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File:KotORII Map Iziz Spaceport.png
Map of the Iziz spaceport

Master of the Palace[edit]

Queen Talia and Master Kavar speak in the throne room of the royal palace on Onderon:

Queen Talia: Vaklu's saying that the Republic ship attacked first? That's madness!
Master Kavar: Unfortunately, lie or not, it's a madness people will believe.
Queen Talia: The timing of this is atrocious. A space battle above our skies, so many of our fighters lost...
Master Kavar: Curiously, only Tobin's men were involved in that battle.
Queen Talia: That schutta...!
Master Kavar: Strong words, your majesty. But there is no good time for news like this. I recommend we continue with our plan.
Queen Talia: But won't that bring even more followers to Vaklu's side, increasing his power?
Master Kavar: For a time, perhaps, but we both know he's not the true threat. It's his unseen support from the shadows that we must drag out into the light. Then, and only then, can we strike.
Queen Talia: I fear by then it will be too late...

Meanwhile, Mandalore's shuttle has landed at the Iziz spaceport:

Mandalore: Here we are, the city of Iziz. It's been shut down tight for months now. General Vaklu is close to declaring martial law. We won't be able to travel too far in the city. Fortunately I have a friend in this quarter of the city. He's a doctor by the name of Dhagon Ghent. His office is on the other side of the market square. It might be best if you do the talking around here. The Onderonians have a mixed view of Mandalorians after we conquered their world.
Journal Entry Added Master of the Palace
You made it to the Merchant Quarter of Iziz. Getting to the Royal Palace and the Jedi Master you're looking for may be tricky, but Mandalore knows a doctor named Dhagon Ghent who can help. His office is on the far side of the quarter.

Shuttle to Dxun[edit]

This is your first chance to speak to Mandalore, but if you open the Party Selection screen and try to remove him:

The party member you have selected is currently unable to leave the party.

The Mandalorian shuttle is in a hangar in the top left corner of the spaceport. If you try to use it:

[You must finish your business in Iziz before returning to Dxun]

There's a plasteel cylinder in the left corner at the back of the hangar:

Item(s) Received Plasteel Cylinder
  • ?

The exit is in the hangar's bottom right wall, down an open hallway. If Hanharr is in your party as you exit:

Hanharr: There is something here... in the air, like a scent, but not from anything that lives.
1. What do you mean? 2. Can you track it?
Hanharr: No... it is everywhere, all around us.
Hanharr: Something is wrong on this planet, a sickness... the beasts, the tamed, broken ones, feel it. Even in their cages, as slaves, the prey are becoming predators again. It is like a sickness... driving them to see blood behind their eyes.
1. Something is driving them to kill? 2. Do you know what it is?
Hanharr: No... it is not something that can be tracked. The beasts can smell it though... it is everywhere.
Hanharr: They recognize that something is coming that will kill them all, feed on them. It will drive them mad, make them angry enough to kill. Their unrest is echoed in the humans around them, stirring them to attack and kill. Or making them frightened, like prey. A predator is coming to this planet - they know it.
2. What about the people here?
Hanharr: There are two tribes here in this place - they will come to war, there is no choice - blood is in the air, the musk of violence. It is part of the sickness that cloaks this place.
1. Are you sure? I can't sense anything.
Hanharr: You could feel it, too, if you were a predator... even as prey, you could feel it stirring, watching. I tell you this - this city will again belong to the beasts, long after the humans are dead and gone, bones in the bellies of beasts.
3. I don't care - let's keep moving. 4. We'll deal with it when it shows itself. Come on.

Starport Visa[edit]

The hallway from the shuttle hangar leads down to a semi-circular plaza where the port master stands to your left as you enter:

Port Master: It's been awhile since you've docked here, eh? I suppose the lockdown has hurt your profits, as well.
Port Master: You are... human, aren't you? Your face looks... Uh... Nevermind.
Port Master: It must be hard to shuttle people when nobody is allowed to leave. The blockade has been bad for everyone.
1. What's been going on here? 2. There's a lockdown?
Port Master: Your manifest says it's been two months since you last came here. It's become much worse since your last trip. Military checkpoints are everywhere.
3. Any news on the blockade? 3. Anything more happen between the Republic and Onderon? 2. Military checkpoints? Are they looking for something?
Port Master: Nothing new. Our space forces have been in full readiness ever since the space battle in orbit. Tensions are running high. Port Master: Could be. Our space forces have been in full readiness ever since the space battle in orbit. Tensions are running high.
Port Master: All Republic vessels must be searched, and the delays are turning pilots gray before their time. And ever since the Republic fired on our space forces things have been even slower. Bad days, bad days... and things are getting worse. I'd get out of the system quickly if I were you, friend. Well, doesn't look like you have any trade goods, so the inspection's just a formality. Here's your starport visa. Don't lose it! They're priceless right now.
3. How's the situation here in Onderon?
Port Master: There's strict food and water rationing. And General Vaklu's troops have been very thorough in finding Republic dissidents. Bombing is very common.
1. Priceless? Why? 2. What's a starport visa? 1. Why are starport visas priceless?
Port Master: If you want to leave the planet, you need a starport visa. They're very hard to get. Many people want to get out of here before things get worse.
1. Can I go now? 3. I understand. I'll be going now. 4. I'll be going now.
Port Master: Certainly. Mind what I said about the starport visa. I know one captain already who can't get back into the starport.
Journal Entry Added Starport Visa
You've learned that many people in Iziz are trapped on Onderon because they don't have a Starport Visa. You'll need to hang onto your Starport Visa in order to leave Onderon.
Item(s) Received Port Master
  • Name's Starport Visa
This is your Starport Visa for the city of Iziz. If you lose this you won't be able to leave the city.
You again? You don't need to see me if you want to leave the city. Once you get to the starport you're done with the bureaucracy.

There's a news hologram to the right of the port master:

News Hologram: In the latest news today, the Onderon Space Force has confirmed that a Republic military craft initiated the space battle over our planet. Sources inside the military say the first shots of the massive battle were fired by the Republic vessel, the Ebon Hawk. The Ebon Hawk is a capital-class vessel and it destroyed 15 Onderon military fighters before being destroyed by Colonel Tobin's forces. Queen Talia is expected to make an announcement later today. Whether her support of the Republic will falter due to this attack is unknown.
News Hologram: The Republic Senate is deadlocked on how to proceed in the wake of the Peragus disaster. Scientific experts indicate that if the fuel problem isn't solved, then the Telosian Restoration Project is in grave jeopardy. 'Peragus Station requires constant fuel,' reported one senior scientist. 'Over time its orbit will degrade and it will crash into the atmosphere.' Many political careers are tied to the success or failure of the TRP. If it falls, there could be a major shift in power in the Republic Senate.
News Hologram: One of the greatest mysteries in recent memory is the dissolution of the Jedi Order. Today, Republic intellence analysts have released a declassified report that sheds new light into this mystery. It is public knowledge that the Jedi Order suffered extreme casualties during the Jedi Civil War. But the new intelligence report indicates evidence of even greater casualties after the war. Murders, accidents, and the Miraluka tragedy had a profound impact on the number of Jedi. The report claims that there are even bounties on the remaining Jedi. The report concluded that the Jedi Order may be completely extinct now. Whether this was coincidence or conspiracy is still unknown.
News Hologram: After last month's spectacular explosion of the South Quarter Mining Refinery, Queen Talia hasn't made a single public appearance. Security in the Royal Palace has been increased to unprecedented levels. Senior royal officials have claimed that the explosion was one of three recent assassination attempts. Many citizens have criticized Queen Talia's absence during these increasingly unstable times.

There's an update once you've met Dhagon Ghent:

News Hologram: Two new alerts of escaped Republic spies have been circulated to all media centers. If you see either of them, please report it to the authorities immediately. One of them is a journalist for Iziz Comm. Authorities say that he may be one of the instigators of last month's South Quarter refinery explosion.

If you speak to the dock worker and Iziz citizens in the plaza, they only comment:

Dock Worker
That space battle has caused hell with our schedules. Our quotas for shipments are gonna be late again.
With all the Republic vessels getting searched, the beasts bound for Telos keep stacking up. The city smells like the back end of a gundark nest.
Be careful out there. Starship captains have been mugged for their starport visas... or worse.
Many stores have fallen on hard times. Republic trade's very important for Iziz, no matter what General Vaklu says.
There is a lot of chaza refuse in the Merchant Quarter. They've even chased off the military from some parts of this Quarter.
Iziz Citizen
I can't believe that the Republic assaulted our space forces. Forget about secession, we should declare war. The Republic wouldn't attack our ships. That makes no sense! Someone else must have started it.
General Vaklu is royalty, too. I know a lot of people that wish he was King. I think Queen Talia's policy is a wise one. We need the Republic. Without them, we'd be under Mandalorian rule.
Republic dissidents blew up an armory depot in the Lower City. Vaklu should do something about it. I think Vaklu is using Republic spies as an excuse to intimidate anybody that would oppose him.
I heard the Peragus mining facility was completely destroyed. What are we going to do for fuel?


There's an Aqualish merchant named Margar standing on the bottom left side of the plaza. Save game before speaking to him as most of his inventory is selected the first time you do so.

Margar: You! Come here! You are weak and scrawny without my powerful weapons and defenses. Special sale just for you.
1. What do you have for sale?
Margar: Things not allowed inside the city. Stupid Onderonians can't see need for my weapons. People need my goods to defend themselves. But they say my goods are banned, so all these killing implements are sitting here unused. But you get special sale from Margar's misfortune.
1. I'd like to see what you've got in stock.
Buy Item Cost Amount Buy Item Cost Amount
Disruptor Pistol 240 1 Crippling Scope Mark II 1920 1
Disruptor Carbine 1080 1 Moderate Devaronian Edge 480 1
Thermal Detonator 2400 1 Vibration Cell 54 1
Plasma Grenade 900 2
Sonic Grenade 156 2
Frag Grenade 96 Infinite


There's a 20% markup when you buy items from him, and you can only sell items to him for 45% of their base cost.

Margar: You are back! You still look very weak. You buy things? I'll make you strong.
4. Nothing you have interests me. Leave me alone. 5. I don't need your junk to make me strong, cretin. 6. I'll be going now.


2. What do you know about Iziz?
Margar: Everything turning to soil heap here. Military is very bad. Queen rules here, but many of her troops are more loyal to General Vaklu. Evil man! He won't let me sell my goods in Iziz. But how can you stop bad people without repeating blasters and energy shields?
1. What do you know about the Queen and General Vaklu?
Margar: Queen Talia some say is weak. Others say is not. She wants to stay with Republic. General Vaklu is her cousin, powerful man. He thinks Republic is trouble. Republic brings great miseries to his peoples. But Vaklu is more evil because he won't let me sell my goods in city.
3. An Aqualish merchant? Shouldn't you be roughing up some Bith for a few credits?
Margar: Not all Aqualish do such things. Besides, Bith are hard to come by. Me, I make credits by selling things people need for violence. And Iziz is in great need of weapons, armor, and more.

An Onderon soldier stands to the right of Margar:

Onderon Soldier
General Vaklu was an underground resistance leader during the Mandalorian occupation. He's a real hero. My brother fought in the recent space battle. He said that the Ebon Hawk didn't fire first.
The Merchant Quarter is mostly safe. Other parts of the city have had real trouble. It disgusts me how many soldiers in other commands are willing to put aside their sworn duty. We took an oath to protect and serve the Queen faithfully.
The soldiers in the Merchant Quarter are too loyal to the Queen. Is everybody except me blind? Queen Talia is a smart and capable ruler. The times before the Republic were terrible for us. Doesn't anybody remember that?
The Republic has spies and operatives that are causing havoc in our city. If they keep it up, it will lead to war. General Vaklu dares too much. He is skirting treason!
If it weren't for all the politics, I could just be happy and do my job.

Beast Rider[edit]

There are four beasts caged in the bottom right corner of the plaza: three tame bomas (one large, two small) and a tame cannok.

[This caged animal appears restless.]

There's also a beast-rider standing there:

Beast-rider: Fair winds to you, off-worlder. Is it too much to hope that you are a Telosian merchant?
1. I am no merchant.
Beast-rider: The winds still taste of misfortune, then. Our beasts will continue to wait in their cages.
2. Why do you ask? 2. Why do you have so many beasts in cages?
Beast-rider: These beasts you see here are for delivery to Telos. But the Republic vessels that transport them have to wait for thorough and needlessly long searches. So the city is stacked with caged beasts waiting for their ships. We have stopped gathering beasts now, but they still fill the city. For Drexl and rider, the Ithorians brought wealth and prosperity. Our settlements prospered. But now...
1. Who are you? 1. Who are you again?
Beast-rider: I am a beast-rider. I have flown great distances gathering the animals you see here. We keep hoping that Ithorians or Telosians get through the space forces' searches so that we can sell them.
1. Tell me about the beast-riders.
Beast-rider: Our people have been here for centuries, though we were not always one with the wilds of Onderon. In ancient times our people were criminals, prisoners who were cast out of Iziz and sentenced to die by the beasts in the wilds. But our ancestors learned how to survive and even tame the mighty beasts. They became our strength and companions. We fought endlessly with Iziz for resources and survival. But two generations ago an Iziz princess named Galia and a great beast-rider hero, Oron Kira, married. They united our peoples. But now things are unraveling. Even the beasts can smell it in the air.
1. How are things unraveling?
Beast-rider: Many beast-riders have fallen to the city ways, and some are now no more than common thugs. Queen Talia and her cousin General Vaklu argue in open councils. The beasts stir from the changes in the wind, and cannot be calmed. And we beast-riders find it harder to enter the city each day.
1. Why is it hard to enter the city?
Beast-rider: No one is to leave the city without the starport visas. It chokes passage in and out of Iziz.
2. Why does Telos want your beasts?
Bao-Dur: Telos needs new ecosystems if the reclamation efforts on the planet are to succeed. Ithor, Onderon and Dxun are rich in food chains necessary to create new life on Telos and sustain it.
Beast-rider: Although some of your terms are unknown to me, what you say is true.
Beast-rider: Telos was attacked by Darth Malak in the Jedi Civil War. The surface was completely destroyed. The Ithorians have been searching for appropriate wildlife to create a new Telos. But their merchants are stalled by the blockade.
Bao-Dur: That'll be another death blow to Telos if no new ecosystems can be brought to the planet. The Ithorians are only part of the equation.
Beast-rider: Your... friend is correct. Much harm is being done on both sides as long as the blockade is in effect.
3. Your beasts seem restless.
Beast-rider: They have been kept in their cages for a long time. But... yet, at times, I feel as if something else is affecting them, frightening them.
Kreia: Beasts can be... sensitive to the currents within cities and people. When such things are disturbed, the beasts may echo it.
Beast-rider: Perhaps it is the city itself. Iziz has fallen upon dark times, and tensions run high in the streets.
3. I'll be going now.

As you walk away from him, the large tame boma escapes!

Beast-rider: Calm, calm... Wha- ! Run! The boma is... out of control!
[The beast rider appears too traumatized to speak with you.]
Tame Boma (main character level 20)
Set 3
Level 15
Class Minion
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Awareness 0
Strength 20 +5
Dexterity 18 +4
Constitution 18 +4
Intelligence 3 -4
Wisdom 3 -4
Charisma 6 -2
Vitality 168
Force -
Defense 30
Fortitude 25
Reflex 25
Will 17
Ranged Main Off hand
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Attack 24 -
Slashing 8-35-
Threat 20-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats Force powers




Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 275 Killed Tame Boma (level 20)
Beast-rider: I - I don't know what to say. I had heard stories - but I assumed that they were fledgling riders. Or simply tales that grow in the telling. Not since my first drexl have I lost control of a beast, I apologize profusely. Here, I give you these credits for the danger I put you in.
1. What stories are you talking about? 2. Do the beasts often do this? 3. What happened? Why did the beast attack me?
Beast-rider: Absolutely not... But recently things are not as they were.
Beast-rider: The beasts grow more agitated by the day. The stories say that the smoldering fires of city politics cast a smoke they can smell and breathe. They revert to their primal instincts. As... as you've just seen, when they get that way not even a skilled beast rider can control them. As soon as I leave here I will talk with my family. There is much to be discussed.
4. You think a few credits are going to make this better? Light Side Points Gained: +2
Beast-rider: I am so sorry for insulting you with my offering. Here, here is more. Again, I apologize. Beast-rider: Please keep them, it salves the shame my beast's behavior has brought me.
6. I'll be going now.
Credits Received: 1000 Credits Received: 500
Beast-rider: I again apologize for the boma attack earlier, offworlder. How may I help you?
2. Why do you think the boma attacked earlier?
Beast-rider: The beasts are growing very restless. It grows day by day, just as the flames of passion grow in this city. Something very wrong is at work here. I plan on talking with my brothers and sisters to see if there are solutions. If the beasts continue to grow out of control... The city is filled with them. The consequences...

Merchant Quarter[edit]

An alley exits the plaza in the middle of its right side, guarded by an Onderon soldier and a checkpoint guard on the left. As you approach the checkpoint:

Checkpoint Guard: Halt, off-worlder. You'll have to answer some questions before you go into the city. What is your business on Iziz?
3. My business is my own. 4. I'm here to buy some goods. I'm a trader. 5. A Jedi Master is rumored to be here, and I'm looking for him.
Checkpoint Guard: I see. Is your ship affiliated with any Republic-based corporation? Checkpoint Guard: Amusing - your humor is noted. Is your ship affiliated with any Republic-based corporation?
1. It's an independent shuttle. 3. My ship has no corporate affiliations. 2. No, it's the personal shuttle of the Mandalorian leader. I'm a powerful Jedi.
Checkpoint Guard: You could just answer "no". Answers like that just mean more paperwork for me.
Checkpoint Guard: Do you have any crates of weapons or other military equipment you plan to sell in Iziz?
1. No, nothing to sell. 2. Um... do you see any crates on me? 3. Does it even matter what I answer?
Checkpoint Guard: I ask the questions here. I'll take your answer as a "no." Checkpoint Guard: Not really. Getting into Iziz's Merchant Quarter is easy if you're not bringing in cargo. Getting out... well, just keep a hold of your starport visa. You're free to go.
Checkpoint Guard: You're free to go. Don't lose your starport visa. Otherwise you won't be leaving for a long while.
Persuade 2. [Persuade (7)] Could we skip the formalities? It looks like we're both in a bit of a rush.
Checkpoint Guard: [Success] Uh, why not? I can see you have no crates or cargo, and your ship is obviously not affiliated with the Republic. You're free to go. Don't lose your starport visa. Otherwise you won't be leaving for a long while.

If you can Affect Minds, then you can influence Kreia or HK-47 instead:

Low (Affect Mind) 1. [Force Persuade] I don't think my business is any concern of yours.
Checkpoint Guard: [Success] I don't think your business is any concern of mine.
Kreia: Minds are often weakened when forced to follow familiar patterns... but sometimes those patterns work against you when backed by loyalty or duty. Use your power carefully.
1. A valid point, Kreia. But the need for discretion outweighed the risks. 2. I know what I'm doing. 3. Not with someone like him. His type are easily manipulated.
Influence Gained: Kreia (+8) Influence Lost: Kreia (-8)
Kreia: A debatable point, but what is done is done. Kreia: I see. Kreia: The Force is powerful, but overestimating its utility is dangerous.


HK-47: Observation: Master, your powers of persuasion without the use of pain or violence is a mystery to me.
1. Power must be used responsibly. I couldn't risk answering his questions. 2. His little mind has been dealt with. He isn't our concern any more. 3. It's inside a city, HK, otherwise... 4. I don't want to get into this right now.
Influence Lost: HK-47 (-8) Influence Gained: HK-47 (+8)
HK-47: Statement: Power is meant to be used, Master. HK-47: Statement: I understand your reasoning, but I think you should be less subtle in your dealing with your inferiors. HK-47: Statement: Of course, Master.


Mira: You better not try any of those Jedi mind tricks on me.
G0-T0: We must schedule a time for you to teach me how to use such a power. I would, of course, compensate you for such instruction.
Disciple: Use caution when affecting the minds of others. Some have been scarred by its use - both the user and the recipient.
Handmaiden: Although using your power in such a way is tempting, I would caution against it... small surrenders lead to greater ones.
Mandalore: While you're at it, tell him to forget he ever saw us. Could be useful.
Visas: Be careful. Affecting minds in such a way leaves traces and makes echoes in the Force. It may reveal our presence before we are ready.
Checkpoint Guard: [Success] Not only is your business not my concern, I can't seem to remember why I'm holding you up.
Low (Affect Mind) 1. [Force Persuade] I've answered all your questions to your satisfaction. Now let me pass. Low (Affect Mind) 2. [Force Persuade] You have no need to ever question me again, about anything. Low (Affect Mind) 3. [Force Persuade] You'll let me go about my business, and forget you ever saw me.
4. Then may I go? Checkpoint Guard: [Success] You're right. My questions are needless, and only waste your time. Forgive me. Checkpoint Guard: [Success] You should probably go about your business - whoever you are. Oh... uh, don't lose your starport visa, otherwise you won't be leaving for a long while.
Checkpoint Guard: You're free to go. Don't lose your starport visa. Otherwise you won't be leaving for a long while.
You're already cleared to enter the Merchant Quarter. Now move along. Strangely enough, I have no urge to ask you any questions whatsoever. Do I know you?