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Korriban on the Galaxy Map

Traces to Ashes[edit]

KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: We've hit the ground. This is Korriban. Why would one of the Jedi you're looking for come here?
KotORII Icon Visas.png Visas: It seems quiet - just the wind... but deep beneath the surface, you can feel the pain of what took place here. There is great power in this place - for those who can hear its call.
KotORII Icon Kreia.png Kreia: There is much that would draw a Jedi to this place. The resting grounds of the ancient... and more recently departed Sith... contain many teachings believed lost. The most likely place to find our lost Jedi is the ruins of the old Academy.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. Very well. Stay here and keep the engines primed in case we need to leave quickly. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 3. Fine. I didn't want your company anyway.
Influence Lost: Kreia (-8)
KotORII Icon Kreia.png Kreia: I will remain here and meditate. Our link remains, I shall contact you and provide guidance when needed. The Academy is on the other side of this valley. Be careful. Dark energy fills these ruins... and even the fallen Sith live still.
KotOR Icon Journal.png Journal Entry Added: Traces to Ashes
You are searching for traces of the lost Jedi in the ruins of Korriban. Kreia suggested looking within the Sith Academy.

On Korriban, Saves are modified depending on the area and character alignment of your main character, party and enemies:

Alignment Valley of Dark Lords Sith Academy Shyrack Cave Secret Tomb
Dark (0-40) +25 +35 +25 +60
Light (60-100) -25 -35 -25 -100

Neutral characters with alignment 41-59 are unaffected.