiph: You're an off-worlder, right? My name is Kiph. Nice to see a friendly face. Iziz has been a hostile place for our kind lately. Kiph: The off-worlder returns.
1. What do you know of the city?
Kiph: Perilous times they are facing. I've lived here for several years. I may be leaving soon. Do not worry, I don't need a starport visa. There are enough people begging for those.
1. What do you think of the General and the Queen?
Kiph: I think General Vaklu is too short-sighted. Many wars have come to Iziz since they joined the Republic. But so has a great deal of growth and revenue. The whole universe is interconnected, and once you taste the marvels it brings how can you wall yourself off? But they are a curious people.
2. What do you do?
Kiph: I dabble mostly. A little of this and that. Enough to make a living really.
1. Could you be a little more vague? 2. So it's something shady, right? 3. Forget I asked then.
Kiph: I could try, I suppose. I prefer to keep my affairs to myself. How about I won't ask about your business? Then we can call it even. Kiph: The less said the better. So I will try and be the best. Kiph: It is forgotten.
3. I'll be going now.

A waitress serves patrons in the hub, and two Bith patrons sit at the table by the inside wall, opposite the doorway in the middle of the hub's outside right wall:

Now what did he order? I'll just guess. Wait your turn. I have three customers ahead of you.
You probably think Bith are good for nothing but playing instruments. Me and my brother happen to be a famous artists. We make blown glass sculptures so beautiful that they would bring tears to your eyes.

In the top right quarter of the cantina's hub, an elderly male patron and a woman named Sakarie stand at the lower of the two tables by the outer wall. Sakarie is looking for an Open Starport Visa:

I wonder if the waitress will ever get me my drink.
I've been all over the galaxy, and this has got to be the worst service I've ever seen.
We've never had a civil war. If Vaklu starts one, I don't think people realize how bad it'll get.
Beast-riders are nothing but barely tamed animals! Things are bad enough without their gangs.
Sakarie: There's got to be something you need. Something you want. I have connections, many connections in the city. I can provide high-quality unique weapons that you won't be able to find elsewhere. I even have a rare lightsaber crystal - something you'd never find elsewhere. If you need money, I'll pay you 5000 credits. All I ask is get me one open starport visa.
1. What do you need the open starport visa for?
Sakarie: Don't worry what I'll do with the visa. Maybe I'll just take a vacation. Maybe I just want to visit my mother on Nar Shaddaa. Decent citizens like you really don't want to know what I'm going to do with it.
High (Dominate Mind) 1. [Force Persuade] I have an honest face. You will answer my question. What do you need the visa for? 2. If you don't tell me what you're going to use it for, I won't give you a visa.
Sakarie: You have an honest face... I will answer your question... I need to transport permacrete explosives for the Exchange. They're going to use it to take care of some competition and some local authorities. Permanently. Sakarie: I am not going to tell you what I'm using it for. Considering what I'm willing to pay or give you - no questions asked seems reasonable.
1. A lightsaber crystal? What does it do? 3. You mentioned something about a lightsaber crystal.
Sakarie: Many Jedi have fought on this world. One of them lost their lightsaber in the Beast Wars. A reliable source says it's a rare Qixoni crystal. Incredibly rare and valuable.
Kreia: Qixoni crystals are from an earlier age. Some of the first Jedi found them on a planet whose sun was dying. At the time they were matchless in power. The star went nova millennia ago. They are as rare, and as valuable, as she suggests. Handmaiden: I've heard of those. Old stories from an earlier age. They come from a dead world, the crystals caught the last rays of a dying sun. Rare, indeed, and powerful. Visas: Qixoni crystals were warmed by a dying sun, millennia ago. Only a handful were obtained before the sun went nova. Their power is rumored to be great.
Sakarie: I see that's grabbed your interest, eh? There's only one way you're going to get it - one open starport visa. No visa, no crystal.
3. How do I know you'll live up to your end of the bargain?
Sakarie: Because we'll trade them simultaneously. And if you aren't satisfied with your payment, I'll let you switch it for something else. I don't want to cross a Jedi.
1. How do you know I'm a Jedi?
Sakarie: It's a small universe. I don't really care about the trouble that's behind you or ahead of you. We have exactly one thing we can talk about - starport visas.
4. I'll be going now.
Sakarie: Do you have a visa yet? I'm still paying very well for it. Some unique items you won't get anywhere else - including a lightsaber crystal.

The right wing of the cantina is a room reserved for the beastrider gang. Four thugs stand around this room:

You can't be the one that fought all those bounty hunters. Only some sort of crazed Wookiee could pull that off.
Go back to your ship, offworlder. We don't need your kind in Iziz. This is our part of the Merchant Quarter. Watch your step. Pickings are scarce these days. Most people avoid the streets now.

The beastrider swoop rider Panar stands in their midst. If you speak to him with T3-M4 in your party:

Panar: We don't like droids around here. Get the little one out of our room.
T3-M4: Dee-breet, bwoo dwoo...
1. [Persuade/Intimidate] T3-M4 is with me. Do you have a problem with that? 2. Just stay here for now, T3.
Influence Gained: T3-M4 (+8) 3. Fine by me. Stay here, droid.
T3-M4: Bee-deet, aroo. T3-M4: Aroo...
Panar: [Success] Just keep the flaming thing quiet while it's over here, then. Panar: So what do you want?


Panar: This room is reserved, offworlder.
1. You're a swoop racer, aren't you? 2. I'll be going.
Panar: I suggest you leave the room, offworlder. I've got all the fans I need right here. So go space yourself.

There are three holographic Twi'lek dancing girls on stage at the back of the room:

[This hologram is not programmed to interact with cantina patrons.]

Starport Visa[edit | edit source]

After first speaking to someone looking for an Open Starport Visa:

Journal Entry Added Starport Visa
There are many people in Iziz who are looking for Open Starport Visas in order to leave the city before things get worse. If you found a visa, you might have a difficult decision of who to give it to.

Once you've taken the starport visa from the Twi'lek bounty hunter who ambushes you as you travel from Dhagon Ghent's office in the western square back to the merchant quarter, the Bith bartender Bahima in the cantina's left wing can be asked about it:

2. I have an extra starport visa, but it isn't open. Know anybody who can do something about it?
Bahima: I would of course know nothing. Only an expert slicer could comment on such intricacies. But by a favorable coincidence I happen to know a slicer. He is a patron here - his name is Kiph. I have said enough for now, sentient.

The Twil'ek slicer Kiph stands in the bottom right quarter of the cantina's hub:

2. A friend of a friend told me that you're the guy I should talk to about... adjusting... starport visas.
Kiph: So you have a personalized visa that you need to be made an open one. It's a tricky process, but after many failures I've mastered it. It will cost you 500 credits.
2. How do I know that the visa will work?
Kiph: If I sold defective visas, my livelihood and possibly my life would be in jeopardy. Any open starport visa I make will sustain scrutiny.
1. I don't have 500 credits. 3. Perhaps later. I'll be going now.
Kiph: Sadly, that means we can't do business. If you come up with the credits, I'll be right here.


1. Here's 500 credits.
Kiph: Then let me have the visa... This will take a little while.
Kiph: It is done. Here's your starport visa. Quite a pleasure doing business with you.
Credits Lost: 500
Item(s) Received Kiph
  • Sliced Open Starport Visa
This is the Starport Visa you acquired from a Twi'lek bounty hunter. Kiph sliced it for you so that it can be used by anyone.

Once Dhagon Ghent has been released, you can also get an Open Starport Visa from Bakkel. So there are five people looking for an Open Starport Visa, but only two can get one:

Recipient Alignment Influence Reward
Sakarie Dark Side Points Gained -4 Hanharr, Atton or G0-T0 Rodian Death Blade, 5000 credits or Crystal, Qixoni Restricted to: Dark Side
Xaart Light Side Points Gained +6 Bao-Dur or Handmaiden
Gormo Light Side Points Gained +4 +2 500 credits
Tolas 2000 or 3000 credits Dominate Mind Persuade (13)
Terlyn Light Side Points Gained +6 Handmaiden, Disciple or Visas
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 300 Delivered first starport visa
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 700 Delivered second starport visa

If you give a starport visa to Sakarie in the top right quarter of the cantina's hub:

2. I have an open starport visa right here.
Sakarie: I had faith you'd get a hold of one. I've always been good at spotting talent. I've got big plans for it.
1. There are people that really need this, I have a feeling if I gave it to you others would suffer.
Sakarie: So what if they do? You'll have what you want. Don't be stupid, I'll pay you more than anybody. Or if you want those items, there's no way you'd get them from anywhere else.
1. My mind is made up. 2. Good point. Let's trade.
Sakarie: To each their own. Come back if you change your mind.

If you trade now, you miss a chance to influence Hanharr, Atton or G0-T0. Otherwise:

2. What are you going to use it for?
Sakarie: Haven't we covered this yet? I'm not going to tell you. It's not legal, and you don't want to get involved. Trust me.
4. I'll be going now.
Sakarie: You won't find a better deal anywhere on Iziz for the visa. You'd be a sap to give it to anyone else.
3. So let's trade.
Hanharr: Her prices are the best. That is all that matters.
1. I agree. 2. Aren't you concerned what she's going to use it for? 3. I didn't ask for your opinion.
Influence Gained: Hanharr (+8) Influence Gained: Atton (+8)
Hanharr: Good. Hanharr: Not in the least. A trader's currencies and goods are all that matter. Hanharr: Watch your words, human, or we will see who is the stronger of us.

That is not a typo: Influence is gained with Atton, not Hanharr, even though he isn't in your party (and Hanharr is). Otherwise:

G0-T0: Her prices are well above the market average. Always sell high.
1. Aren't you concerned what she's going to use it for? 2. It's the only way to make a profit. 3. I didn't ask for your opinion.
Influence Gained: G0-T0 (+8) Influence Lost: G0-T0 (-8)
G0-T0: Only if there are repercussions later. In matters of business there is a low probability she will cause collateral problems. G0-T0: You would make an excellent droid. G0-T0: Ignoring my advice can put you at an economic disadvantage in the future. It is your prerogative, however.
Sakarie: So what do you want for it? A weapon, money, or the lightsaber crystal. Your pick. Dark Side Points Gained: -4
4. On second thought, I'll be going.
Sakarie: You won't find a better deal anywhere on Iziz for the visa. You'd be a sap to give it to anyone else.

Do not have second thoughts: you gain experience but lose the starport visa for no reward. Otherwise:

1. I would like the weapon. 2. I could use the credits. 3. I'm interested in the lightsaber crystal.
Sakarie: Here you go. If you aren't satisfied with it, just let me know.
Item(s) Received Sakarie Credits Received: 5000 Item(s) Received Sakarie
Journal Entry Added Starport Visa
You gave a visa to a smuggler named Sakarie. Others might suffer because of your decision, but you were well paid. There are still many people looking for a visa.
Journal Entry Added Starport Visa
You gave the second visa to a smuggler named Sakarie. Others might suffer because of your decision, but you were well paid. Although more people want starport visas, you doubt you'll find any more.
Sakarie: Are you satisfied with your payment for the visa? I can exchange it for something else if you like.
3. Why haven't you left?
Sakarie: The visa wasn't for me, but for an associate of mine. There are plenty of business opportunities left in Iziz. I plan to stay here for awhile.


2. I'm not satisfied with my payment.
Sakarie: You aren't? Then what would you like instead?
1. I'm interested in the weapon. 2. I'm interested in the credits. 2. I'm interested in the lightsaber crystal.
Sakarie: Done.

If you give a starport visa to Xaart in the top left quarter of the cantina's hub:

2. I have an open starport visa on me. 3. I managed to get an open starport visa.
Xaart: Really? I've been looking for one for weeks. Thanks!
2. I have some other things to do first.
Xaart: I...I don't understand. But I'll wait here. Time is of the essence!


1. Here you go. Light Side Points Gained: +6
Xaart: You've done a tremendous service for the Republic. Now I have to catch the first shuttle out of here. May the Force be with you!
Bao-Dur: I wonder what his mission was... I think you may have helped the Republic considerably. Handmaiden: His mission sounds important to the Republic. You acted admirably by aiding him in his endeavor.
Influence Gained: Bao-Dur (+8) Influence Gained: Handmaiden (+8)
Journal Entry Added Starport Visa
You gave a visa to Xaart, a Republic operative. He didn't tell you what his mission was, but it sounded urgent. There are still many people looking for a visa.
Journal Entry Added Starport Visa
You gave the second visa to Xaart, a Republic operative. He didn't tell you what his mission was, but it sounded urgent. Although more people want starport visas, you doubt you'll find any more.

If you give a starport visa to Gormo in the entry room of the cantina:

2. I do have an extra open visa.
Gormo: You do?! Listen, I'll give you all I've got. 500 credits. Please, help another captain out!
3. I'll consider it. I have some things I have to do right now, though.


1. Keep your credits. Just take it and get off this rock. 2. That works for me. Here's your open starport visa. Good luck to you.
Light Side Points Gained: +4
Gormo: That's unbelievably kind of you. But take the credits, I insist. It's worth it to me to get out of here. Thanks! Gormo: I'm leaving right now. Thanks!
Light Side Points Gained: +2
Credits Received: 500
Journal Entry Added Starport Visa
You've given a visa to Gormo, the stranded captain. He was very thankful and gave you some credits. There are still many people looking for a visa.
Journal Entry Added Starport Visa
You delivered the second visa to Gormo, the stranded captain. He was very thankful and gave you some credits. Although more people want starport visas, you doubt you'll find any more.

If you give a starport visa to Tolas back in the bottom street of the merchant quarter:

2. It just so happens that I do have an open starport visa.
Tolas: This is excellent news. I'll gladly pay you 2000 credits for it.
High (Dominate Mind) 1. [Force Persuade] It is worth more than 2000 credits. Persuade 2. [Persuade (13)] An opening offer of 2000 credits is reasonable. But we both know it's worth more than that to you.
Tolas: It is worth more, indeed. The highest I can pay is 3000 credits. Tolas: [Success] You're right, of course. The absolute highest I can pay is 3000 credits. Tolas: [Failure] 2000 credits is more than enough. I have my own profits to consider.
3. Here's the starport visa, a pleasure doing business with you. 4. Perhaps later. I've got some things I must look into.
Tolas: No, the pleasure is all mine.
Credits Received: 3000 Credits Received: 2000
Journal Entry Added Starport Visa
You sold a visa to Tolas the trader for a good profit. There are still many people looking for a visa.
Journal Entry Added Starport Visa
You sold the second visa to Tolas the trader for a good profit. Although more people want starport visas, you doubt you'll find any more.
Tolas: I enjoyed our business together. I don't have another premium buyer lined up for a visa. If I get one, I'll try to get in touch with you.

If you give a starport visa to Terlyn back in the bottom street of the merchant quarter:

1. I found an open starport visa in my travels. Here, it's yours. 1. I have found a visa for you. Here.
Terlyn: Thank the four moons for your kindness, off-worlder! I only wish I had some way to thank you. But my children and I will never forget your kindness! Hurry, children, we get to go on a spaceship, thanks to the captain. We get to go into space!
Light Side Points Gained: +6
Disciple: You showed her a great kindness... I hope that she and her family can use it to build a new life. Handmaiden: That was a noble thing you did. I hope she and her family prosper elsewhere.
Influence Gained: Disciple (+8) Influence Gained: Handmaiden (+8)


Visas: You are still unready to face my Master. Any flaw, he will sense. As he is a seam in the fabric of the Force, he senses fractures and weaknesses around him. By extending such kindnesses to others, you leave yourself vulnerable.
4. Let's go.
1. The darkness clouds your mind's eye, Visas. Compassion can create problems, but it is a source of greater strength. 2. I did this for reasons all on my own. 3. I can handle my own affairs, Visas. When the time comes, I will be ready for your Master.
Influence Gained: Visas (+8) Visas: Of course, I misinterpreted you. I will strive to do better.
Visas: I'm not sure you are correct. I only hope you prove strong enough for what awaits you. You and... your compassion. Visas: Until you discipline yourself, you will not be ready.
Journal Entry Added Starport Visa
You've given a visa to Terlyn and her children. Perhaps she will have better luck on another planet. There are still many people looking for a visa.
Journal Entry Added Starport Visa
You delivered the second visa to Terlyn and her children. Perhaps she will have better luck on another planet. Although more people want starport visas, you doubt you'll find any more.

Doctor's Alibi[edit | edit source]

Once you've approached Dhagon's Office in the top left corner of the west square and been told that he's been picked up for questioning involving a murder at the local cantina, you can talk about Captain Sullio's murder here, although not everyone who can talk about it is helpful. If you can talk to Gormo on the right side of the cantina's entry room:

1. Can I talk with you about Captain Sullio's murder?
Gormo: I'm in enough trouble, as is. I'm glad I wasn't even here that night. I'm sorry if that doesn't help you. Perhaps we can talk later, of other things.

If you can talk to Sakarie in the top right quarter of the cantina's hub:

1. Actually, I was wanting to talk to you about Captain Sullio's murder?
Sakarie: I really can't be any help with that. I might have been in the same detention cell that night that Dhagon's in now. The soldiers were asking me some entertaining questions that night. I've got no idea what was going on.
1. What were they questioning you about?
Sakarie: Let's just say I'm one of their usual suspects. Sort of comes with the territory. That's all I'm going to say.
2. I want to talk about the starport visa, instead.
Sakarie: That's all I want to talk to you about, anyway.

If you can talk to Xaart in the top left quarter of the cantina's hub:

1. Actually, I'd like to talk to you about Captain Sullio's murder.
Xaart: What do you want to know about that night?
2. I'd like to ask about the starport visa.
Xaart: The information I have is vital to the Senate. I hope you can help.


1. An acquaintance of mine, Dhagon Ghent, is being held by the authorities. I'm trying to get him free.
Xaart: Dhagon Ghent didn't do it.
1. How can you be so sure?
Xaart: Because he was with me at the time.
1. Why don't you tell the authorities?
Xaart: It's quite simple - right now he's accused of murder. If he's convicted the sentence is death. If he's accused of espionage, let's say assisting a Republic spy, then the penalty for that is death. I'm afraid the Onderonians are quite "fond" of their death penalty. So if I stood up for him, he'd be trading one death sentence for another. I was with Dhagon in his office at the time of the murder. He definitely wasn't involved with her murder.
1. I don't suppose anybody else saw you?
Xaart: We were taking great pains not to be seen. Which has a certain irony to it, really. If you can free him, please do. He's been invaluable with his help to the Republic. I only wish there were something I could do to help him.
Mandalore: Assuming we get Dhagon free, we're going to have a few private words about this. Together we fought against the Republic during the Mandalorian Wars. I don't particularly like the idea that he's working for them now.

If you talk to the Quarren Qimtiq in Swoop Registration and Bar in the cantina's left wing, then he can at least identify the four regulars who can help you:

1. Can I talk with you about Captain Sullio's murder?
Qimtiq: And that is a foul bit of business there. I was not here when it happened. I talked with the soldiers in charge of the investigation. Four of our regulars talked with them. Bahima, Nikko, Panar, and Kiph. You should talk with them. I doubt anybody else here would know anything more about that most distasteful subject.

The Bith Bahima tends bar at the back of the cantina's left wing, and the pazaak player Nikko stands outside it; the swoop rider Panar stands in the room reserved for the Beastrider Gang in the cantina's right wing, and the Twi'lek Kiph stands in the bottom right quarter of the cantina's hub. However, you can only ask them if they know Dhagon Ghent until you talk to Captain Riiken at the merchant quarter's turret tower:

1. Can I talk with you about Captain Sullio's murder?
Bahima: This incident has brought me much distress. An unhappy thing this is. And bad for the flow of commerce. What is your interest in this, sentient? Bahima: What do you want to know, sentient?
1. An acquaintance of mine, Dhagon Ghent is being questioned by the military about this. I'd like to get him free.
Bahima: As would I. I prize my loyal customers, and he is most regular. Let me structure my memories and recall the night. Ask your questions.
1. Do you know Dhagon Ghent? 2. Could you tell me how well you knew Dhagon again?
Bahima: I know him very well. Many sentients look towards bartenders for advice. On my world they also are sometimes sought for spiritual advice. This is a trust I try to honor.
2. I'd like to ask about something else.
Bahima: It is a bartender's duty to answer questions. And - a client's duty to spend credits on needed refreshment. I trust both of us will do what is right.
Nikko: A foul business, that is. Like most nights, I was here. What do you want to talk about?
3. Nothing. Never mind.


1. Do you know Dhagon Ghent? 1. Tell me how you know Dhagon.
Nikko: Know him? He's probably my best friend on this planet. Honestly, he's not a very good doctor. But he is a great drinking companion..
2. I'd like to ask you about something else.
Nikko: I'd much rather talk about something else. Focusing on the negative is no way for a gambler to live.
3. I'll be going.
1. I'd like to talk to you about Captain Sullio's murder.
Panar: Heh... If you ask me, she got what she deserved. She looked down on us beast-riders. Good riddance.
1. Do you know Dhagon Ghent? 1. How well do you know Dhagon?
Panar: I know his face, that's about it. His office is on Bakkel's turf.
1. Who is Bakkel?
Panar: She's a beast-rider like me, and our leader. You better never be speaking ill of her. Or else.
3. I'll be going now.
1. I want to talk to you about Captain Sullio's murder.
Kiph: I had the misfortune of being here that night. It's very inconvenient. Soldiers were asking me some very pointed questions. Which is a no-no in my line of business. Kiph: I had the misfortune of being here that night. What do you want to know?
1. What exactly is your line of business? 2. Soldiers have a habit of doing that.
Kiph: This is, indeed, an inescapable truth. Answering pointed questions is thirsty work.
Kiph: I can tell you are no fan of authority, either. Let me share. Most call me a slicer. But I think that sounds too crass. I prefer to think of myself as an expert computer security analyst. I'm the only one in the city who's talented enough to make open starport visas from a personal visa. I was in the middle of a transaction that night. What do you want to know?
3. Nothing. Never mind.


1. Do you know Dhagon Ghent? 1. How did you know Dhagon?
Kiph: I recognize him, but that's about it. He doesn't have the qualities I look for in friendship.
2. I'd like to ask about something else.
Kiph: Then ask.

Once you have talked to Captain Riiken, neither Bahima nor Nikko knows any reason why Dhagon Ghent would kill Sullio, so you only need to talk to Panar or Kiph:

2. Do you know any reason why Dhagon Ghent would kill Sullio?
Bahima: Absolutely not. He is many things, but not a man of unreasonable violence. He is dangerously careless, but he would not harm Captain Sullio.
Nikko: Never! Dhagon thought very highly of the good captain. I did, too. She had a sharp wit, that one. Sad to see her go.
Panar: You're flaming right, I do. The night she made the Great Flight, she ripped Dhagon apart. Not literally, but we could hear her laying into him over here. We got a good laugh at it, Dhagon was so mad he was sputtering. Then he stormed off. Best entertainment we had that night. The only good thing about that Sullio is she had a good tongue on her. Heh. Kiph: I normally try to leave the cantina before the more serious drinkers arrive. That night I was very near Dhagon and Sullio. Dhagon was attempting what I assume was a mating advance. I may not be human, but even I could tell his advances were particularly unwanted. Sullio then started swearing at him. Many of the words I've never heard, but the ones I did understand I assure you were most impolite. Humiliation on that scale is real motive for a passionate and deadly response. I told the soldiers as much.
Journal Entry Added A Doctor's Alibi
On the night Captain Sullio was murdered, it sounds like Dhagon Ghent made a pass at her. It was rejected violently. She cursed at him and publicly humiliated him. Perhaps someone in the cantina who knows them a little better could shed some light on this development.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Given a reason why Dhagon Ghent would kill Sullio

Bahima or Nikko can now shed some light on this:

2. Someone was saying that Sullio deeply humiliated Dhagon the night she was murdered. That's a very good motive.
Bahima: Ahhh... They don't know the complicated relationship Sullio and Dhagon had. Many evenings, after much beverage consumption, they would use colorful language at each other. It was almost a game to them, I believe. Something they definitely looked forward to. But the soldiers... ? It would be easy for others too assume there was genuine fire in their exchange. They would get especially... colorful when they had a crowd. The soldiers must understand that Dhagon was not angry with her that night. He bought her a drink later, as was their custom. Nikko: She did? Oh no, by the four moons what a mix up! They got it all wrong. Dhagon and Sullio were good friends. It's just when they got a little too much juma juice, they'd carry on. They'd call each other all manner of things. It could get quite hilarious, really. But it was just friendly banter. That night Sullio was in great form. Dhagon and I were laughing later about some of the choicer ones later. 'Yellow-toothed dung dweller,' heh heh. We bought her a couple of drinks afterwards. It may look strange on the outside. But it was just their habit, their way of passing time during these dark nights. Listen, if the soldiers think that's a motive, they just didn't do enough digging.
Mandalore: That bit of information will help with clearing Dhagon, but the Onderon military won't let him off that easy. They're not tough, but they are stubborn. Maybe someone in here will know more about what happened that night. Mandalore: That bit of information will help with clearing Dhagon, but the Onderon military won't let him off that easy. They're very obstinate. Maybe some of these people will know more about what happened that night.
Journal Entry Added A Doctor's Alibi
It seems that Captain Sullio and Dhagon Ghent would regularly hurl insults at each other when they were drunk. That night they were apparently quite drunk - the regulars didn't even notice because it was routine. But patrons that didn't know them would think otherwise. This new information pretty effectively eliminates his motive. Now you just need to find out what happened that night and try to prove it couldn't be Dhagon Ghent that killed her.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Effectively eliminated Dhagon Ghent's motive

You can now ask them all the following:

2. What happened (on) the night of the murder?
Bahima: I was very busy that night. Some Gamorreans were breaking many pieces of furniture in my fine establishment. I know little of what happened. I'm afraid I won't be of much help in your investigations.
Nikko: I was cleaning up stakes from a particularly rewarding pazaak game when I heard a loud sound outside. I grabbed my blaster and went out the door. When I got out I saw Captain Sullio. She was quite dead. Blood was everywhere. I heard a noise and saw Dhagon Ghent coming from his office across the courtyard. We both waited for the authorities to get there. The next day they picked up Dhagon and several other people in the area. It's crazy to think he did it. Sullio was our friend.
Panar: We were only in the cantina at the beginning of the evening. We were doing the rounds afterwards. Heh. It was pretty late and I heard this loud bang. I was in the alley behind the doctor's office. When I came up on Sullio, she was already dead. I saw Dhagon and Nikko there, and there was also some rabble around. The noise attracted a lot of people. Nikko would know more, he was first on the scene.
Kiph: I was here until very late. I was sitting right here. I remember that Dhagon left about one standard hour before closing. I didn't know Captain Sullio, but she seemed very intent on emptying every glass in arm's reach of her. I don't know when she left. But I did hear a loud sound outside. But I didn't go outside to investigate until my business was carefully put on hold. I believe Nikko was the first to go outside.

However, only Nikko found the body:

1. Where did you find the body?
Nikko: Just outside the door by the junk heap.
Mandalore: It might be a good idea to look at the crime scene. We fought many soldiers in the Mandalorian Wars. The Onderonians were certainly brave but they were disorganized and stupid. I wouldn't be surprised if they overlooked something.
Journal Entry Added A Doctor's Alibi
Nikko said that he was the first one at the scene of the crime. Captain Sullio died right outside the cantina by a trash heap. Dhagon was the second person there - he came running from his office.

It might be a good idea to go check out the crime scene.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Asked where Nikko found the body

You can now check out the crime scene outside, searching the garbage pile and broken droid on the inside corner of the street exiting the bottom right corner of the West Square:

You search the trash heap for anything related to Captain Sullio's murder. The only thing you find is dried blood where she was killed. Maybe there is something else in the area.
Broken Droid: [This is the remains of a serving droid, still clutching its serving tray. It has been heavily scavenged, and the head is missing.] Mandalore: Nobody we talked with mentioned a droid. This droid was destroyed recently. Someone inside the cantina might know more.
Journal Entry Added A Doctor's Alibi
You didn't find much at the crime scene except some dried blood and the remains of a droid that probably worked at the cantina. Perhaps someone in the cantina can give you more information.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Checked out crime scene

Back in the cantina, you can now ask the following (but if you've talked to Bahima before, then you need to ask if he knows Dhagon Ghent first):

2. I found a broken serving droid by the murder scene.
Bahima: That would be S-0D3. That's the third serving droid I've had this month. I hired a human to do the job. She's not very good, but at least she won't be stolen or destroyed as easily.
1. What keeps happening to your serving droids? 2. What do you mean by that?
Bahima: Recently this area has become more dangerous. Vandalism and robbery are sadly common. My droids keep being stolen. S-0D3 went missing the night Captain Sullio was murdered.
1. Why didn't you mention this before?
Bahima: I didn't know it would interest you. He was found near the body, I'm given to understand. Nikko would know more about that.
Nikko: That would be Bahima's S-0D2. Uh, no, S-0D3. Or is it 2? Whichever one it was. He keeps losing them. I remember when I arrived it was still smoldering.
1. What happened to it?
Nikko: Who knows? Sometimes the slum dwellers shoot his serving droids for fun. This part of the quarter is getting more and more lawless, I'm afraid. When Dhagon and I were waiting for the soldiers, we had to chase off some scavengers that were stripping S-0D3.
1. Do you remember who scavenged the droid?
Nikko: No, I'm afraid there was quite a crowd growing. We were seeing if there was any way we could help Sullio. There was nothing we could do, of course. She was dead.
Kiph: Droids are sadly vandalized all the time now. That's probably one of Bahima's serving droids. He keeps losing them, a source of some displeasure for him. I know nothing more though.
1. Is it possible that the droid saw something? Something that we could recover?
Kiph: Quite possible. Did you find the head? The memory core is located there on that model.
1. No it was missing.
Kiph: Sadly without a head, I can't do anything. If you do find the head, however, I could work on it. I have the proper equipment to do such an operation.
Panar: That Bith keeps buying droids. And the scavengers keep stealing them or blowing them up. Seems he's finally given up. The waitress is awful, but she's more fun than his droids ever were.
1. Any idea which scavenger got to his droid?
Panar: I wouldn't tell you even if I knew. I could tell you where you could find the parts, though.
1. You know that? Where?
Panar: That western square has the perfect fence for droid parts. There is a droid vendor called 1B-8D. That droid is as dumb as a Gamorrean. He'll buy anything 'cause he's too stupid to do anything else. 1B-8D is quite handy. Quite a few of the slum dwellers make a good living salvaging droid parts for him. You might've even bought some.
Journal Entry Added A Doctor's Alibi
Panar says that all scavenged droid parts wind up with 1B-8D in the Western Square. He's the perfect fence because he's a simple droid that doesn't understand the concept of stolen property. Parts of Bahima's serving droid may be with him.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Told where you could find parts

You can now go to the droid merchant IB-8D in the top right quarter of the western square and buy those parts:

1. 1B-8D, I need to know if you have any parts from one of Bahima's serving droids.
1B-8D: Entity Bahima, unknown. I have many serving droid parts.
1. I want to buy those parts.
1B-8D: The market rate for those parts would be 25 credits.
1. Here's 25 credits. 1. I don't have 25 credits.
1B-8D: Thank you for your business. 1B-8D: 1B-8D cannot do business with patrons who have no credits. Goodbye.
Mandalore: Kiph in the cantina can probably do something with this. We should head back.
Credits Lost: 25
Journal Entry Added A Doctor's Alibi
You bought serving droid parts from 1B-8D at his stall. One of them appears to be the head of the droid that was destroyed outside the cantina. The memory core is still intact. It would take specialized equipment to see if the memory core contains anything that relates to Captain Sullio's murder. Kiph at the cantina probably has the right equipment.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Bought serving droid parts
Item(s) Received 1B-8D
  • Remnants of S-0D3
You have a collection of parts of Bahima's serving droid S0D3. The head is in pretty good shape.

Back in the cantina, if you talk to Nikko first:

2. I have S-0D3's head.
Nikko: Er... good for you? Oh, give it to Kiph. He may be able to see if it has any information in it... I bet you've already thought of that, huh? Let me know if you find anything out. Maybe it'll have something that proves Dhagon is innocent.

Otherwise, save game before talking to Kiph:

2. I have the remains of S-0D3, can you get any information from it?
Kiph: Let me see. You've got the head, that's where his memory core is. Give me a minute or two.
Kiph: That should do it... Let's take a look at his last feed.
S-0D3: Hello there? What is this? Oh my, she's dead!
Kiph: There you go... It seems this recording proves that the killer came from the marketplace. You may want to show this to Nikko.
Journal Entry Added A Doctor's Alibi
Kiph tinkered with S-0D3's memory core. You saw S-0D3's last input - he was taking out the cantina's garbage and stumbled into Captain Sullio getting shot from the shadows near the exit to the marketplace.

You should show this to Nikko to get his help in clearing Dhagon Ghent as a murder suspect.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Saw S-0D3's last input
2. I want to show you S-0D3's last transmission.
Nikko: If it'll help Dhagon, you got it.
Nikko: There's no way that Dhagon could've done it. I saw him coming from his office. That's the opposite direction of the marketplace. We should go talk to Captain Riiken and clear all of this up.

You both go back to Captain Riiken in the merchant quarter:

Captain Riiken: Nikko, is it? And the off-worlder. What brings the two of you here?
1. Dhagon Ghent couldn't have killed Captain Sullio.
Captain Riiken: That's a bold statement. I assume you have some sort of proof.
1. Nikko can explain it.
Nikko: It's a long story, so bear with me Captain. The night of the murder I was playing pazaak. It was a prosperous night...
Nikko: That should do it. We still don't know who killed Sullio, but this will greatly assist our investigation.

After Nikko's explanation, a Major walks up:

Major: You have been ordered off this investigation, captain. I hope you can explain yourself.
Captain Riiken: I had nothing to do with this, sir. This citizen found information about Captain Sullio's murder. It's material to the investigation.
Major: We've already got our man. Sullio and this Ghent were fighting the night she was murdered. He had ample motive.

Dhagon Ghent will be released regardless of your responses to the Major, but you receive much more experience (2000 XP in total) if you handle it just right:

1. They weren't really fighting. The regulars of the cantina can vouch for that. 2. How much investigating did you do? She just called him a few names. 3. One fight is no reason to kill someone.
Major: We did our job, offworlder. And an hour or two of meddling on your part gives you no right to say that.
Major: Have you read the report? Some of the things Sullio called him were vile. Sullio and Dhagon clearly hated each other.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Told Major they weren't really fighting
1. But she wasn't killed until near closing time. It wasn't the heat of passion. 2. Did you talk to anyone in the bar? Others can confirm that they were good friends. 3. They were friends. Sometimes friends tease each other. They just took it to an extreme.
Nikko: Uh... What he meant to say, major, is that they were friends.
Major: So these two were friends? A friend would never say such things to another friend... You expect me to bel- Major: Why you little... Friends would not carry on in such a man- Major: You expect me to bel-
Nikko: It's absolutely true, major. I was a friend of both of them. They've done this dozens of times. Bahima, the bartender, can confirm it. As well as half a dozen other people. They were an odd pair, but they certainly didn't hate each other.
Major: I see... Well, there's still the fact that he was right there at the scene of the crime.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Told Major they were friends
1. So were other people. Some salvagers were stripping the serving droid there within a minute or two. 2. That's true. Nikko saw him come from his office. 3. But Dhagon Ghent was coming from inside the bar with Nikko.
Major: So what? What matters is who was there first? An eye witness said he came from his office almost immediately. Nikko: I've already given my report, offworlder. He came from his office like I said.
Major: The only thing that matters to me is that he was within blaster range when Sullio was killed. And he did not have an alibi.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Told Major that Nikko saw Dhagon come from his office
1. He came from his office, but a recording of the murder shows the shot came from the opposite direction. 2. The cantina's serving droid shows the real killer, and it isn't Dhagon. 3. He was in his office, he couldn't have shot Sullio from there.
Major: You have a recording? I'm sure you're just misinterpreting it. Major: That's not quite right. The recording doesn't show who did it, just the direction the shot came from. Which is the opposite direction from Dhagon's office. Major: Of course he could. There's a direct line of fire tha-
Nikko: But the offworlder has a recording from one of Bahima's broken serving droids. It shows that the shot came from the opposite direction.
Captain Riiken: I've seen it myself, major. Nikko isn't the only one that spotted Dhagon coming from his office. It really can't be Dhagon Ghent. The real killer is still loose.
Major: Very well, captain. Set Ghent free, then. But if later it turns he did do it, it's going to be on your head.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Told Major that Dhagon came from his office, but recording of murder shows shot came from opposite direction
Captain Riiken: The men will be working on getting Dhagon Ghent out right away. The major sure isn't happy.
4 points 2-3 points 0-1 points
Captain Riiken: You handled that just right, off-worlder. Dhagon owes you a great deal. And you, too, Nikko. Captain Riiken: You're quite a team. Together you got the major to back down. That's no small feat. Captain Riiken: Great job, Nikko. Without you, I'm pretty sure that the doctor would still be behind bars. And thanks for your leg work, off-worlder.
Nikko: What were you trying to do, off-worlder? If I hadn't spoken up for Dhagon he'd still be in jail!
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 1000 Handled it just right
Awareness 1. [Awareness (1)] The major seemed particularly unwilling to believe Dhagon was innocent.
Captain Riiken: The investigation has been handled at the highest levels. I've heard that there's been some... concern about that. With Dhagon free, I don't know if the investigation team will find another suspect. They haven't been as diligent as other investigators.
1. Can I meet with Dhagon Ghent? 2. I want to talk with the doctor. 1. What do you mean?
Captain Riiken: I'm not gonna say any more. Probably said too much already.
Captain Riiken: If you head over to Dhagon Ghent's office, some men will bring him there shortly. Thanks for clearing this whole thing up, I could tell that justice wasn't being served. But we all have our orders. We really need to patrol that sector better.
Journal Entry Added A Doctor's Alibi
You've gone to Captain Riiken and proven to him that Dhagon Ghent didn't have a motive for the crime, and he couldn't have done it. Riiken brought over his superior and, with Nikko's help, you got Dhagon Ghent released.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 1000 Got Dhagon Ghent released
Item(s) Received Dhagon Ghent

Cantina Rats[edit | edit source]

You've now returned to Dhagon's Office in the top left corner of the western square to talk to him:

Dhagon Ghent: Thanks for getting me out of there. As detention cells go, it had definite class. But I prefer being out on my own all the same.
Dhagon Ghent: What the hell happened to you, anyway? Your face looks like the backend of a dewback. Well, regardless, I owe you and Mandalore one. Dhagon Ghent: I owe you and Mandalore one.
1. Why were you locked up in the first place?
Dhagon Ghent: Wrong place, wrong time. Captain Sullio and I were acquaintances. I just happened to be too close when she got dead. A real shame. She wasn't bad to look at, and she could drink.
1. You have any idea who killed her?
Dhagon Ghent: No, and at this point I don't care. Just glad to be free.
1. You don't care?
Dhagon Ghent: She's dead now. Not like finding whoever did it will bring her back. I deal with death all the time. We all end up like her eventually.
4. How do you know Mandalore?
Dhagon Ghent: We go way back. Way before he became Mandalore. In my experience Mandalorians always know about the doctors around. For some strange reason they keep getting into scrapes. If you want to know more, ask him yourself.
3. This place is a mess, it must have been looted.
Dhagon Ghent: Yeah, it was. Although it looked pretty much like this to begin with.
1. I thought a doctor's office would be more, um, sterile. 2. But this is an operating room.
Dhagon Ghent: A little dirt never killed anyone. Well, maybe a few people. But they didn't pay too well, so they got what they deserve. I give my customers a menu of options. If they go for the deluxe, I'll clean up the place and put on a new smock. Otherwise, they knew the risks.
1. Don't you call them patients?
Dhagon Ghent: Patients, customers, idiotic Hutt spawn... call them what you like. Most doctors tell you that they got into the business to save lives. Most of them are flaming liars. At least I'll tell you the truth, I'm in it for the credits.
2. I want to talk about something else.
Dhagon Ghent: Like what?
2. Mandalore said you might be able to help me out. I need to get in touch with someone from the Palace.
Dhagon Ghent: Not many people can help you out with that. There've been several assassination attempts on Queen Talia. That place is locked tighter than a Hutt's vault. I know a few people though. Who do you need to get in touch with?
2. Who is trying to kill the Queen?
Dhagon Ghent: Nobody knows for sure, but everybody thinks that General Vaklu has to have something to with it. They're keeping the attempts quiet, but that place is locked down tight.
1. It is a Jedi Master. 1. I'm trying to get in touch with a Jedi Master who is inside the Palace.
Dhagon Ghent: A Jedi Master, you say? Now that is interesting. There's quite a bounty on Jedi these days. Not that I'm looking to collect, but if there's a Master there... I think I know who it is.
2. Who do you think it is?
Dhagon Ghent: I'm not certain, otherwise I'd tell you. But the man I'm thinking about is smart, likes to stay in the shadows, and is cryptic as hell. If he isn't a Jedi Master, he should become one.
1. Can you get in touch with someone inside the Palace?
Dhagon Ghent: There's a slight problem with that. I know you don't want to hear that, since you did go through all the effort of springing me out. The thing is scavengers have already looted most of my stuff. Most of it's garbage anyway, so I don't care too much. But I did have a couple of encrypted holodiscs that they nabbed. So! Here's the punch line. I need those discs because they have some contact information on them. The people I know you don't just walk up to and chat with. There's a procedure. And that holodisc has the procedure.
1. Who has them?
Dhagon Ghent: Bakkel's gang pretty much owns this street. From what I hear she's the one that cleaned me out. She's in the local cantina most days. She's tough as drexl leather and more dangerous than an angry Wookiee. If you take Mandalore with you, though, you should be just fine. Just get me the encrypted holodisc. After that, if there is a Jedi Master in the Palace, I'll get you a meeting with him.
Journal Entry Added Cantina Rats
Dhagon can arrange a meeting between you and the Jedi Master hidden inside the Royal Palace. But in order to do so he needs some encrypted holodisks that were stolen from his place when he was arrested. He believes that a beast-rider gang leader named Bakkel has them in her possession. She's located at the Iziz cantina.
Dhagon Ghent: Have you found the encrypted holodiscs yet? I won't be able to get ahold of my contact from the palace without 'em.
1. I haven't got them yet. 2. I'll be going.
Dhagon Ghent: I doubt that Bakkel is smart enough to realize how valuable those disks are. So it doesn't need to be done immediately, but the sooner the better.

Onderon soldiers back in the Iziz Spaceport can now comment on Dhagon's release:

The suspect we held for Captain Sullio's murder had to be let go. We still don't know who actually killed her.

If you haven't spoken to Anda back in the merchant quarter, then when Captain Riiken appears outside the Cantina and starts patrolling the western square, if you speak to him then he only comments:

Stay out of trouble.

Save game outside the cantina on the bottom side of the square, before entering and going to the room reserved for the Beastrider Gang in its right wing, where the swoop rider Panar has now been replaced by their leader, Bakkel. Prepare for combat:

Bakkel: What do you want here, offworlder? The room is taken. The whole cantina is taken. You should leave.
2. Are you a beast-rider?
Bakkel: What's it to you?
1. You have something that belongs to Dhagon Ghent. I want to get it back.
Bakkel: You?! And just how do you intend to do that?
1. I have some credits. Perhaps...
Bakkel: The off-worlder wants to make a donation. Kill her and take everything! Bakkel: The offworlder wants to make a donation. Kill him and take everything!


2. I was hoping I might be able to buy any holodisks you get from his office.
Bakkel: It isn't for sale. I warned you, off-worlder, kill her! Bakkel: It isn't for sale. I warned you, off-worlder, kill him!


3. I wouldn't use that tone with me. 3. First I intend to cut you down in front of your men. Then after I kill them, I'll take it off your corpse.
Bakkel: Those words will be your last!
Bakkel (main character level 21)
Set 4
Level 15
Class Soldier
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Awareness 5
Strength 18 +4
Dexterity 20 +5
Constitution 16 +3
Intelligence 18 +4
Wisdom 16 +3
Charisma 18 +4
Vitality 171
Force -
Defense 38
Fortitude 26
Reflex 26
Will 24
Ranged Main Off hand
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Attack 26 -
Bludgeoning 7-16-
Threat 20-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats Force powers

Durasteel Heavy Armor

Armor Proficiency: Heavy Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons


Bakkel can also use the melee weapon you'll receive from her remains.

Thug (main character level 21)
Set 2
Level 15
Class Soldier
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Awareness 1
Strength 8 -1
Dexterity 8 -1
Constitution 8 -1
Intelligence 8 -1
Wisdom 8 -1
Charisma 8 -1
Vitality 102
Force -
Defense 33
Fortitude 19
Reflex 17
Will 17
Ranged Main Off hand
Attack 18 -
Unstoppable 2-20-
Threat 18-20,x2-
Attack 14 8
Slashing 3-313-31
Threat 20-20,x220-20,x2
Items and abilities Feats Force powers

Durasteel Heavy Armor Disruptor Carbine + Vibro Double-Blade

Armor Proficiency: Heavy Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Rifle Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons


Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 400 Killed Bakkel (level 21)
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 200 Killed Thug (4) (level 21)
Journal Entry Added Cantina Rats
Bakkel didn't leave you much choice. A fight broke out and she died. Return to Dhagon Ghent with the encrypted holodisks from her body.
Item(s) Received Bakkel This is a set of Dhagon Ghent's encrypted holodisks. Without the proper encryption key they're effectively worthless. However, in Dhagon's hands the information inside could be priceless.
You obtained this Starport Visa from Bakkel. It is an open visa, meaning anyone can use it.

When you return to Dhagon's office and give him the holodisks:

1. I got the holodisks from Bakkel.
Journal Entry Added Cantina Rats
You've returned the encrypted holodisks to Dhagon Ghent. He'll arrange a meeting with the Jedi Master later.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 300 Returned encrypted holodisks to Dhagon Ghent

Master of the Palace[edit | edit source]

Journal Entry Added Master of the Palace
You have cleared Dhagon Gent of Captain Sullio's murder, but he can't send word to the Palace and the Jedi Master until he can recover some encrypted holodisks.

Once you've got the holodisks from Bakkel:

Dhagon Ghent: Great going, there. With these I'll check my contacts at the palace. I should be able to get a meeting with your Jedi Master shortly. If you got anything you need to take care of in the quarter, you best do it now. You're dealing with serious politics by contacting them. If things go bad during the meeting, you may not be welcome in Iziz any more. Perhaps never. Just let me know if you want to go through with this.
2. I have something I have to do first.
Dhagon Ghent: Come back when you're ready. Better yet, call the whole thing off. Palace politics can get you killed these days.
Journal Entry Added Master of the Palace
You've given the encrypted holodisks to Dhagon Ghent. He will set up a meeting with the Jedi Master as soon as you tell him you are ready.
Dhagon Ghent: So you still intend to go through with it? I can schedule the meeting with your Jedi Master as soon as you like. Like I was saying, though, once I use my contact you may be in over your head. You may not be welcome back on Iziz, again.
1. Contact the Jedi Master now.
Dhagon Ghent: Yeah, yeah, I'll get on it. Grab a cot and rest a bit. Once I get a meeting time, I'll let you know.

Queen Talia and Master Kavar speak in the throne room of the royal palace:

Queen Talia: Is this meeting a trap? I can't afford to lose you. Especially given recent events.
Master Kavar: Anything could be a trap. Vaklu's no fool. But if the message is true...
Queen Talia: Is this necessary? I can guarantee your safety in the Palace, but outside these walls the General has many men that would do anything for him.
Master Kavar: Nothing in life is certain, your majesty. But I feel something. There's a disruption in the Force. I must investigate this.
Queen Talia: Very well. But please... be cautious.
Master Kavar: Aren't I always?
Queen Talia: That's what I was afraid you'd say.
Dhagon Ghent: Well, the meeting is on. Head straight to the cantina. Your guy should be in there. And no offense, but I hope I never see you again.

You meet Master Kavar at the entrance to the cantina's hub:

Master Kavar: You must have gone through a lot to arrange this meeting. The Palace is at full battle readiness. Smuggling in a message is no small task.
1. Master Kavar? I didn't know you were still alive. 2. I have my ways, Master Kavar.
Mandalore: Kavar, huh? The famed Jedi guardian? The Mandalorians counted on the fact it would be you, not Revan, who would lead the Jedi against us during the Mandalorian Wars. I wonder how we'd have fared against you. I thought you were killed fighting Malak during the Jedi Civil War.
Master Kavar: It seems my former student keeps curious company. Strange times lead to strange alliances, though.
Master Kavar: No, I survived the war. If only just. Why are you here? I imagine that you hold little love for any on the Jedi Council any more. Even an old friend. Master Kavar: I have my ways as well. Why are you here? I imagine that you hold little love for any on the Jedi Council any more, even an old friend.
1. I didn't expect you would turn on me, too, Kavar. 2. I don't blame the Jedi Council. I still trust in their wisdom. 3. I want to know why I was cast out of the Jedi Order.
Master Kavar: I'm not sure how well placed your faith is. I feared you would harbor dark feelings because of our treatment of you.
Master Kavar: You have to understand that it was a time of great uncertainty. We just learned that Darth Revan was back with an armada.
Master Kavar: Every Jedi that went with him was... lost, corrupted, and as dark as their Master. And then there was you. Many thought you were a spy.
Master Kavar: But there's more to it than that. And I think you deserve an expl-
Colonel Tobin: Am I interrupting? In orbit I thought for sure that the Ebon Hawk was mine. I was certain. Only to see you slip through my fingers during the battle. Imagine my delight to discover you were on Iziz. Quite careless, if you ask me. Get them, men. And watch your aim. Civilian casualties cause a mess of paperwork.
Master Kavar: I must return to the Palace. I'll get word to you when I'm able. Run!
Colonel Tobin: Wh-What have you done to my men? Blast! Men, take care of her. I won't let Kavar escape! Colonel Tobin: Wh-What have you done to my men? Blast! Men, take care of him. I won't let Kavar escape!

Regardless of who's in your party you can now move closer to the light or dark side of the Force, and influence some of them:

Kreia: For the sake of subtlety, I suggest we avoid using grenades, and any other weapons that may injure civilians in this battle. Mira: Hey, we should check our lines of fire around all these bystanders. No grenades.
Disciple: For the sake of the civilians here, we should exercise restraint in this battle. Handmaiden: We must prevent the civilians here from coming to harm by our battle.
1. Yes, of course. That goes without saying. 2. I don't really care about civilians.
Light Side Points Gained: +2 Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Influence Gained: Disciple/Handmaiden (+8) Influence Lost: Disciple/Handmaiden (-8)


T3-M4: Bewoop? Beep bee boom!
1. Of course we're not going to harm the innocent bystanders, T3. 2. If any civilians get in your way, mow them down like tall grass. 3. I won't take advice from a tin can.
Light Side Points Gained: +2 Dark Side Points Gained: -4 Influence Lost: T3-M4 (-8)


HK-47: Observation: This is a great opportunity for slaughter. Area effect attacks, such as grenades will do great damage to soldier and civilian alike.
1. No, HK. You are not to throw grenades at or near civilians. 2. Yes, kill 'em all HK. 3. Our objective is these soldiers.
Light Side Points Gained: +2 Dark Side Points Gained: -4
Influence Lost: HK-47 (-8) Influence Gained: HK-47 (+8)


Visas: This cantina is infested with life. A well placed grenade could cleanse some of the dirty and insignificant souls here.
1. I forbid it. We are not to harm bystanders. 2. Cleanse away, Visas.
Light Side Points Gained: +2 Dark Side Points Gained: -4
Influence Lost: Visas (-8) Influence Gained: Visas (+8)


Hanharr: So many humans in here. You can't blame me if one accidentally wanders into my line of fire.
2. Don't worry about it. They're just worthless humans.
Dark Side Points Gained: -2 Influence Gained: Hanharr (+8)


Bao-Dur: It's gonna be tough to avoid hitting innocents in this crowded cantina. G0-T0: So many organics present. Collateral damage is very likely in this battle.
1. Please be careful. I don't want innocents to die because of our actions. Light Side Points Gained: +2
3. Whatever. 3. Let's just focus on these soldiers.


Mandalore: There's a chance that non-combatants could be hurt here. I recommend we avoid using grenades.
Journal Entry Added Master of the Palace
Dhagon Ghent was true to his word and arranged a meeting with Master Kavar in the local cantina. Before the meeting had a chance to begin, Colonel Tobin and his troops arrived. Iziz is no longer safe. Master Kavar said he'd contact you later.
Vaklu Trooper (main character level 21)
Set 3
Level 15
Class Soldier
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Awareness 2
Strength 14 +2
Dexterity 14 +2
Constitution 14 +2
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 10 0
Charisma 10 0
Vitality 147
Force -
Defense 28
Fortitude 25
Reflex 23
Will 21
Ranged Main Off hand
Attack 22 -
Unstoppable 3-30-
Threat 18-20,x2-
Attack 22 -
Slashing 9-39-
Threat 19-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats Force powers

Disruptor Carbine + Vibrosword

Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Rifle Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons


Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 275 Killed Vaklu Trooper (1-5) (level 21)

If you eliminated any of the royalist captains for Anda, then Colonel Tobin returns when any trooper is killed:

Colonel Tobin: Stop the fighting! Stop! Sergeant, take care of the witnesses. I'm sorry we had to do that.
1. What's going on here? 2. I was curious you ordered your men to attack me when I have done favors for Vaklu. 3. How dare you interrupt my meeting with Kavar. You cost me my chance to kill him.
Colonel Tobin: Appearances have to be maintained. And I'm afraid we don't have much time. You've helped out General Vaklu, and he understands how to show gratitude. We have allies, terrible allies. They want you dead. However, the General believes you could ultimately be an even greater ally. But we have to maintain appearances. Do you understand?
3. Do not patronize me, of course I understand. 4. Who are you allied with?
Colonel Tobin: I... meant no offense. I am sorry.


1. So you have to make a show of trying to capture me. 2. Why does the General want an alliance with me?
Colonel Tobin: Exactly. That way they are satisfied that we are still loyal to them. Colonel Tobin: You helped Anda with something that has been a serious problem for us. The General believes you have already been a more faithful ally than our current ones.
Colonel Tobin: I assume you want to know more about our ally. There is little we know about him... or her, even. It's...
Colonel Tobin: A Sith Lord... no idea of the name. Frankly, we had no idea who we were dealing with at first. And by the time we did, it was too late.
1. You expect me to believe that's all you know? 2. And what do you want of me, then? 3. Why tell me this?
Colonel Tobin: What I have told you is true. We only deal with their intermediaries. We know it's a Sith Lord, but little else. We need your help...
Colonel Tobin: The General believes we can make a new alliance that will be in both of our interests. Vaklu wants to control all of Onderon. And perhaps more, down the road. The Republic's time is nearly over, and strong men like him will rule the age to come. You have shown that you are strong, too, and he feels it inevitable that you become a force to be reckoned with. We'd like to ask your assistance in dealing with our 'ally' the Sith Lord. We have much to offer in return.
2. What assistance do you want?
Colonel Tobin: We would send you a message. To your Mandalorian allies on the Dxun moon. We still need the Sith Lord to take care of a few things first. But after we've got what we need, then your assistance will be requested.
1. Tell me more of this deal. 3. What could you offer me?
Colonel Tobin: Eventually we will attack Queen Talia's palace. Iziz is an ancient city, filled with artifacts from our darker past. Some of those might be especially useful to you. Besides the Sith Lord wants you dead, and an enemy of our enemy...
1. How does this work then? 2. What if I choose to side with Queen Talia?
Colonel Tobin: For now, it's simple. We have to act like you're our enemy. When you leave this cantina my men have orders to kill you. There is no way they could possibly stand up to you, but they don't know that. Leave Iziz and don't come back until we send a message for you. If the payment I've offered you is insufficient, I assure you General Vaklu himself can offer you a satisfactory deal. Colonel Tobin: The Queen has lashed her future to an ailing Republic. When the Republic falls, she will bring Onderon with her. But Vaklu wants Onderon to be independent and strong. And ultimately being in his good graces would be more advantageous to you.
Colonel Tobin: You must make a choice - will you support us or the Queen?
Mandalore: Vaklu is a political animal, but he has never backed out of a deal. The Sith must have changed their arrangement substantially for him to consider betraying them. You can trust his offer. He's far more capable than Queen Talia is, I think allying with him is the best course.
1. [Awareness] I sense no duplicity in this offer, as well. 2. I didn't ask for your opinion. 3. If you vouch for him, that would make the decision easier.
Mandalore: Credibility is important in Onderon politics. If he betrayed you and betrayed the Sith, his reign would be a short one. Mandalore: No, you didn't. Make up your own mind then. Mandalore: I'll vouch for him. I know him from across a battlefield, that's the best way to learn about someone.

If you haven't killed Captain Bostuco or Riiken, then you can choose not to work with him:

3. I will not work with you.
Colonel Tobin: Then why did you help Anda? You would serve Talia, instead? We could help you settle your score with Kavar.
1. I have my own reasons. But I will not support you or Vaklu. 3. I don't want Kavar dead.
Colonel Tobin: You have made a foolish decision. Men, kill the Jedi. She will be of no use to us. Colonel Tobin: You have made a foolish decision. Men, kill the Jedi. He will be of no use to us.

Tobin leaves, and you resume combat with any remaining troopers. Otherwise:

2. If I had to choose between you or Talia, I would choose you. 4. On second thought, I will support Vaklu.
Colonel Tobin: Since you have business in the Palace. You will need to make that choice. I will contact you later. Colonel Tobin: Excellent, you won't regret this decision. We will contact you.

If you have killed a captain, then you're left with no choice but to work with General Vaklu:

1. The deeds I have done in Iziz leave me no choice but to throw in my lot with Vaklu. 2. I will work with General Vaklu. 3. I care for only one thing - dealing with Master Kavar.
Colonel Tobin: Excellent, you won't regret this decision. We will contact you. Colonel Tobin: That can easily be arranged. That is also in both of our interests. We have a deal then.
Colonel Tobin: Like I told you, the men outside will try to kill you. We will talk later.
Journal Entry Added Master of the Palace
Dhagon Ghent was true to his word and arranged a meeting with Master Kavar in the local cantina. Before the meeting had a chance to begin, Colonel Tobin and his troops arrived. Colonel Tobin offered you a secret deal with General Vaklu to help him dispatch his current allies. He assured you that they could make you a generous offer in exchange for your help. Rather than helping Queen Talia, you decided to help General Vaklu. Colonel Tobin said he would contact you in the near future. For now, you must fight through his troops so that their allies do not suspect your new arrangement.

You're now standing outside the Cantina, on the bottom side of the western square. There's little point in speaking to anyone back in the cantina, as you can no longer play Pazaak with Nico, or race with Qimtiq:

Nikko: I'll tell Dhagon to get out of Iziz fast, before they figure out his connection to all of this. Good luck.
Out of my bar, miscreant! You've brought trouble with General Vaklu here. Very bad for business.

Back at the bar, you can no longer talk to Bahima, M'sadaar or Jonra Far, although you can still try talking to Vix:

The bar will be closing shortly, sentient. Please do not bring your trouble back again.
I've got nothing to say. You are trouble. You can't hide from Vaklu forever.
1. Didn't you see the fight just now?
Vix: Fight? You mean swoop!
1. Vaklu's troops were just in here. They tried to kill me.
Vix: But there was swoop race. Swoop fast! I heard noise, but Vix watch swoop race.

You cannot talk to Xaart, Sakarie or Gormo, so you can no longer give anyone a Starport Visa:

Leave the city while you can. They'll close the checkpoints soon because of this. Seems like you take after me. You should leave the city, Tobin's boys don't play nice. I just want to get out of this city...

Even if you could, Kiph cannot slice one for you anymore, and the waitress and her elderly male and Twi'lek female patrons have even less to say:

Associating with people like you is bad for business.
Did something just happen? I swear I didn't see anything! Just don't hurt me! This bar is getting too rough for me.

Lost Jedi[edit | edit source]

Journal Entry Added Lost Jedi
You encountered Master Kavar on Onderon, but he fled from Vaklu's troops before you could speak to him. It looks like you'll need to bide your time until you can reach the Royal Palace in Onderon before finally being able to see him again.

Escape[edit | edit source]

Journal Entry Added Escape from the Merchant Quarter
Your meeting in the cantina was cut short by Colonel Tobin and his troops. Kavar escaped and is heading to the Royal Palace, again. He said he would contact you later. Colonel Tobin followed him out. Loyal Vaklu soldiers have been sent to fight you.

Dhagon Ghent has left the western square outside the cantina, but 1B-8D is still there. You'll be attacked by Vaklu troopers as you make your way back down the street to the merchant quarter:

Vaklu Trooper (main character level 21)
Set 3
Level 15
Class Soldier
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Awareness 2
Strength 14 +2
Dexterity 14 +2
Constitution 14 +2
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 10 0
Charisma 10 0
Vitality 147
Force -
Defense 28
Fortitude 25
Reflex 23
Will 21
Ranged Main Off hand
Attack 22 -
Unstoppable 3-30-
Threat 18-20,x2-
Attack 22 -
Piercing 6-33-
Threat 19-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats Force powers

Disruptor Carbine + Vibroblade

Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Rifle Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons


Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 275 Killed Vaklu Trooper (11) (level 21)

Back in the merchant quarter, the bare-headed Onderon soldier guarding the Sky Ramp speaks rather than attacking you:

Onderon Soldier: Wh - what's happening in the west square? It sounded like battle? Command's ordered comm blackout. Do you know what's going on?
2. Nothing, nothing at all, officer. Just minding my own business. 4. I'm in a hurry. I'll be going.
Onderon Soldier: I see... But I could've sworn I heard something in the west square. Uhh - oh - carry on, citizen. Onderon Soldier: I understand. Carry on, then. But be careful. I could've sworn I heard sword clangs in the west square.


1. Vaklu's soldiers have been attacking me. 3. Why aren't you shooting at me? All the other soldiers have been.
Onderon Soldier: What? Why? That makes no sense. Command hasn't issued any alerts. Are you sure it wasn't some of those beast-riders slags? They've been getting bolder recently.
1. It's broad daylight. They were wearing uniforms. 2. So not all the soldiers are after me. That's comforting. 3. I'm in a hurry. I'll be going.
Onderon Soldier: You - you must be mistaken. Soldiers just don't attack civilians without orders. If it weren't for the comm blackout I'd check with command. Just head to the safety of the merchant square, citizen. We'll send a patrol to investigate as soon as we can contact our HQ. Onderon Soldier: Listen, if you really were in a fight you should report it to the soldiers. The west square is a dangerous place these days.
Journal Entry Added Escape from the Merchant Quarter
You reached the Sky Ramp checkpoint and the soldiers there didn't attack you. A soldier said that command has ordered a comm blackout. It would be best to return to the shuttle and leave Iziz as soon as possible.

If you aren't working with General Vaklu:

Mandalore: Not all of the military is after us. Still, Vaklu can throw a whole army at us. I think we've outworn our welcome over here. We should head over to the spaceport before General Vaklu invents some charges against us. Then we'd be in real trouble.
Journal Entry Added Escape from the Merchant Quarter
You reached the Sky Ramp checkpoint and the soldiers there didn't attack you. A soldier said that command has ordered a comm blackout. Mandalore recommended that you leave the Merchant Quarter before General Vaklu sends more of his troops to stop you. Return to the shuttle to leave Iziz.
That comm blackout couldn't have come at a worse time. What's going on?

Anda, Ponlar and the crowd are gone from the market square, but four commoners are now gathered in its bottom left corner. If you approach them:

You know what to do.
Let's do it. Get her! Let's do it. Get him!
Commoner (main character level 21)
Set 2
Level 15
Class Soldier
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Awareness 2
Treat Injury 0
Strength 10 0
Dexterity 10 0
Constitution 10 0
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 10 0
Charisma 10 0
Vitality 117
Force -
Defense 24
Fortitude 20
Reflex 18
Will 18
Ranged Main Off hand
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Attack 19 -
Slashing 2-24-
Threat 20-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats Force powers

+ Long Sword Advanced Medpac(2)

Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons


Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 200 Killed Commoner (4) (level 21)

Gegorran and Iziz citizens can comment on the violence:

Ha ha! I, ah, I noticed your incident just now. I'm afraid I have nothing more to say. Good luck in your travels!
What's going on? There isn't more fighting, is there?

As you approach the turret tower at the bottom end of the merchant quarter:

Onderon Soldier: The diagnostic is doing something strange. "Target acquired?" What the hell does that mean?

Captain Riiken is only there to comment if you persuaded him to tell you what he really thinks, eliminating him from command:

Those damned turrets are going crazy!

The defense turrets spawned when you first entered the merchant quarter, and the two mounted on pillars either side of the spaceport checkpoint cannot be attacked with melee weapons.

Defense Turret (main character level 20)
Set 3
Level 15
Class Minion
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Awareness 5
Strength 10 0
Dexterity 16 +3
Constitution 10 0
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 10 0
Charisma 10 0
Vitality 108
Force -
Defense 31
Fortitude 21
Reflex 24
Will 21
Ranged Main Off hand
Attack 23 -
Energy 3-24-
Threat 20-20,x2-
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Items and abilities Feats Force powers

Blaster Pistol

Weapon Focus: Blaster Pistol


Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 200 Killed Defense Turret (7) (level 21)

Tolas is always gone from the bottom street, but if you didn't give Terlyn a Starport Visa then she and her two children are still there:

Be quiet children. Hush. Everything will be... all right.
I'm scared. What's happening, mommy? Are people fighting?

As you approach the spaceport checkpoint, then go through it:

Onderon Soldier: Your visa's been scanned. You're cleared to leave. I'd leave right away. Things are going crazy in this quarter!
Mandalore: The shuttle is just ahead. I think we should get out of here fast. It's going to be some time before they forget about us here. No more trips to Iziz for us until the situation changes. A lot.
Journal Entry Added Escape from the Merchant Quarter
You've reached the shuttle and can leave Iziz. You may not be able to return for a long time.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Reached shuttle

Once you've entered the Iziz spaceport, you cannot return to the merchant quarter:

Checkpoint Guard: The checkpoint up ahead has been closed. Some sort of malfunction with the turrets or something. You can't go through.

Onderon soldiers, the dock worker and Iziz citizens can comment on developments:

Comm blackouts normally don't last this long, right?
And now the quarter checkpoint's closed? That's going to throw the schedule off even more!
They just barred entry to the Merchant Quarter. I wonder if there's been another bombing... ? They just barred entry to the Merchant Quarter. I wonder if there's been another bombing?

You can still speak to the Beast Rider and Margar, but you won't even be able to do that once you've taken the Shuttle to Dxun:

Mandalorian Shuttle: [You can take the shuttle back to Dxun.]
1. [Return to Dxun.] 2. [Stay here.]
Mandalore: We're back. The shuttle is going to stay docked here until further notice. I'm not ready to part company yet. It sounds like you have a lot of traveling to do. So do I. I'm going with you. The Sith have taken a particular interest in you, and you could use an extra blaster. I've been meaning to leave Dxun to look for other Mandalorian clans, anyway.
3. Isn't Clan Ordo enough for you?
Mandalore: Mandalore leads *all* of the Mandalorian people, not just a single clan. In order to revive our people the clans must be reassembled under me.
1. Where are the other clans? 2. Any idea where we should start?
Mandalore: They could be anywhere. You seem a magnet for trouble. Mandalorians are, too. I have a feeling that if we travel together it would work to our mutual advantage.


1. That sounds altruistic. I didn't know you had it in you. 2. Why do you want to stop the Sith? 3. I'm not sure if I like the idea of the Mandalorians being reassembled.
Mandalore: I don't have it in me. It's a matter of self-interest. Mandalore: I'm going to look for the other clans with or without you. At least this way you'll have another ally against the Sith.
Mandalore: The Sith aren't known for sharing power. If the Jedi Order is destroyed for good, it's inevitable that the Sith will dominate the Republic. And then my people will be eradicated or enslaved. Helping your cause is a matter of necessity. Mandalorians helped Exar Kun during his war. We know first hand how we'd fare in the service of their like.
Mandalore: But that's enough for now. We'll have time to talk later.
Atton: The Ebon Hawk is patched up and ready to go. When you're ready to depart we can ask the Guide here to take us back to the ship.

You can't use the shuttle right now to return to Iziz, and you still cannot add Atton to your party on Dxun until you return to the Ebon Hawk. You can now remove Mandalore from your party, but going to the Relay Dish & Workbench is your first chance to upgrade Mandalore's Armor. Bralor now stands alone by the Battle Circle:

Bralor: I don't think you'll be able to return to Iziz any time soon. General Vaklu has a great deal of power. Even a Jedi couldn't defeat an entire army alone.

If Davrel and Kumus survived then they and Xarga are now in the bottom half of the Mandalorian ruins, while Kelborn has replaced Mandalore in the Command Center:

You have fought more battles on Iziz? You are truly formidable.
I did well in the battle before you left. Xarga said he may make a warrior of me yet.
Most of the recruits are scouting the perimeter. If they fail Mandalore again there will be dire consequences.
Kelborn: I hear you handled Iziz adequately. Mandalore has left me in charge until he has finished his journey to reuinite the clans. If there is any change planetside I'll send you a message.

You can still speak to Kex and buy or sell items, and Zuka and the Mandalorian guard captain are also still there: you can still complete Tech Assistance for Zuka if this quest was active before you left for Iziz, and the Zakkeg Challenge for the guard captain.

Zuka: After the ambush Kelborn's been pushing to get the entire base 100% operational. So I have work I've got to do.
Mandalorian Guard Captain: We have doubled our sentries and set up more perimeter sensors. I hope the Sith attack us again.
1. Let's head out.

If you speak to any of the Mandalorian guards:

None of the Sith escaped. They dared try to ambush us.

Speak to the Mandalorian guide to return to the Ebon Hawk. Once you're back in the jungle, if you speak to him again with Mandalore in your party:

Mandalorian Guide: Reporting as ordered, Mandalore. I can take you wherever you need to go on Dxun.
Mandalore: It's up to you, Jedi. This soldier knows the terrain, and can get us where we need to go quickly... without needing to blast our way through herds of cannoks.

Back aboard the Ebon Hawk, Bao-Dur is wakeful:

1. What are you doing up? 3. I didn't expect to see you awake. 2. Don't you ever sleep?
Bao-Dur: I dreamt of Malachor. I remember the ships. Bao-Dur: Not since Malachor. It is always in my dreams. I remember the ships.
Bao-Dur: The last stand of the Republic. The tattered remnants of our fleet, the largest we could gather, but it was damaged, weakened and vulnerable. The Mandalorians couldn't resist. They tore into us like beasts, shredding our ships to scrap as we fought back. Yet this time, there were no reinforcements for either side. Revan had been delayed out-system by Mandalorian scout ships. By the time he arrived, it was too late. And beyond Malachor, there were no more Mandalorians left to die. I remember standing on the bridge with you and watching the destruction of the Republic - watching ships full of soldiers and Jedi burn and die. I remember the look you had when you turned to me. It was the longest you'd ever looked at me. You didn't say anything - just a nod. Events move quickly then, even in my dreams. Flashes, explosions, you - falling. I could feel the pain around me. And then the memory. The drifting hulks of the Mandalorian ships, the dead - allies, friends, strangers. And then the echo. Lingering. The sound I awaken to in my nightmares.
1. They had to die - there was no choice. 3. It was a glorious victory. 4. The Mandalorians killed thousands - they deserved it.
2. My decision haunts me, too. Bao-Dur: Glorious? It was nothing more than a slaughter. A slaughter caused by one of my creations. Bao-Dur: Does anyone deserve the Mandalorians' fate? Even some of their conquered worlds fared better.
Bao-Dur: Blame lies with me, for creating it. The situation forced your hand, anger forced mine.
1. If you are to blame for its creation, then I am equally to blame for commanding its use.
Bao-Dur: You realized that unless action was taken, the fleet would be destroyed, and the Republic would fall. None of us realized the magnitude of what we unleashed.
Mandalore: So, you fought against the Mandalorians in the war?
Bao-Dur: I was part of the war effort, yes. I worked as a technician, though.
Mandalore: But you fought on the front lines. To a Mandalorian, there is honor in that.
Bao-Dur: I could do without your Mandalorian honor. I saw the results of your "honor" - the absolute destruction your warriors brought. And look at them now. Mandalorians are little better than mercenary thugs. And what's honor to someone like that? All they care about are credits.
Mandalore: If I were you, I'd pick your words more carefully.
1. Settle down, you two. This isn't the time or place for this. 3. Let's not dwell on the past. We need to work together. 2. It was a compliment, Bao-Dur, not an insult.
Bao-Dur: You fought for no cause other than to spread suffering and pain to the people you conquered. Bao-Dur: I don't need compliments from a murderer.
Mandalore: Maybe that's what it looked like to you, but that isn't why we fought. We fought for honor and glory in the heat of battle.
Bao-Dur: You did nothing but murder innocents.
Mandalore: The Republic took us too lightly. We wanted to face the full force of their army. We had to goad them to fight.
Bao-Dur: That's exactly what I'm talking about. If you ask me, you Mandalorians just got what you deserved at Malachor.
Mandalore: Defeat is part of a warrior's life. We will recover, stronger than before.
Bao-Dur: Doesn't it even bother you that your people were almost destroyed? Or do lives have no meaning to you?
Mandalore: People die in war.
Bao-Dur: Well, I'm glad to have you guarding my back.
1. That's enough. This conversation is over. 2. Can we leave the past in the past and get back to work? 3. I don't think this needs to be discussed any further.
Mandalore: Fine by me.

If you go to the Galaxy Map in the Ebon Hawk's cockpit then you can now travel (back) to Dxun, but if you try to travel to Onderon again:

Due to recent turmoil, Onderon officials have closed Iziz to all interplanetary traffic.