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Onderon on the Galaxy Map

Once you travel to Onderon, you won't be able to travel anywhere else until you've concluded your business here.

KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: Well, this is Onderon. It looks like there's a long line to get into the Iziz Starport.
KotORII Icon Kreia.png Kreia: Something feels wrong here... a great disturbance here in orbit... and again on the planets below.
KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: I guess this blockade is a symptom of larger problems on Onderon.
KotORII Icon Mira.png Mira: If they decide to do a cargo search, we're going to be in trouble.
KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: Looks like we're about to find out. I'm receiving a message from some Colonel Tobin. Patching it through...
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Com. Channel: The Ebon Hawk. I was told to expect your arrival. I don't know your business on Onderon, but it ends here.

A group of six fighters attacks the Ebon Hawk, triggering a much wider space battle!

KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: We've taken some hits! We can try to fight back, or I can outrun them and hide us on the jungle moon nearby. It's your call.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. I'll man the turret. Just keep her steady. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. We'd better run for it. To the moon.
KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: I can't keep us in one piece much longer. Sorry to spoil your fun, but we've got to land now. I'm going to put us down on that jungle moon.

Once you've landed on the jungle moon:

KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: You know, just once, I wish someone was glad to see us. But no, if it isn't weapons pointed at our heads, it's someone trying to blast us out if the sky.
KotOR Icon Journal.png Journal Entry Added: Find the Outpost
You've landed on the jungle moon of Dxun, where the Mandalorian Wars started from. Kreia says there is an old outpost nearby. Maybe there you can find some transportation that could get you to Onderon.
KotOR Icon Journal.png Journal Entry Added: Alternate Route to Onderon
After your space battle above Onderon, you were forced to land on the jungle moon of Dxun. You need to find another way to get to the city of Iziz on Onderon so you can find the hidden Jedi master that might be there.

Atton remains aboard the Ebon Hawk to repair it, and cannot be added to your party. If you return to speak to him:

KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: Something up?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. How are the repairs coming?
KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: The repairs are coming along. I hope to have the Ebon Hawk ready by the time you finish your business here.