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File:KotORII Map Mandalorian Ruins.png
Map of the Mandalorian ruins

The camera pans around the Mandalorian ruins as the sentry takes you to their leader in the Command Center:

Mandalore: So you're the intruder? Our sensors picked up your handiwork in space. Mandalore: So you're the one that picked a fight with my sentries. The sensors also picked up your battle in space. You've had a pretty busy day. That ends now. No more fighting in our camp.
Mandalore: I am Mandalore, leader of the Mandalorians.
4. But we killed Mandalore during the war. 2. Everyone thought that Mandalore was dead. Killed during the war.
Mandalore: Mandalore is the name we give to our leader. Becoming Mandalore is the greatest honor any Mandalorian could aspire to. When our leader falls in battle, the most worthy takes his place. So even though your army killed our leader, it was only a matter of time before we chose someone new. Me.
1. I thought the Mandalorians were disbanded.
Mandalore: Scattered, perhaps, but we're still alive. Alive and rebuilding.
1. The only Mandalorians I've seen are thugs. 2. I thought Mandalorians were just blasters for hire.
Mandalore: Many Mandalorians have fallen from the path of honor and are now no more than common mercenaries. But that is changing.
2. What is this place? 3. Could you tell me some more about this place?
Mandalore: This used to be the heart of the Mandalorian war effort. From this complex we commanded an armada that had the Republic on the run. It didn't last.
1. Why did you use Dxun?
Mandalore: Mandalorians have a rapport with this jungle. Every moment here is a struggle, all creatures gripped in a constant war for survival. The sole purpose of the weak is to feed the strong. We train here and learn the lessons of the jungle. The beasts also help us keep our edge.
2. Your camp looks like it's seen better days.
Mandalore: Covert camps are not meant to attract attention. Because we conquered them, the people of Onderon still hold a grudge against the Mandalorians. So we keep our presence here a secret.
3. I'm trying to get to Onderon, do you know how I can get there?
Mandalore: So, it's transportation you want? It so happens I have a small shuttle that's more than capable of running the Onderon military blockade. I make occasional trips to Iziz for information and supplies. If you want to go with me, you're going to have to prove your worth.
2. Why do you go to Iziz?
Mandalore: It's Mandalorian business, not yours.
Impossible 1. [Force Persuade] Tell me why you are going to Iziz. 2. [Persuade] Can't you tell me more than that?
Mandalore: [Failure] That's not going to work. I've traveled with Jedi before, so I know all about your tricks. If you want something from me you're going to have to convince me the old fashioned way. Mandalore: [Failure] I could - but I don't know you. Once I get to know you I might tell you more, but not now.
3. Why do I have to prove myself to you?
Mandalore: I don't travel with anyone I'm not sure of. You look capable, but Iziz can be a dangerous place. If you want to travel on my shuttle, I want to make sure you aren't going to be a liability.
1. How can I prove myself?
Mandalore: Figure it out yourself. Ask around, see if you can make yourself useful. Or something that'll show what you're made of.
1. So there's nothing you can think of? 2. If you're going to make me help you out, at least give me something.


3. I'll see what I can do. 4. I'll be going now.
Mandalore: I'll let Kex know that you check out. We've found more gear than we can use, so you can trade with him if you need some more supplies. Be careful in the jungle. Our patrols have stopped until the space traffic dies down. The challenging beasts have been cleared from the area, but what's left might still be too much for you.

Find the Outpost[edit]

Journal Entry Added Find the Outpost
The old outpost was the central headquarters for the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars. You were escorted there to meet the new Mandalore.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Found the outpost

This quest is completed.

Alternate Route to Onderon[edit]

Journal Entry Added Alternate Route to Onderon
Mandalore mentioned that he has a shuttle that he can use to take you to Onderon. But you will have to prove yourself to him before he will take you...

This quest is completed.

Price of Passage[edit]

Journal Entry Added The Price of Passage
Mandalore has a shuttle that could get you to the city of Iziz. But he won't take you unless you prove yourself to the Mandalorians. He suggested you ask around in the camp and see if there are things you can do.

If you speak to Mandalore again:

Mandalore: What do you want?
1. Have I proven myself yet?
Mandalore: So far you haven't done anything. Check back when you've done something worth my time. Mandalore: Not yet, Jedi. Find some more to do around here. There's a jungle full of trouble out there.
1. Is there anything you can think of I can do for you? 2. I'll keep working at it, then.

To prove yourself, you need to complete at least four of these seven tasks:

Quest Source Task
Tech Assistance Zuka Helped out with some repairs around the base
Trouble with Cannoks Killed cannoks to find parts for Zuka
Missing Mandalorian Xarga Returned lost Mandalorian
Zakkeg Challenge Mandalorian guard captain Managed to kill a Zakkeg
Explosive Situation Mandalore Set off permacrete detonator in the jungle
Scout Hunt Kelborn Dispatched some covert military scouts
Battle Circle Mandalorian Sergeant Defeated Bralor in the battle circle

Once you've done so, reporting back to the source and then Mandalore:

Mandalore: You've made quite a reputation around here. You did better than I thought you could. I was planning on heading to Iziz tomorrow. But I'll move up the timetable and take you now. You won't be able to get to the Ebon Hawk from the city. If you need to grab anything from your ship, I'd do it now. Mandalore: Are you ready to go to Iziz yet?
2. I need to get a few things. I'll be right back. 2. I still have to get a few things.
Journal Entry Added The Price of Passage
After many tasks you have finally proven yourself to Mandalore. He set off to prepare his shuttle to take you to the city of Iziz on Onderon.
Item(s) Received Mandalore

Save game before committing to going, as you won't be able to return to Dxun until you can leave Iziz:

1. I'm ready to go now. 3. Let's go.
Mandalore: I'm going to talk with Zuka and have him start a shuttle flight check. After that we'll head out.

Explosive Situation[edit]

Mandalore: There is one thing. Before your ship landed we were preparing some demolition work. All the activity forced my men to stop before they finished. The charges need to be detonated before anybody comes across them. So all you'd have to do is flip a switch.
1. Why not just go back and do it yourself?
Mandalore: We want to keep a low profile, so we've recalled all our patrols in the jungle. Setting off some high explosives isn't a textbook example of subtlety.
2. That sounds too easy.
Mandalore: You asked if there was anything you could do, and I told you. Nothing in this jungle is as simple as it seems, though.
3. What were you going to blow up?
Mandalore: We were trying to uncover the entrance to a hidden cache of old Mandalorian equipment. The explosives should be easy to find. Just get to it before the cannoks do.
1. Caches? What are in them?
Mandalore: The last months before Dxun fell, the old Mandalore knew that Revan and the Republic were gaining the upper hand. He ordered our best engineers to hide caches of weapons and munitions throughout the moon, safely away from the enemies' hands.
1. Why didn't the Republic just dig them out?
Mandalore: Don't you think they tried? It's real easy to hide things in a jungle. Even when they found some of our caches, our engineers left them some 'presents.'
2. How big are the caches?
Mandalore: They're not much more than a couple of plasteel cylinders. Before you get any bright ideas, if you uncover cache B13 leave it alone. Even if you survive the traps, it would require military-grade explosives to open without the proper access codes. What's inside belongs to the Mandalorians.
3. How would cannoks be a problem?
Mandalore: Cannoks are nothing more than pests, but they have a real talent for screwing up plans. Just get to those explosives in the next day or so, and you'll be fine.
Journal Entry Added An Explosive Situation
After some prodding, you learned that Mandalore does have a task for you that could help prove yourself to him. Mandalorians had set explosives on the B-13 cache entrance in the jungle, but had to leave before setting them off because of the ships that had landed in the area. He'd like you to detonate them for him. It sounds a little too easy.

The B-13 cache is in the top left quarter of the jungle. After blowing it up:

1. I set off the permacrete detonator in the jungle. Mandalore: I know. It made quite a racket. Good work.
Journal Entry Added An Explosive Situation
Mandalore rewarded you for the demolition work in the jungle. You're one step closer to getting access to his shuttle.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 350 Rewarded for demolition work in jungle
1. After I set off the explosive I had to fight through a pack of bomas.
Mandalore: That's to be expected. They don't really like it when someone makes loud noise in their territory.
1. What? You knew that would happen?
Mandalore: It wouldn't be much of a test if all you had to do was take a hike through the jungle now, would it? You're alive, in one piece, and learned something about the beasts of the jungle.
2. Is there anything else I can do?
Mandalore: Ask around the camp. Someone else might have something you can do to lend a hand. I also promised you a reward. Here you go. This should help you fend off some of the local beasts. You're well on your way to earning some real respect around here. Keep it up.
Item(s) Received Mandalore

Command Center[edit]

Mandalore's command center is on the left side of the lower Mandalorian ruins.

All scouts report in.

If you speak to Mandalore again:

Mandalore: What do you want?
1. Have I proven myself yet? 3. Nothing. I'll be going.
2. Can you tell me about Onderon?
Mandalore: When you were last here, you probably didn't even go to Onderon. The Republic knew that Onderon's fate would be decided on its jungle moon, not the planet itself. To begin with, when you talk about Onderon you're really talking about the ancient walled city of Iziz. It's the only inhabited settlement on the planet.
1. Who is in charge of Onderon?
Mandalore: It depends on who you ask. Queen Talia rules from the Royal Palace. But her cousin, General Vaklu, has a great deal of power in Iziz, as well. They disagree about many things, just like their citizens. We fought General Vaklu during the war and he is a worthy adversary. Queen Talia is young, and hardly a match for him.
2. Is Onderon part of the Republic?
Mandalore: Onderon is a recent addition to the Republic, joining during one of the darker eras in Republic history. Since joining, the Republic has endured many wars and great battles. The people of Onderon don't possess the resolve and strength needed in these times. Many of them want to break away from the Republic. They want to go back to an earlier age when they could cower behind their walls. Their spinelessness made them easy to conquer.
4. That's all I wanted to know about Onderon.
Mandalore: I don't blame you. They're a sad people. I have some things to look into. I'll talk to you later.

The exit to the command center is in the middle of its right wall, and there's a security door in the left wall. However, as you reach the top of the ramp up to it:

Mandalore: What do you want?
1. Nothing. I'll be going. 1. I'm just testing your level of alertness. You passed. 1. Sorry, I thought the bathroom was up there. 1. One would have to be very sneaky to get past you. 1. How can you even see wearing that suit?

You come back down the ramp. You need to enter Stealth mode to get past him:

Security Security Door Lock DC level + 28(8) Bash Resist 5 Vitality 20

This door cannot be blasted open. The room beyond has a metal box in each of its top left and bottom left and right corners, and a bag to the left of the bed in the middle of the left wall:

Item(s) Received Metal Box (3)
  • ?
Item(s) Received Bag
  • ?

Lab Station[edit]

There's a Lab Station by the right wall in the bottom half of Mandalore's Command Center.


The quartermaster Kex is outside in the bottom left corner of the Mandalorian ruins, standing at a fire by the bottom wall of the Command Center. He's a merchant, so save game before speaking as most of his inventory is selected the first time you do so.

Kex: What do you want?
1. You greet everyone that way? 2. Who are you? 3. Is there some sort of problem? 4. I'd change your tone before you regret it.
Kex: No, just you. You're no Mandalorian. I don't know why Mandalore has let you roam free, but I don't trust you. Kex: No, no problem. I just don't know why Mandalore lets you roam free. I don't trust you. Kex: You won't get a fight from me. We've been ordered to let you have free passage through the camp... with no trouble.
Kex: I'm Kex, the new quartermaster. If a Mandalorian needs something, they come to me. Mandalore's ordered me to let you have access to our supplies, including some military-grade surplus. It's not free, though. You can pay with credits or trade in some of your gear. It doesn't matter to me.
1. Let's see what you have. 6. Not interested. Maybe later.
Buy Item Cost Amount Buy Item Cost Amount
Advanced Medpac 80 Infinite Mandalorian Power Shield 250 2
Medpac 40 Infinite Mandalorian Melee Shield 60 5
Mandalorian Heavy Suit 10000 1 Hyper-battle Stimulant 200 1
Mandalorian Combat Suit 850 2 Hyper-adrenal Strength 100 2
Mandalorian Heavy Armor 5000 1 Adrenal Alacrity 50 Infinite
Mandalorian Battle Armor 3750 1 Adrenal Stamina 50 Infinite
Long Sword 50 2 Adrenal Strength 50 Infinite
Mandalorian Ripper 11735 1 Average Frag Mine 250 Infinite
Mandalorian Heavy Blaster 5000 1 Average Plasma Mine 250 2
Mandalorian Blaster 1865 3 Mandalorian Chamber Mark II 3850 1
Mandalorian Assault Rifle 9950 1 Mandalorian Chamber Mark I 450 2
Thermal Detonator 2000 1
Plasma Grenade 750 2
CryoBan Grenade 130 1
Frag Grenade 80 Infinite
Concussion Grenade 80 1


There's no markup or discount when you buy items from him, but you can only sell items to him for 45% of their base cost.

Kex: You again?
6. Never mind. I'll be going now.


2. What do you have to sell?
Kex: Blasters, energy shields, armor, and other fighting gear. All in good condition - though I doubt you could afford it.
3. Do you have some sort of problem with me?
Kex: Yeah, I do. I don't know why Mandalore would let some outsider roam around our camp without an escort. If it were up to me, you would've been shot on sight. Manadlore must think you're something special.
1. I am. And you'd better not forget it.
Kex: I won't - as long as the Mandalore's orders stand. If he wants you dead, though, then I'm going to be the first one gunning for you.
4. How did you end up as quartermaster?
Kex: The greatest honor for a Mandalorian is to distinguish themselves in battle. But as age comes upon us, some are forced to find honor in other pursuits. They assist as freighter pilots, technicians, or quartermasters. There is honor there, but it's nothing compared to the heat of battle. For someone young like me, this task is distasteful. There are many battles left in me. Yet I am relegated to... this.
1. How did you wind up with the job?
Kex: My predecessor was loading equipment from Cache D5. Mandalorian engineers must've worked the double-shift on that one. The old quartermaster was carrying out a load of blast converters and walked straight into a beam splitter. Pieces of him wound up all over. So I got the job. And here I am.
5. Can you tell me about the area?
Kex: It's bad enough I have to stand here and pass out supplies while the others go on patrol. I'm not going to disgrace myself further by being your guide. The only advice I'll give you is when you're in the jungle, shoot anything that moves. Then shoot the things that don't move, just to be sure.

There's a bag by the wall to the left of Kex:

Item(s) Received Bag
  • ?


The exit back to the jungle is on the bottom right side of the Mandalorian ruins, which are patrolled by a Mandalorian patrol guard. A Mandalorian guard stands to either side of the exit, and a Mandalorian gate guard patrols back and forth between them. If you speak to any of them, or the Mandalorian recruits when they're not sparring:

Your ship's pilot and gunner are both skilled. You destroyed many Onderon fighter craft in the recent space battle.
During the war, we abandoned our headquarters before Revan's final attack. Only a few volunteers were allowed to stay and fight.
Dxun is a dangerous place. Never drop your guard.
The Onderonians avoid this moon. They are too weak to tame this place.
Revan may have won the last war. But our spirit isn't broken.
The Republic lost many of their forces taking Dxun. For every Mandalorian soldier who fell, the Republic paid with ten of theirs.

A Mandalorian guide stands above the exit:

Mandalorian Guide: Ready to head back to your ship? Give the word, and I'll take you there.
1. Let's go. 2. Not right now. I'll be going.
Mandalorian Guide: Follow me.

He returns you to the Ebon Hawk and stands in the clearing above it, ready to return you here:

Mandalorian Guide: About time you showed up. Mandalore ordered me to report here and escort you wherever you need to go on Dxun.
1. Why would I need an escort?
Mandalorian Guide: You want to hike through this jungle for hours, go ahead. But I can get you where you want to go a lot faster and safer than you crashing through the undergrowth like a drunk boma.
3. I have no need of an escort. 4. I'll be fine on my own.
Mandalorian Guide: I'll guard your vessel, then. The path to the camp hasn't been patrolled recently.
Mandalorian Guide: Ready to head back to camp? Give the word and I'll take you there.
2. Let's go to your camp. Mandalorian Guide: Follow me, then.

A Mandalorian guard captain stands above the exit on the right side:

Mandalorian Guard Captain: We've called off our patrols outside the camp. We usually find some entertainment in clearing out the worst of the beasts. But without our patrols some of the larger beasts may be around. None of us will be around to bail you out of trouble. You've been warned. Mandalorian Guard Captain: If you head outside the camp, remember that there won't be any patrols around to bail you out of trouble if you run across any of the larger beasts. You've been warned.
4. I don't need your warnings. 5. I'll keep that in mind. I'll be going now.


1. Why did you call off your patrols?
Mandalorian Guard Captain: Our sensors picked up three ships landing in this area after the space battle. If any of the Onderon "military" come searching for those ships, we don't want them finding our base.
5. I'll be going now.


1. Three ships? There was my ship and the Duros ship. Who was the third?
Mandalorian Guard Captain: I don't know. It was some sort of freighter. It didn't land in any of the clearings along the path. Knowing some of the larger Dxun beasts, the crew's probably already dead.
2. Why are you hiding from the Onderon military?
Mandalorian Guard Captain: The people of Onderon still live in fear of us. They were the first world we conquered in the Mandalorian Wars. Their 'resistance' was laughable. We cut through their defenses like vibroblades through cloth. Iziz fell within hours. If they knew we were here, they would eventually gather enough courage to attack us. It is not a battle we wish to wage... yet.
2. Is there anyone else on the moon?
Mandalorian Guard Captain: Who knows? Our relay dish is down, and until Zuka repairs it, we're blind. Mandalorian Guard Captain: We're looking into it. With your help, the relay dish is working again, so we aren't blind to the rest of the planet.
Mandalorian Guard Captain: The Onderon military has cordoned off the planet, so there shouldn't be anybody else down here. Still, our sensors occasionally pick up signals on the surface.
Kreia: Signals? What signals?
Mandalorian Guard Captain: It's like someone is searching the planet, and doing so under the noses of the military. Whoever they are, they've stayed clear of us.
1. Why would they search the planet?
Mandalorian Guard Captain: I don't know. Dxun's all jungle except for this camp.
2. Can I help with the relay dish?
Mandalorian Guard Captain: If you want to pitch in, go ahead. Zuka hasn't been able to get the damn thing up and running. You can find him in the eastern side of camp, just south of the hangars. Look for the sparking wires, and he won't be far.
3. Larger beasts? 4. What did you mean by larger beasts?
Mandalorian Guard Captain: We heard reports of a zakkeg wandering the paths around there. They're a good challenge - for Mandalorians. If you see one, stay out of its way. Without us to back you up, you'll be dead in seconds.

Zakkeg Challenge[edit]

1. What's a zakkeg?
Mandalorian Guard Captain: It's a huge, red lizard that's built like a Baragwin battle tank. It has a hide so thick it might as well be durasteel plating. We keep clearing them out of the area, but they keep coming back. They're tough opponents... for non-Mandalorians.
1. I can defeat it. 2. Yeah? I think you're wrong.
Mandalorian Guard Captain: You, fight a zakkeg? If you survived such a battle, you'd gain much honor.
1. No beast on this moon is a match for me. 2. We'll see. I'll be back after I've defeated one.
Mandalorian Guard Captain: Strong words. It would be amusing to see you try to kill such a beast. Try the outlying jungle paths, if you're determined to seek one out. And bring me back a trophy from your kill, as proof of the deed.
Journal Entry Added Zakkeg Challenge
The gate guard outside the Mandalorian camp warned you to stay clear of zakkegs. They are one of the toughest beasts in this part of the jungle. It sounds like a challenge.

Zakkeg Territory is in the bottom right quarter of the jungle, although you might want to defeat Davrel in the Battle Circle first...

After defeating the zakkeg:

1. I defeated a zakkeg.
Mandalorian Guard Captain: Really? And where is your proof?
3. Why do I need proof? 4. Never mind. I'll be going.
Mandalorian Guard Captain: You obviously have a small understanding of our ways. Hearsay is not acceptable proof of your accomplishments. Bring me a trophy from your kill.

Otherwise, save game before showing him the zakkeg ear:

2. I defeated a zakkeg. Here is its ear as proof. 1. Here is its ear.
Mandalorian Guard Captain: I'm impressed. Too bad you're a Jedi. You'd make a formidable Mandalorian.
Journal Entry Added Zakkeg Challenge
You earned some respect from the guard captain by defeating a zakkeg.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 500 Showed Zakkeg ear to guard captain
Item(s) Received Mandalorian Guard Captain

The ranged upgrade item received depends on your experience level:

Level Targeting Power packs Firing chambers
1 Pinpoint Scope Mark I Ion Charger Mark I Broadening Chamber Mark I
2-3 Accuracy Scope Mark I Power Pulsator Mark I Amplifying Chamber Mark I
4-5 Targeting Scope Mark I Basic Rylith Power Cell Precision Chamber Mark I
6-7 Crippling Scope Mark I Ion Charger Mark II Beam Splitter Mark I
8-9 Pinpoint Scope Mark II Power Pulsator Mark II Mandalorian Chamber Mark I
10-11 Accuracy Scope Mark II Standard Rylith Power Cell Broadened Chamber Mark II
12-13 Targeting Scope Mark II Ion Charger Mark III Amplifying Chamber Mark II
14-15 Crippling Scope Mark II Power Pulsator Mark III Precision Chamber Mark II
16-17 Pinpoint Scope Mark III Advanced Rylith Power Cell Beam Splitter Mark II
18-19 Accuracy Scope Mark III Ion Charger Mark IV Mandalorian Chamber Mark II
20-21 Targeting Scope Mark III Power Pulsator Mark IV Broadened Chamber Mark III
22-23 Crippling Scope Mark III Superior Rylith Power Cell Amplifying Chamber Mark III
24-25 Pinpoint Scope Mark IV Ion Charger Mark V Precision Chamber Mark III
26-27 Accuracy Scope Mark IV Power Pulsator Mark V Beam Splitter Mark III
28-29 Targeting Scope Mark IV Pure Rylith Power Cell Mandalorian Chamber Mark III

At level 30 and beyond, nothing is received. However, if the ranged upgrade item normally selected is already in your inventory, then the next highest that you don't already have is received instead: this should not happen for any already in any ranged weapons, or in containers elsewhere.

If you speak to any Mandalorian guard, patrol or recruit:

You and Davrel have proven your worth by defeating the zakkeg together.
I heard you defeated a zakkeg. That is an achievement.

If Davrel was present when the zakkeg was killed, then he's returned to his place by the battle circle:

Davrel: I see now how we lost the Mandalorian Wars. You have a formidable spirit. I have no illusions that I would've been able to defeat the zakkeg without you. I doubt you even needed me. But you have helped me secure my place here. I wish you well, Jedi.

Once you've shown the zakkeg ear to the Mandalorian guard captain, when you next speak to Mandalore in his Command Center:

Mandalore: The gate guard said you managed to kill a zakkeg. Those are tough beasts, Jedi. You've earned some respect around here.

Missing Mandalorian[edit]

On the right side of the lower Mandalorian ruins, opposite the Command Center, four Mandalorian recruits spar under the instruction of Xarga, who yells encouragement at the start of each session:

Our numbers swell, our training hones us, the galaxy will fear us once more!
Mandalore will gather the scattered clans. We will triumph!
The Mandalorians will rise again!

If you speak to Xarga:

Xarga: So you're the Jedi the camp's been talking about. Are you planning on exploring the jungles to the south?
1. I might. Who are you? 2. What concern is it of yours? 3. None of your business.
Xarga: You're wrong, it is my business. While you're a guest in this camp, you can start earning your way.
Xarga: I'm Xarga. I instruct our rawer Mandalorian recruits in the ways of discipline and battle.
Xarga: I sent one of my warriors, Kumus, into the jungle. It's been three days, and I want you to bring back his corpse and his survival pack.
1. Are you sure he's dead?
Xarga: If Kumus wasn't dead he'd be back already. If you find his body, just bring it back.
2. Why do you want the body? 3. A dead Mandalorian is no concern of mine. 2. I'm not hauling a dead body all the way back to camp.
Xarga: Good point. I don't want his body, just his equipment. Field strip the corpse and bring the gear back.
1. If I find Kumus' body, I will bring back his gear. 2. I'll keep an eye out for the body. 4. I'm not interested. I'll be going now.


3. Anything I find in the jungle is mine.
Xarga: Do as you will, but you won't impress anyone here by scavenging through the jungle for the gear of our fallen brothers.
Journal Entry Added Missing Mandalorian
Xarga, a Mandalorian instructor, asked you to return the gear of a young Mandalorian who failed in one of his missions. His corpse is somewhere in the jungle.
Xarga: Found Kumus' body yet?
1. I'm still exploring the jungles. 2. I haven't found any sign of Kumus. 3. Not yet. I'll be going now.
Xarga: Take your time. Corpses have a lot of patience.

The Lost Mandalorian Kumus is in the top right quarter of the jungle. If one of you doesn't return to Xarga before you go to Iziz:

Journal Entry Added Missing Mandalorian
The jungle hides its secrets well. It is doubtful that anyone will find a trace of Xarga's missing recruit.

If Kumus is killed then when speaking to Xarga for the first time:

Xarga: I sent one of my warriors, Kumus, into the jungle. It's been three days, and I want you to bring back his corpse and his survival pack.
1. I already found him. His corpse and gear were devoured by Cannoks. 2. I found him. The fool was blown to bits by permacrete.


Xarga: Found Kumus' body yet?
2. My Jedi senses tell me Kumus met his fate in the jungle. 3. No, uh, but I saw his corpse being devoured by cannoks. He's dead.
Xarga: If he couldn't defend himself, then he got no less than he deserved. Any sign of that permacrete he was carrying?
1. No sign of that, either. 2. It was probably swallowed by cannoks. Don't shoot any of them for a while. 3. I didn't see the permacrete anywhere.
Xarga: What a waste. Looks like I'll need to send a new recruit out sooner than I'd like.
Shame about that permacrete. Oh, and Kumus, too. He wasn't my brightest recruit, but he had guts.

If Kumus returns then he stands by Xarga:

Kumus: I was able to make it back to camp without encountering any other beasts. You have my gratitude.
1. You're lucky I was in the area. 2. What about that reward? 4. It was no trouble. I was glad to help.
Kumus: That's true. I was indeed fortunate that you came along when you did.
Kumus: Please don't tell anyone what happened. If the others were to know, I would be disgraced. Kumus: I promised a reward, and I will honor it. Take this - you have deserved it.
Credits Received: 1000

You only get a reward if you were promised one in the jungle, although you can ask now and get one if you're persuasive and willing to move closer to the dark side of the Force:

3. I'd rather have a reward.
Kumus: I forgot you are not a Mandalorian... we do not typically take payment in exchange for life.
3. It was no trouble, then. I was glad to help. 4. Never mind, then.
Kumus: Please don't tell anyone what happened. If the others were to know, I would be disgraced.


2. I'm not Mandalorian, and I want a reward.
Kumus: I have little to offer except my gratitude. If that is not enough, then perhaps it would have been best if you'd left me to die in the jungle.
3. Forget it, then.
Persuade 1. [Persuade (7)] It's not a reward - it's a payment to insure my silence and let you keep your honor. Persuade 1. [Persuade (7)] I suggest you give me what you have, or everyone in camp will know of your disgrace.
Kumus: [Success] Very well. Here - take this. It is worth less than my gratitude, but perhaps it will satisfy you. Kumus: [Failure] I will not disgrace myself further by paying for your silence.
Credits Received: 1000 Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Kumus: We have nothing more to say to each other. Now leave me alone.
I have nothing to say to you. Leave me alone.

If you speak to Xarga:

Xarga: You found Kumus - and alive, no less. I suppose I should offer my gratitude. He's got a mind like a stunned mynock, but he's got courage. He was evasive when I asked him what happened, however. Trying to survive in the jungle must have taken its toll.
Journal Entry Added Missing Mandalorian
Xarga, though surprised that Kumus was alive, was grateful for your assistance.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 500 Kumus returned
Item(s) Received Xarga

The heavy armor received depends on your experience level:

At level 30 and beyond, nothing is received. However, if the heavy armor normally selected is already equipped by your main character or in your inventory, then the next highest that you don't already have is received instead: this should not happen for any equipped by your party or in containers elsewhere.

1. I'm glad I was able to return him safely. 4. I suppose so. I'll be going now.
Light Side Points Gained: +4
Xarga: We'll see if Kumus will prove warrior enough to be worth all this trouble.
I told Mandalore about what you did for Kumus.
Kumus: Commander Xarga was not pleased to hear I failed to accomplish my mission in the forest. It is fortunate that he does not know the whole story. You have my gratitude. I must work hard to erase my shame.

If you speak to any Mandalorian guard, patrol or recruit:

Kumus owes you a debt of honor, traveler.

Otherwise you can tell Xarga that Kumus got himself trapped on a ledge, gaining some more experience but also moving closer to the dark side of the Force, and preventing Kumus from giving you a reward:

2. He was mostly in danger of starving to death. Xarga: He was what?
3. The fool let cannoks eat his equipment, then was trapped up on a ledge by boma beasts. 1. While up on a ledge, cannoks ate his backpack. He ran out of ammo and was trapped.
Xarga: What?! I will have words with Kumus. This embarrassment must be dealt with. Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Journal Entry Added Missing Mandalorian
You told Xarga that Kumus got himself trapped on a ledge. Xarga was furious and said that he would deal with Kumus.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Told Xarga that Kumus got himself trapped on a ledge
That idiot Kumus will be working off his shame for the rest of his days. Equipment eaten by cannoks - it would have been better if he'd let the jungle take him.
Kumus: You told Xarga what happened. You have shamed me in front of my commander and my fellow warriors. If you enter the jungle, may you never return.

As long as Kumus returns, when you next speak to Mandalore in his Command Center:

Mandalore: Xarga told me that you returned one of our sheep to the herd. You have gained some small prestige by helping Kumus.

Tech Assistance[edit]

On the right side of the lower Mandalorian ruins, below Xarga and the Mandalorian recruits, there are broken wires:

[These sparking wires look dangerous. They could trigger an electrical surge at any moment. It would be best to keep your distance.]

Zuka stands at a terminal below these wires, to the right:

Damn it! The jungle is taking over everything. This place is a mess. This terminal is locked by another user.

If you speak to Zuka:

Zuka: All right, stand back. Let's see if that... Sith's blood! Fixing anything in this rot-infested place is an uphill battle!
3. I've never heard of a Mandalorian fixing something.
Zuka: Every Mandalorian dedicates himself to honor and loyalty. The duty of Mandalore is to focus our efforts to increase our strength and power. I am fortunate since not only can I fight, but I can also maintain and repair the machines of war. Every time my machines are used in battle, part of the honor is mine.
1. What's the problem? 2. Anything I can help with? 1. So what's the problem, then?
Zuka: This jungle attacks anything made by man. Restoring the generators and the computer systems is no easy task.
5. Then I'll leave you to it.


Computer Use 1. [Computer (3)] I've had some practice restoring computer systems, if you need a hand. Repair 2. [Repair (3)] I'm pretty good with a hydrospanner. Can I help? 3. Maybe I can help. I'm trying to prove myself to Mandalore.
Zuka: You're trying to help Mandalore? If you can fix the power problem I'm having, I'll put in a good word for you.
Zuka: I'll take whatever help I can get. Whatever wires and tech haven't been corroded by the jungle are at least ten years old.
Bao-Dur: What's the problem?


T3-M4: Be-reeep-de-deet dwoo?
1. Yes, T3, we'll see if we can help him fix things. 2. I don't have time to play mechanic, T3. 3. Keep it down, droid. We've got enough work already.
Influence Gained: T3-M4 (+8) Influence Lost: T3-M4 (-8)
T3-M4: Bee-dee-beep! T3-M4: Dwooo...
Zuka: What did the droid say?
1. He asked what the trouble was. 2. Just asking if he could help. 3. Nothing. Go on.


Zuka: You change your mind? I could use some help.
1. What's the problem again? 2. Not interested.
Zuka: I'm trying to get the relay dish operational, but several components are broken and need repair. Without the relay, we're vulnerable to attack, especially right now. Your space battle may have attracted unwanted attention, and our shuttle's sensors can't cover the whole moon.
5. I can't help you. I'll be going now.
Journal Entry Added Tech Assistance
Zuka is having trouble with the relay dish. If you help him out, it should earn you some favor from Mandalore. He said you should look at the area around the relay dish to see if there is anything you can fix.


1. Then let's get to work fixing it. 2. So what should I start working on?
Zuka: Oh, It seems just about everything involved with the relay dish is broken. I've been trying to fix it for weeks and still no success.
Bao-Dur: I can take a look at it, if you will permit it.
T3-M4: Be-deeeeet. Be-wreep?
Bao-Dur: Correction - we can take a look at it, if you will permit it.
Zuka: If you think you can help, there's the broken cables right over there, and the relay maintenance structure's behind me. You can find the telemetry computer in there.
Zuka: The only thing I know for sure is we need a new phase-pulse converter for the tracking computer.

If you try to use Zuka's terminal again:

This doesn't look like the computer to access the relay dish. Perhaps you'll find that in the building beneath the relay dish in the northern section of the camp.

However, you can now fix the broken wires:

Broken Wires: [The power wires here are damaged. It would take a lot of skill and parts to repair them.]
Repair 1. [Repair] Fix the broken wires. (4 repair part(s)) 2. Leave them alone.
Broken Wires: [Success] You have fixed the broken wires. Broken Wires: [Failure] You don't have enough repair parts.
Journal Entry Added Tech Assistance
The broken wires were badly stripped, but with some elbow grease and some basic components you've fixed the problem. Zuka could still use some help with the telemetry computer, though.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 15 * level Fixed broken wires
[The broken wires have been fixed.]

If you tell Zuka about this:

2. I fixed the broken power cables.
Zuka: Good to hear it. I've been low on parts, otherwise I would've been able to get to that.

Relay Dish & Workbench are in the bottom right corner of the upper Mandalorian ruins, where the telemetry computer is by the right wall in the top corner:

Telemetry Computer: This telemetry computer has been painstakingly reassembled. Its core programming, however, appears corrupted.
Computer Use 1. [Computer] Reprogram the core. (8 spike(s))
Telemetry Computer: [Success] The core has been reprogrammed and fixed. Telemetry Computer: [Failure] You don't have enough computer spikes to repair the computer.
2. Leave computer.
Journal Entry Added Tech Assistance
The telemetry computer was badly corrupted and required extensive work to become operational again. Zuka could still use some help with the broken wires, though.
Journal Entry Added Tech Assistance
With both the telemetry computer and the power cables fixed, even Zuka should be able to get the sensors operational again. You should tell Zuka of what you've accomplished.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 25 * level Reprogramed core
Telemetry Computer: The telemetry computer has been reprogrammed.

If you tell Zuka about this:

2. I fixed the core programming on the telemetry computer.
Zuka: You managed that? I thought that was a lost cause. Now if I can only get the phase-pulse converter and the power working, the sensors will be operational again.

Once both the telemetry computer and power cables are fixed:

2. Both the cables and the telemetry computer are working now.
Zuka: That's the best thing I've heard in weeks. I'll be sure to tell Mandalore about your help. Look, I have some extra parts and computer spikes. Take them - you can probably make better use of them than I can.
Journal Entry Added Tech Assistance
Zuka was greatly relieved that someone with more technical knowledge than himself stepped in. Once he gets the sensors operational again, he said he'd let you know of any developments. He also gave you a few minor items as a reward.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Fixed telemetry computer and power cables
Item(s) Received Zuka

If you speak to Mandalore in his Command Center:

Mandalore: Zuka told me you helped out with some repairs around the base. I was hoping you'd prove yourself more with a lightsaber, but it's certainly a great help.

Trouble with Cannoks[edit]

Repair 3. (< 3) I'm not much good with a hydrospanner, is there something else I could do? Computer Use 4. (< 3) The computer systems may be beyond my skills. 1. Where can I find a phase-pulse converter? 2. If you don't have one on hand, then that could be hard to get.
Zuka: There is a part I need. It's a phase-pulse converter.
Bao-Dur: That part's rare enough in most spaceports. Finding one here would be difficult.
Zuka: We actually already found one in an old weapons cache, but flaming cannoks ate it.
1. Cannoks ate it?
Zuka: That's the problem with cannoks. They'll leave you alone if you keep your distance. But if you turn your back on the pests, they'll eat anything they can get in their mouth.
1. Why don't you hunt them down? 1. The cannoks actually ate it?
Zuka: They're vermin, and no challenge for a Mandalorian. Since they provide no sport, we ignore them.
3. There must be another way I can find a phase-pulse converter.
Zuka: We checked the cache manifests, and that's the only one that was in storage. It's probably the only working converter on this moon.
2. So how do you propose I find it?
Zuka: Just gut every cannok you come across. You wouldn't believe the things you can find in those little beasts.
3. You'll have to find someone else for this job.
Zuka: Hmmm... no Mandalorian would lower himself to this task. Forget it, then - if you happen to come across a converter, then let me know.


1. This better be worth it. I'll start looking.
Zuka: All right, then. Come back when you have the converter and we can see about getting these systems working again.
Journal Entry Added Trouble with Cannoks
Zuka needs one important component to get the sensors operational, a rare part called a phase pulse converter. The Mandalorians found the part he needed in one of the caches, but unfortunately cannoks ate it. You'll have to gut cannoks in the jungle in order to find Zuka's part.
Zuka: Any progress with the repairs or the phase-pulse converter?
1. Nothing yet. 2. I'm still working on it.

The three cannoks you need to gut for all three pieces of the phase pulse converter are found in both the top quarters and the bottom right quarter of the jungle (there's nothing in the bottom left quarter):

Zuka: We actually already found one in an old weapons cache, but flaming cannoks ate it. Zuka: Any progress with the repairs or the phase-pulse converter?
1. It just so happens I found this part in a cannock's belly. 2. I found a part for it.
Zuka: Let me see... Well, it looks like the phase-pulse converter's been broken into three pieces. The cannoks must have been fighting over it. This piece is in good enough shape to repair. If you find more of them, bring them to me.


2. It just so happens I got these parts from the bodies of two cannoks. 2. I have two parts of the phase-pulse converter.
Zuka: Let me see... Those pieces are in fine shape. There's still one piece missing, though. Bring that to me, and I'll try and fix the telemetry computer.


1. It just so happens I have these three parts that I recovered from cannoks. 2. I have all three parts of the phase-pulse converter.
Zuka: You do? Let me see... I don't know how, but these pieces look in good enough shape to repair. I'll have the telemetry computer repaired in no time.
3. Any chance I can get some sort of reward? 4. Then perhaps you can pay me for my time.
Zuka: That's pretty mercenary of you. A lot of us have been down that road recently. Here's some credits. I appreciate the help. Now I have some work to do.
Credits Received: 1000


1. I'm just glad I could help out. 2. Could you mention this to Mandalore?
Light Side Points Gained: +2
Zuka: I'll be sure to tell Mandalore how much help you've been. I know you didn't ask, but here's a reward anyway. Mandalorians are expected to do anything they can to help. But you're a stranger, and you didn't have to help us.
1. It was my pleasure to help. I need no reward. 2. I don't need the reward. Keep it. 3. You're right about that. Until next time. 4. Very well. I'll be going now.
Light Side Points Gained: +1
Zuka: All right, if you say so. Again, you have my gratitude. Credits Received: 1000
Journal Entry Added Trouble with Cannoks
Zuka assembled the phase pulse converter and it is fully operational. He was as thankful as a Mandalorian ever is, and gave you a reward.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 450 Phase pulse converter fully operational
Item(s) Received Zuka

If you speak to Zuka after he's assembled the phase pulse converter, and you've completed Tech Assistance:

The systems are working now. You have my gratitude.

When you next speak to Mandalore in his Command Center:

Mandalore: How many cannoks did you have to kill to find those parts for Zuka? That was a tremendous help. I won't forget it.

Relay Dish & Workbench[edit]

A path exits the top left corner of the lower Mandalorian ruins and zigzags to the bottom right corner of the upper ruins. There's a metal box in the top left corner at the first bend, and another by the middle of the path's top wall.

Item(s) Received Metal Box (2)
  • ?

In the bottom right corner of the upper ruins, a ramp leads up into a room with a Workbench by the top wall in its left corner, and the telemetry computer by the right wall in its top corner. If Zuka hasn't told you about the relay dish:

Telemetry Computer: This appears to be a telemetry computer. It isn't working.

Battle Circle[edit]

The Battle Circle is in the upper ruins. The left side is otherwise unpopulated, but there's a bag in the bottom left corner and a metal box in the top left corner.

Item(s) Received Bag
  • ?
Item(s) Received Metal Box
  • ?

Shuttle Hangar[edit]

There are two hangars on the right side of the upper Mandalorian ruins. The bottom hangar door is locked, but the top one is open and contains a G-wing:

[This is a G-wing that the Mandalorian's use to shuttle between Dxun and Iziz.]
[You can't use the shuttle right now.]

There's a metal box below this G-wing shuttle, to the right, two more in the top right corner and another in the bottom right corner.

Item(s) Received Metal Box (4)
  • ?

Once the Price of Passage is completed and you've told Mandalore you're ready to go, he talks with Zuka and has him start a shuttle flight check before you head out:

Mandalore: How are the port stabilizers?
Zuka: They check out, Mandalore. All systems are green.
Mandalore: Good. I want the shuttle bound for Onderon within the hour.

Kreia arrives:

Mandalore: What do you want? Kreia: Is all in readiness?
Mandalore: Hnh. It is, like I promised. Why, you want to back out now?
Kreia: My only concerns are for the one you escort to Onderon, Mandalorian. Would you do any less for one of your clan?
Mandalore: Don't pretend to understand us - we Mandalorians are a breed apart.
Kreia: If by 'apart' you mean scattered, broken, and lost, then yes - you are correct.
Mandalore: Not for long. Soon the Mandalorians will be strong again, united as one clan under one banner. Mine.
Kreia: Ah, yes. The great crusade - after the first one was ended by Revan and the Jedi. Such a defeat was merciful, an echo of the end, when your ships were in flames, crushed in the grip of Malachor V. But I do not need to remind you of such things.
Mandalore: I was at Malachor V. And I remember how many Jedi died to stop us there. And no matter how many dead orbit that planet, the Mandalorians still live. Clan Ordo still lives. See Kex there - he was serving on Nar Shaddaa as muscle for the Hutts. Kelborn was a scout for the Duros on frontier worlds. I brought them here, gave them a purpose. This galaxy will be ours again, I promise you. That is the future.
Kreia: Indeed? The future is always in motion, it is a difficult thing to see. Perhaps there will be no new age, Mandalore, no great Mandalorian crusade. Perhaps your people fought their last battle at Malachor V, and you have been dying ever since, a quiet death that will last centuries. And perhaps all that remains will be what I see before me: a man, wounded by a Jedi, encased in a Mandalorian shell, haunted by the thought of being the last of the Mandalorians.
Mandalore: You've got some guts, talking to me like that. You think your age or your Jedi whelp are going to keep you safe from me?
Kreia: No, Mandalore, you are wrong. I hope that it is you who will keep the one I travel with safe. You are loyal, and you have served many Masters... even following them into darkness. Kreia: No, Mandalore, you are wrong. I hope that it is you who will keep the one I travel with safe. You are loyal, and you have served many Masters... even when they abandoned you.
Kreia: Do you wonder where she wanders now, Mandalore? Why she cast you down, left you broken, at the edge of the galaxy? Kreia: Do you wonder where he wanders now, Mandalore? Why he betrayed you at the end, cast you down, left you broken, at the edge of the galaxy? Kreia: Do you wonder where she wanders now, Mandalore? Why she gave you your orders, then abandoned you at the edge of the galaxy? Kreia: Do you wonder where he wanders now, Mandalore? Why he gave you your orders, then abandoned you at the edge of the galaxy?
Mandalore: How do you know that?
Kreia: I know many things, and I can answer the question that burns within your shell, Mandalore. But there is a price - you must keep the one I travel with safe.
Kreia: She is important to me - more important than anything. Kreia: He is important to me - more important than anything.
Kreia: Show the same loyalty you have shown in the past, Mandalore. If there is a Mandalorian crusade, let it be for something that will carry your people's memory into the future, so when there are no more Mandalorians, at least their honor will remain. The one I travel with has walked your same path - and I ask that when the end comes, that you remember that kinship, even if it seems there is nothing else left.
Mandalore: Forget the Jedi. Keep your eyes on her.

Zuka has returned to his station on the bottom right side of the lower ruins:

Zuka: Hmmmm... One... Two... Three...

An explosion kills a stealthed Sith assassin!

Zuka: Mandalorians, we've got company! Stealthed targets have breached our perimeter!

Back in the shuttle hangar:

Kreia: Wait a moment... I sense - there is a disturbance in the camp. Our enemy has tracked us here... I did not expect them so soon - how did they get here, I wonder? Regardless, we must eliminate them all. None of them can escape. Our whereabouts must remain a secret. Let us join the battle. Our "allies" will need our help.

The Party Selection screen opens, but Atton is still unable to join the party.

Sith assassins are attacking throughout the ruins, and you and the Mandalorians must kill up to 23 before you can go. At least three Sith assassins are attacking those around the battle circle:

Sith Assassin (main character level 20)
Set 3
Level 15
Class Sith Assassin
Alignment 25 (dark)
Awareness 3
Strength 12 +1
Dexterity 12 +1
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 12 +1
Wisdom 12 +1
Charisma 12 +1
Vitality 123
Force 15
Defense 29
Fortitude 22
Reflex 23
Will 21
Ranged Main Off hand
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Attack 16 14
Bludgeoning 4-193-18
Threat 20-20,x220-20,x2
Items and abilities Feats Force powers


Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons Two-Weapon Fighting

Drain Life 22

Drain Life requires 25 Force, so these Sith Assassins cannot use it until you have experience level 34 or higher.

Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 275 Killed Sith Assassin (3) (level 20)

Any replacement Sith assassins are much tougher, but killing them doesn't count towards the total:

Sith Assassin (main character level 20)
Set 3
Level 22
Class Minion
Alignment 25 (dark)
Awareness 2
Strength 14 +2
Dexterity 14 +2
Constitution 14 +2
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 10 0
Charisma 10 0
Vitality 764
Force -
Defense 30
Fortitude 25
Reflex 25
Will 23
Ranged Main Off hand
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Attack 24 22
Bludgeoning 6-214-19
Threat 20-20,x220-20,x2
Items and abilities Feats Force powers


Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons Two-Weapon Fighting


Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 275 Killed Sith Assassin (?) (level 20)

The Mandalorian patrol guard can be killed, but the recruits, sergeant and battle circle challengers present cannot. If you stay to kill the replacements, then once all are killed the Mandalorian sergeant and Bralor run down to the lower Mandalorian ruins. The Mandalorian recruits and battle circle challengers form a perimeter around the battle circle, but even out of combat they're too busy to talk to you right now:

[Tagren is too busy to talk to you right now.] [This Mandalorian is too busy to talk to you right now.]

If Kelborn returned from the jungle then, as you approach the bend in the path down to the lower ruins, he decloaks behind two stealthed Sith assassins and kills them:

Kelborn: You didn't think you were the only ones with stealth generators, did you?
[Kelborn is too busy to talk to you right now.]

If Kumus returned from the jungle:

Kumus: Over here, there are more of them!

If Davrel is still alive:

Davrel: For Mandalore!

Six Sith assassins decloak around Davrel in the top left corner of the lower ruins, but he cannot be killed. However, if Davrel was killed in the jungle then only four Sith assassins appear and need to be killed.

Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 275 Killed Sith Assassin (4-6) (level 20)
[Davrel is too busy to talk to you right now.]

If Kumus returned from the jungle then he's attacked by two Sith assassins on the upper right side of the lower ruins, and he can be killed; if he did not return, then there are none.

Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 275 Killed Sith Assassin (0-2) (level 20)
[Kumus is too busy to talk to you right now.]

Any Sith assassins and their replacements can attack Xarga and his Mandalorian recruits here as well. Xarga cannot be killed, but his recruits can be.

[Xarga is too busy to talk to you right now.]

If the Mandalorian sergeant and Bralor left the battle circle, then they run down to the gate at the bottom end of the ruins, where six Sith assassins must be killed.

Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 275 Killed Sith Assassin (6) (level 20)
[The sergeant is too busy to talk to you right now.] [Bralor is too busy to talk to you right now.]

Kex, Zuka, the Mandalorian guard captain and guide cannot be killed, but the gate guards can be.

[Kex is too busy to talk to you right now.] [Zuka is too busy to talk to you right now.]
[He is too busy to talk to you right now.]

If you manage to speak to the guide when you're both out of combat, then he can actually take you back to the Ebon Hawk, although there's not much point to this. Otherwise, if you try to enter the jungle through the gate at the bottom end of the ruins:

[I cannot leave the battle at this time.]

If you stay away from the command center on the left side of the lower ruins, then you get to a point where only two replacement Sith assassins keep appearing, seemingly indefinitely. The last six Sith assassins you need to kill are in a line in front of the command center's security door (which is closed and locked), but they'll only decloak once you approach.

Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 275 Killed Sith Assassin (6) (level 20)

Once the first wave of Sith assassins is killed, you're returned to Mandalore and the shuttle hangar:

Mandalore: Seems trouble follows you on a regular basis. I think it's best for both of us if we head to Iziz immediately. Grab your gear. My men will take care of cleaning up the mess.

The Party Selection screen opens. Atton is still unable to join the party, and if you try to remove Mandalore:

This character must be a member of your party at this time.

Mandalore must be a member of your party until you can return from Iziz.