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File:KotORII Map Secret Academy.png
Map of the secret academy

Meeting Chamber[edit]

After entering the Polar Plateau Interior and speaking to Atris, she exits the meeting chamber to return to her Meditation Chamber on the right side of the academy, leaving you at its exit on the left side, flanked by a Handmaiden Sister to either side. If you speak to them, or any other Handmaiden Sister in the academy:

Handmaiden Sister: Why have you approached me?
Atton: Do all these women look alike? Heh. Not like I'm complaining. I mean, it's... well, it's, uh, interesting.
Kreia: They are Echani. It is not unusual for their children to share similar features from the same parents.
Handmaiden Sister: If you have a reason for approaching me, speak it.
5. Never mind. I'll be going now.

You don't need to speak to them, but after your meeting with Atris there may be one reason why you'd want to do so:

Handmaiden Sister: You have returned. Why? 4. I'm looking for a fight.

You'll also have plenty of chances to initiate this as you ask questions. If you've yet to free your party from Prison and you ask about them, then you can be told about Atton's Echani training, which gives you later opportunities to gain or lose influence and move closer to the light or dark side of the Force when you next speak to Atton:

1. I'm searching for my friends.
Handmaiden Sister: You will find them in the main irrigation channel room in the northern part of the plateau interior. The particle emitters there that once governed the flow of water to Telos can double as force cages.
2. Then shut them off and free them. 3. I plan to set them free.
Handmaiden Sister: It is not part of my duties. Free them yourself, then you must leave this place. Handmaiden Sister: You shall not be challenged. As I have said, you will find them in the irrigation room in the northern part of the complex.
6. Very well. I'll be going now.


1. So they are prisoners. 1. Why did you imprison them? We meant no harm. 2. You better not have harmed them, or else.
Handmaiden Sister: They were caged for their safety until we could determine your intent, exile. Atris cautioned us against your tactics, fearing that your allies would create a distraction. Your companions gave us little trouble, however. The male could have presented some challenge if he had resisted, but he chose not to.
1. Who? Atton? 2. What about me? 3. No offense to Atton, but I think you're mistaken.
Handmaiden Sister: We have some training in dealing with Jedi. You would have posed little threat. Handmaiden Sister: You are the one who is mistaken. It requires you know what to look for.
1. And Atton would have? 2. That sounds like a challenge to me.
Handmaiden Sister: He has had some Echani training. He masks it well, but when you were in danger, his mask dropped into a stance we know well.
1. You must be mistaken. 5. I could have taken you by myself.
Handmaiden Sister: You are the one who is mistaken. It requires you know what to look for.
2. Where would he have gotten that training? 4. Another comment like that, and you're asking for a fight.
Handmaiden Sister: I do not know. The Echani forms are known to be taught to military special forces throughout the galaxy. If the source is a mystery to you, perhaps you should ask him. It would be wise to know those you travel with.
2. The Ebon Hawk - where is it?
Handmaiden Sister: Your ship is stored in the hangar. Atris has given you permission to leave this place - and not to return. Handmaiden Sister: Your ship is stored in the hangar. Atris has given you permission to leave this place - and permission to return, if you remain in her service.
3. I had some questions for you. 4. I had some other questions for you.
Handmaiden Sister: You may ask.
1. I had some questions about Atris.
Handmaiden Sister: The mistress? What of her?
1. Where is Atris? I want to speak to her again. 4. I want to fight her... but I'll settle for you.
Handmaiden Sister: She is meditating, and she does not wish to be disturbed. Your presence here has troubled her, and I hope you do not choose to trouble her further.
2. What can you tell me about her?
Handmaiden Sister: She leads us. As she rebuilds Telos, she rebuilds the Order... and through them, the galaxy.
1. And how does she plan to do that?
Handmaiden Sister: We serve the Jedi, we do not question them. Yet... Atris has told us that the work here at Telos may pay for similar efforts in many worlds along the Rim that were destroyed when the Jedi turned on each other. She has said the Jedi Order needs such a foundation if it is to rebuild. She faults the teaching of many of the Jedi Masters as the spark of the Jedi Civil War.
Kreia: Indeed? A most curious reason for a war.
Handmaiden Sister: Atris has said that if Revan and Malak had been properly instructed in the ways of the Jedi, they never would have fallen... and nor would you, exile.
3. I chose to go to war, not because I was trained to do so.
Kreia: But were the choices you had dictated by your training? A curious question, difficult to answer.
Atton: Oh, please. At least ease off the cryptic talk until we're back on the ship.
Handmaiden Sister: Atris has said the training of the Jedi was flawed... and the Jedi Civil War was proof of this.
1. And what does Atris consider proper training? 2. High talk for Atris, considering she never had a Padawan.
Handmaiden Sister: That... is unknown to me. I have never observed Atris to teach Jedi, nor would I wish to.
Kreia: Yes... to teach, one needs students. I have seen few of those since our arrival.
Handmaiden Sister: Atris has chosen instead to focus her efforts on galactic recovery. Once the galaxy breathes again, disciples will come.
4. I did not "fall." She knows nothing. 1. Atris knows nothing - and she will transmit her ignorance to anyone who follows her. 2. She'll need help if she tries - she knows nothing about training Jedi.
Handmaiden Sister: She predicted you would say as much - she seems to know you quite well. Perhaps you are the one who knows nothing.
1. Perhaps I should teach you a lesson.
2. I want to know about this place.
Handmaiden Sister: This was once a mighty irrigation center for Telos, it survived the orbital bombardment of the Sith... though the inhabitants did not.
Handmaiden Sister: Ancient irrigation channels still lie beneath the surface of Telos, awaiting to be used again for the reconstruction efforts, controlled from this facility. Handmaiden Sister: Ancient irrigation channels still lie beneath the surface of Telos, waiting to be used again for the reconstruction efforts, controlled from this facility.
Kreia: So... Atris resides within the frozen heart of this world.
Handmaiden Sister: That is a... peculiar way of seeing it, but it can be described by such an abstract, yes.
1. But why is Atris here?
Handmaiden Sister: Shortly before the destruction of Dantooine by the forces of the traitor Jedi Malak, Atris had many Jedi artifacts and knowledge transported here secretly.
1. Why here? 1. Why were the relics brought here?
Handmaiden Sister: Even the Sith prefer live prey to scavenging a corpse. She thought that a world already savaged by the Sith would not prove a target a second time. It was a place where the artifacts and the teachings of the Jedi could be kept safely if the Sith could not be turned aside.
2. How did she know Dantooine would be destroyed? 2. How did Atris know Dantooine would be destroyed?
Handmaiden Sister: The Jedi Council sensed it, Master Vrook, Master Vandar... but it was too late to do much except make arrangements for evacuation. It was a dark day for the Order. Many on Dantooine did not survive... Jedi or not. Atris would not speak for many days after the attack, and we feared our mistress was lost to us. In time, she regained her voice and her strength. She brought the artifacts and the teachings of the Jedi here and has kept them safe.
3. Artifacts?
Handmaiden Sister: Yes, many relics from Dantooine, some which predate even the destruction of Ossus. She was not able to save all, but she saved enough.
Kreia: If these relics predate Ossus, then she has saved much knowledge... and much of the Jedi teachings.
Handmaiden Sister: She was able to bring them here before the academy's destruction. It was a fortunate thing... she was not able to save everything.
3. What's Ossus?
Handmaiden Sister: Ossus was once the home of much of the Jedi teaching and knowledge... it was destroyed over forty years ago by the Sith, during the time of Exar Kun. Fortunately, a few relics and artifacts were saved before Ossus was destroyed... but many were not.
1. I'd like to see some of this Jedi knowledge. 2. Any lightsabers in the collection?
Handmaiden Sister: Viewing the relics is not allowed without Atris' permission.

If Persuade rank < 6:

1. [Persuade] Atris has allowed me to walk freely here. Surely that implies trust.
Handmaiden Sister: [Failure] It implies nothing. She lets you walk freely knowing that we will deal with you if you make any attempt to harm her or this place.
3. If I get permission, will you allow it?
Handmaiden Sister: Of course. I exist to serve the Jedi.
2. But I am a Jedi.
Handmaiden Sister: Atris speaks of you, but "Jedi" is not the term she uses. She says you followed Revan to war, the same Revan who took the Mandalorian flame and brought it to the Jedi.
2. There is truth in that, but I am not Revan. 3. She's... exaggerating. 4. I did not join Revan in the Jedi Civil War. 5. That Atris, what a joker. Ha ha... heh.
Handmaiden Sister: Perhaps you believe that, but there is often little difference in one who wages war and one who follows another to war.
Handmaiden Sister: Atris speaks what she sees, and she sees much truth in things... and others.


Persuade 1. [Persuade (6)] But you are Echani, your culture knows the importance of battle.
Handmaiden Sister: You are correct, but there is nothing more important than the battle you choose to fight and the battle you choose to surrender. You chose to fight the Mandalorians, and in choosing to fight them, you also fought the Jedi, whether you knew it or not. Only a kath hound turns on its own Master.
1. [Persuade] The Echani homeworld was threatened by the Mandalorians. Yet you fought. 2. Look, can I see the artifacts or not?
Handmaiden Sister: We did, but not against our teachings or our Masters - we fought with them, united.
1. [Persuade] You realize if you served Atris then, you would not have fought for your homeworld - she would have forbidden it.
Handmaiden Sister: That... that is true. And we would have heeded her, for we would have served her.
1. [Persuade] I can tell from your tone you understand the choice I made was not an easy one.
Handmaiden Sister: No, perhaps not... if you are truly a warrior. And not some murderer without discipline. But I do not believe you are weak or a murderer. You show reflection on your actions. Perhaps I misjudged you - perhaps you have changed from the exile Atris described to me. I hope you may show her the same side you have shown me.
Persuade 1. [Persuade (6)] Atris has allowed me to walk freely here. Surely that implies trust. 1. That is why I wish to see the teachings of the Jedi. I have much to learn... and much to reflect on.
Handmaiden Sister: [Success] There is truth in what you say. Yet many such artifacts are sealed away in Atris' chambers. But if you wish to see a few of them, speak to the last of the Handmaidens. She has seen some of these objects, and has an... interest in such things.
1. Last of the Handmaidens?
Handmaiden Sister: Yes... she should be in the training chamber, to the north and west of here. She constantly seeks to improve herself so that she may no longer be ranked last among us.
1. Why is she ranked last?
Handmaiden Sister: Because she is easily distracted by matters that do not concern her or her duty. Such distractions weaken her, and she knows this.
1. Distractions such as...?
Handmaiden Sister: I will not speak of them... ask her yourself, if it matters to you.
3. I'll go seek her out now, then.
3. What do you do here?
Handmaiden Sister: We serve the Jedi. And we watch.
1. Serve what Jedi? There's not many here.
Handmaiden Sister: Atris is the only Jedi here, this is true. But the mistress will bring others in time.
1. You mean Atris and I are the only Jedi here. 2. I am also a Jedi. 3. I hope to learn the ways of the Jedi again from Atris. 4. Atris couldn't bring a dekk fly to garbage, let alone Jedi to this place.
Handmaiden Sister: You are no Jedi, Atris has made that clear. When you went to war, you gave up the mantle of the Jedi and became something else. Handmaiden Sister: It is possible... but if so, your road of atonement shall be a long one. Handmaiden Sister: You shall see. She has more strength than you know.
2. Are you training to become Jedi?
Handmaiden Sister: I assume you meant no insult. It is forbidden for us to become Jedi, even if we possessed the awareness of the galaxy that the Jedi possess. We are here because we are not Jedi. That is our purpose.
1. Why would it be an insult? 2. Your purpose? 3. So you aren't Jedi... and there aren't any others here?
Handmaiden Sister: We have taken an oath to never follow the teachings of the Jedi, only to watch those of the Order and carry out Atris' will should it be necessary. Atris believes the new Jedi Order that shall arise here will need to be guarded and watched by those not touched by the Force. She thinks it will give balance.
1. She's the one who needs balance. 2. I'm not sure I understand.
Handmaiden Sister: Spoken like one who has fallen... if we had been there, you may never have fallen at all.
Handmaiden Sister: The Jedi have long since lacked anyone to judge their actions - and provide support should their power corrupt them. We are this strength. The Jedi Civil War proved that the Jedi are in need of such guidance. It is our duty to watch for aggression, rage - passion, and end it before it takes root.
1. That sounds... harsh.
Handmaiden Sister: It is not harsh. It is necessary.
2. You guard Jedi?
Handmaiden Sister: A crude way of describing our duty, but in a sense, yes.
3. So you'd strike me down if I showed any rage or aggression?
Handmaiden Sister: I would have struck you down as you entered this place if Atris had not stayed my hand. Though you are not a Jedi, you have been sickened in Revan's service. If for a moment I felt you could bring harm to Atris or this place, then I would end you.
3. And who watches you? 4. But Atris is in charge of you, and she is a Jedi.
Handmaiden Sister: Atris is the one we serve, and she guides our actions.
1. But Atris is a Jedi, and you are supposed to watch Jedi.
Handmaiden Sister: Atris is trusted. She has watched Jedi rise and fall, and knows the ways of both paths to see the signs when they begin. She is a worthy one to judge the Jedi when the Jedi refuse to judge their own.
1. If she is truly unbiased, then she may yet prove a good judge. 2. Sounds like a pyramid of pazaak cards to me. 3. What a nice, corrupt little circle you've made here.
Handmaiden Sister: I do not understand the reference. Pazaak cards would not be good building material for a pyramid.
Handmaiden Sister: And therein lies her strength. We have known Atris many years, and she has shown much wisdom. 1. Because the pyramid would be weak, yes. 2. And that's what you have when one of the judged is in charge of the judges. 3. Forget it. Let me ask you something else.
Handmaiden Sister: I do not expect a criminal to understand - you have existed outside the circle of the Jedi for too long.
1. And so has Atris - I mean, there aren't any Jedi here now, are there?
4. Why do all of you look the same?
Handmaiden Sister: We share the same father, and we all bear the face of our mother. It is not unusual for the Echani of the same parents to be born so as to be indistinguishable to outsiders.
1. But the one Handmaiden who challenged us when we arrived... she looks different.
Handmaiden Sister: As I have said, it is not unusual for the Echani of the same parents to be born so as to be indistinguishable to outsiders.
1. So she had a different set of parents? 2. That's not much of an answer.
Handmaiden Sister: If you seek to raise anger in me, you will fail, exile. I tolerate your presence only upon orders of the mistress - she did not order me to endure your questions.
1. My apologies... I meant no offense.
Handmaiden Sister: One cannot take back an action, and often apologizing for it only compounds the insult. Simply drop the matter and be silent.
1. All right... never mind. Let me ask you something else. 2. Maybe I'll drop you.

Meditation Chamber[edit]

If you cross the Meeting Chamber and exit the right side to follow Atris up the walkway to her meditation chamber, you'll find it locked:

Meditation Chamber: [This door is cold to the touch, and there seems to be no conventional means of opening it.]
Kreia: Ah... a curious thing. What lies behind it?
1. When I first met Atris, she emerged from this chamber. 2. I don't know, but I want to find out.
Kreia: Did she? Perhaps it is a... meditation chamber of some sort. Kreia: Hmmm. Perhaps it is a.... meditation chamber of some sort.
Bao-Dur: The construction of this door is like nothing I've seen on Telos... and it is not the same as the rest of the facility, here.
3. We'll deal with it another time. Let's go.

Entrance Chamber[edit]

Exit the Meeting Chamber on the left side to go back down the walkway to the entrance chamber. The turbolift seal in the west wall is now locked, so you cannot return to the Polar Plateau. There's a door in the top left wall, and Handmaiden stands to the right of a short tunnel in the bottom left wall which ends in another door. If you speak to her:

Handmaiden: You are the exile. The one Atris warned us about.
3. And what did Atris say? 4. Well, don't believe everything she says. 5. Atris is the one you should be worried about.
Handmaiden: She said you betrayed the Jedi by going to war when it was forbidden to you. You turned on your masters, your teachings, and yourself.

After one of these is your first response, you can simply go, or ask her something. Otherwise:

1. Oh? 2. She's just teasing you. I'm more like a sister to her. 4. I went to war to protect others, not to fight. 5. Going to war was necessary.
3. She's... exaggerating. 2. She's just teasing you. I'm really not a bad guy. Light Side Points Gained: +1 6. I don't want to talk about it.
Handmaiden: That is not all she says. She says you know nothing of loyalty to any cause except your own animal instincts, and she told us why you fell to the dark side.
1. And why was that? 2. What? Dark side? 3. I do not walk the path of the dark side. 3. I haven't completely fallen to the dark side - yet. 4. Falling to the dark side came after.
Handmaiden: Atris says that you fell to the dark side in the Mandalorian Wars when you gave in to your lust for battle. Once you tasted war, you could not give it up.
1. So why didn't I keep fighting in the Jedi Civil War? 2. That doesn't explain why I stopped fighting after the Mandalorian Wars. 3. If that were the case, I would have fought in the Jedi Civil War.
Handmaiden: Atris says when the dark lord Revan returned to the Republic, you did not march with them because you had fallen so far you could no longer feel the Force.
3. The Force aside, I was tempted to attack the Jedi, but I didn't. 4. I did not march with Revan because it was my choice.
Handmaiden: So it was a matter of choice, then. If Atris has erred in her evaluation of your motivations, it might be best to inform her.
1. Anything else? 2. That is untrue, but Atris is entitled to her opinion. 1. Did Atris say anything else? 2. I'd rather jab myself with a Bothan stunner. What else did she accuse me of?
Handmaiden: I believe that is the extent of her expressed feelings toward you. There are variations at times, but all rise from the same foundation.
1. Expressed feelings?
Handmaiden: Yes. It is difficult sometimes for others to truly speak their heart or listen to it. The words often prove difficult, or they do not come at all.
1. What do you think Atris' heart says? 2. So Atris does not know her own heart? 3. Are you saying Atris could be wrong about me?
Handmaiden: Without having seen you and Atris fight, I cannot say. Battle is a pure form of expression. It is heart and discipline, reduced to movement and motion.
1. Well, I have no wish to fight Atris. Light Side Points Gained: +1
Handmaiden: Then her expressed feelings will have to suffice.
2. If I fought Atris, then that might make the truth come out? 3. So if I crushed Atris' skull into the floor, that might get to the heart of the matter?
Dark Side Points Gained: -1
Handmaiden: Perhaps. It may prove truer than conversing with words. Handmaiden: I do not think the battle would go as you describe, but in essence, yes.
Handmaiden: In battle, the words are swept away, giving way to actions - mercy, sacrifice, anger, fear. These are pure moments of expression.


7. I would like to ask you something. 3. Enough of this. I had other questions.
Handmaiden: You may ask. 1. You said Atris warned you about me? What did she say?

After asking one of the Handmaiden Sisters about this place, why Atris is here and the artifacts, and being persuasive about seeing them, you can ask if she's the "last" of the Handmaidens:

1. Are you the "last" of the Handmaidens?
Handmaiden: I am the last of the Handmaidens, this is correct. I train so that one day that will no longer be true.
1. The others said you were easily distracted from your training.
Handmaiden: It dishonors me they would say such a thing to an outsider. But I cannot deny the truth in what they say. My thoughts are not always focused on training. Perhaps once having known the ways of the Jedi, you may understand what occupies my thoughts.
1. What do you mean? 2. I'm not sure I understand.
Handmaiden: There is much knowledge here, and only one of the Jedi remain. There is so much about their ways of battle, their forms, their stances, that may be lost forever if the last of the Jedi is taken from the galaxy.
7. If you are afraid of the Jedi lore being lost, why don't you try and learn some of that lore?
Handmaiden: Even if I possessed the senses that the Jedi were said to have, such teachings would be forbidden. Atris has set us upon the road we are to travel until the end of our days. We are to serve the Jedi by watching them, not learning their ways.
1. Watch the Jedi?
Handmaiden: Yes, watch them for signs of the corruption that took place during the Jedi Civil War. Such vigilance requires those not tied to the Force or its influence.

If Persuade rank < 4, persuasion fails:

2. [Persuade] But how can you watch the Jedi effectively if you do not know their ways of battle, of offense and defense? 4. There can be no harm in looking. 5. Research is no crime.
Handmaiden: [Failure] I cannot disobey Atris. My loyalty is to her, and to her word. Handmaiden: I cannot disobey Atris. My loyalty is to her, and to her word.
1. Of course it is. 2. Is Atris always correct? 4. Then you are a fool.
Handmaiden: You must understand. If we do not maintain our vigilance, then we risk a second tragedy, one greater than that of the Jedi Civil War.
1. [Persuade] Whenever you choose ignorance over knowledge, that is the tragedy. 2. [Persuade] In maintaining your ignorance and blindly obeying others, that has the makings of tragedy. 3. [Persuade] If the last Jedi die from the galaxy and all their knowledge is lost, then you need not fear another Jedi Civil War.
3. Why does this Jedi knowledge interest you, if it is forbidden?
Persuade 3. [Persuade (4)] Watching the Jedi is not about solely watching Jedi, but examining their teachings, their training. One does not need to practice, but to watch.
Handmaiden: [Success] That is something I had not considered. You have given me something to reflect on, exile - I thank you.
3. Anything to make you be quiet... and to seed dissension in Atris' ranks. 4. It was my pleasure. Until next time. 5. Very well. I'll be going now.


6. And you would preserve it?
Handmaiden: Atris has already preserved it. What I wonder is if the Jedi teachings should not simply be stored, but brought to others. There is much in their approach to battle that is worthy to be shared.
1. Battle is not the truth of the Jedi teachings. I believe it to be the farthest thing from it. 2. Combat is not the Jedi way - and it is not my way. 4. To lose those combat techniques would be tragic, indeed. 5. When the methods to inflict violence on others is limited, it weakens us all.
Light Side Points Gained: +1 Dark Side Points Gained: -1
Handmaiden: I know your meaning, but I have not been clear on mine.


3. Is this what occupies your thoughts?
Handmaiden: To the Echani, battle is a means of communication - it is an art, in the truest sense of the word.

In both cases:

Handmaiden: Stance, form, discipline are a means of expression and communication. They speak one's heart and one's devotion to their cause.
1. Devotion to their cause?
Handmaiden: Yes, the methods you use to meet your opponents speak truer than any words can express. When you risk pain or death, there is no truer sacrifice or strength.
5. Devotion? I prefer obedience. To a cause... and a master. 4. Nor a greater show of fealty.
Dark Side Points Gained: -1
Handmaiden: If that is where one's devotion lies. When you risk pain or death for another, there is no truer test of your beliefs and strength.
6. Forget it. I had some other questions.

Otherwise, you only move closer to the light side of the Force if you haven't already said combat is not the Jedi way:

2. Combat is not the best way to communicate with others. 3. So you'd consider slaughter a means of expression? 4. I agree. It shows how far you are willing to go for your goals.
Light Side Points Gained: +1 Dark Side Points Gained: -1
Handmaiden: It was to the Jedi traitor Malak. It was to the Jedi traitor Revan. When Taris was destroyed, it showed Malak's heart through its execution and intent. It was brutal, without finesse... but showed his commitment to defeat the Jedi. Yet with Revan, there was the same commitment, but it was a subtle thing, like weaving threads in a tapestry, or strokes upon a canvas.
Handmaiden: She spoke through battles and tactics, in a way one could never do in words. She showed her heart at Malachor V... and finally, at the end of the Jedi Civil War. I believe she was speaking to Malak in that final battle, though few knew it. Handmaiden: He spoke through battle and tactics, in a way one could never do in words. He showed his heart at Malachor V... and finally, at the end of the Jedi Civil War. I believe he was speaking to Malak in that final battle, though few knew it.
1. Revan turned on Malak, once a friend, and killed him. 2. Malak was slain, and that is all that was said. 5. What do you think Revan was saying? 6. I would not ascribe too much poetry to their hate and violence.
Handmaiden: Through battle, Revan was meeting betrayal with betrayal - and showing Malak the pain he had inflicted on his master. Handmaiden: Poetry is wordplay that cloaks feelings in riddles. Battle speaks, and its feeling is true. Revan knew this when facing Malak... and slaying him.
Handmaiden: What stronger display than death for conveying one's sense of being betrayed by one's own student? Revan's anger must have been great indeed.
Handmaiden: I would have wished to have been there for that final exchange and seen the truth of their conflict with each other. Kreia: To claim to know anything of Revan's choices or what lay in his heart when Malak fell is conceit, servant of Atris. And whether Revan had any choice in the matter at all is something else you should consider. The Force is a powerful thing to wield... or deny.
Handmaiden: Regardless, I would have liked to have been there for that final exchange and seen the truth of their conflict with each other... as perhaps you would have.
3. Revan and Malak were driven only by the dark side. 4. The Force drove Revan to do what needed to be done, and that is all.
Handmaiden: But to say that seems an untruth, based on what I know of the Jedi. The Force can drive others, but there is still choice, is there not?
Kreia: Ah, but at what point does the power the Force exerts submerge any attempt at choice, or free will? You have taken a complicated question, servant of Atris, and you have trivialized it with your answer... and lack of experience.
Handmaiden: If there is no choice in the Force, then our teachings and our actions are for nothing. And I refuse to believe that is true.
3. I've heard enough. This conversation is over.

Saying you heard she knows something of the relics Atris has stored here is also unlocked:

2. I heard you know something of the relics Atris has stored here.
Handmaiden: I know a little of them, yes. Much Jedi knowledge is stored here, secrets of their teachings, combat styles, and discipline.
1. Where is it stored? 2. Can you help me obtain some of these teachings? 3. Where are they stored again?
Handmaiden: The Jedi relics are kept by Atris, within the walls of her meditation chamber. Entry is forbidden.
Impossible 1. [Force Persuade] But not to me - take me there, now. 2. [Persuade] But surely they are not forbidden to Jedi such as myself.
Handmaiden: [Failure] I will not. Atris has made her orders on the matter clear, and she says you are no Jedi. Handmaiden: [Failure] Atris has made her orders on the matter clear, and she says you are no Jedi.
Handmaiden: Entry to her meditation chamber is forbidden. To even ask shows you doubt my loyalty to her.
2. So you have never seen these relics?
Handmaiden: I have seen a few of them, yes. They were not always in Atris' meditation chamber.


3. Where did these relics come from?
Handmaiden: Most come from Dantooine, brought here before the academy there was destroyed by Malak. Not all relics were able to be saved, for there was not time to rescue them all.
Intelligence 1. [Intelligence (13)] You said "most" came from Dantooine. What about the others?
Handmaiden: I am not permitted to speak of such things, and it is not your concern.
4. So you have never seen them? 3. Have you ever seen these relics?
Handmaiden: I... I have seen a few of them, yes. They were not always in Atris' meditation chamber.

Once she's told you she's seen a few of them:

1. Can you tell me about the ones you saw?
Handmaiden: There were many relics... among them small cubes, warm to the touch, each containing their own light.
Kreia: Jedi holocrons. Yet warm to the touch, you said?
Handmaiden: Yes, and with a... light about them.
Handmaiden: When held, some would speak, ask strange questions.
1. Questions?
Handmaiden: Yes, their questions were... confusing. They seemed to think I was someone else, someone's student.
Kreia: Ah... of course they did. A simple misunderstanding, no doubt.
Handmaiden: I had thought perhaps I had damaged them in some way, but I could not think of what I had done.


4. You look... different than the other women here.
Handmaiden: I honor the face of my mother. It is not something spoken of in the company of others.
1. So you have a different mother... but the same father? 3. Let me ask you something else.
Handmaiden: I do not wish to discuss it. If there is something else you wished to ask, you may do so.
2. Is it a sensitive subject?
Handmaiden: It is not a sensitive subject, but a subject that requires trust. There is no such trust between you and I, and such trust takes time.
2. I apologize. I meant no offense. Light Side Points Gained: +1
Handmaiden: There is no need to apologize. You were merely remarking on something that you saw - there is no wrong in that.

You move closer to the dark side of the Force if this is your first response, and when you first ask the following:

6. She was right - you're lucky I don't kill you all. 5. Why does Atris allow me to walk freely? I could kill you all, easily.
Dark Side Points Gained: -1
Handmaiden: I am aware of this. I do not doubt your combat prowess, as my half-sisters do. There are many who went to war against the Mandalorians, and few returned. You were one of them.
4. Half-sisters? I thought you looked different than the other women here.


1. Your flattery means nothing to me. 3. You are right to fear me. 2. Remember that if you seek to challenge me.
Handmaiden: I did not mean to praise you with my words. Perhaps it is your interpretation of them that needs to be viewed in perspective. Handmaiden: I do not fear you. My words have been misinterpreted and need to be placed in perspective.
1. Then you sought to insult me? Handmaiden: I will, exile. In truth, I do wish to challenge you.
Handmaiden: Again, you have twisted my words to attempt to provoke me. That shows a creative mind, which bodes well for any fight between us.
2. Perhaps you need to be put in your place. 3. Is it a fight you seek? 1. What? Why? 2. Did Atris put you up to this?
Handmaiden: No, Atris has no bearing on this request. In fact, I think she would disapprove, quite strongly, if I were to ask.
Handmaiden: The Echani believe you cannot truly know the heart of another unless you meet them in battle. I would very much like to know your nature. But now is not the time - perhaps my sisters could challenge you, but not I, and not here.
4. Forget it. I had questions for you instead.
8. Never mind. I'll be going now.

Before you leave her for the first time, she asks what it feels like to have touched the Force:

Handmaiden: Before you go, exile... question for you, if I may ask it. You have touched the Force... what does it feel like?
1. It is a difficult thing to describe. 3. I don't want to talk about it.
Handmaiden: Please, I wish to know.
1. Imagine awakening, and hearing the heartbeat of the galaxy for the first time. 2. It is like a current that passes through you, and carries you with it to all the places it touches. 3. The warmth of the sun without the glare - you can feel its light and its heat, but there is no harshness to it. 4. It is so many things, yet you know when you feel it, without question.
Kreia: It is like a cloud, a mist that drifts from living creature to creature, set in motion by currents and eddies. It is the eye of the storm, the passions of all living things turned into energy, into a chorus. It is the rising swell at the end of life, the promise of new territories and new blood, the call of new mysteries in the dark.


2. I only know what its loss feels like.
Handmaiden: Then tell me of its absence.
1. Imagine awakening and finding all your senses blinded. 2. It is like feeling warmth on the skin, then being buried alive. 3. An echo, forever traveling inside you until the end of your days. 4. It is something you struggle to recall, yet forever forgotten.
Kreia: It is standing atop the summit of a great mountain, the winds tearing about you, then finding yourself buried alive - trapped, helpless, and alone. It is like having the energy of youth... then feeling the cloak of years fall upon you, and knowing you are weak, fragile, and a thing easily discarded. It is knowing what you want to say and never finding the words. It is a chorus, replaced with silence. Hearing teachings without meaning. It is like a beloved pupil to whom you have shared everything, sacrificed everything, and then having them turn from you... and forget all you were.
Handmaiden: I see. Thank you, exile. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me. Handmaiden: I see. Thank you, both. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me.
1. It was my pleasure. 2. If you have any further questions in the future, seek me out and ask them. 3. I'll be going now.


5. You'll know when you die. So unless you seek death, leave me be. 6. Maybe I'll speak of it some other time, not now.
Handmaiden: Very well - forgive me, exile, I did not mean to speak of things painful to you.
1. Perhaps we shall discuss it another time. 2. It is forgotten. I will be going now. 3. Just leave me be.

Handmaiden Quarters[edit]

Beyond the door at the end of the short tunnel exiting the bottom left of the Entrance Chamber is a room with a long table with four chairs on each side to the left and two Handmaiden Sisters to the right, standing in the left corner between a door in the top left wall, beyond which is a short tunnel to one of the doors of the Prison, and another short tunnel in the bottom left wall leading to the door of the Handmaiden quarters: inside, beyond the two doors in each of the three remaining walls are their individual quarters, around a central training mat with a pillar at each corner. There are plasteel cylinders in all but the quarters behind the right door in the back wall opposite the entrance. Those behind the doors in the wall to the left upon entering are unlocked:

Item(s) Received Plasteel Cylinder
  • ?
Item(s) Received Plasteel Cylinder
  • ?

The three remaining are locked:

Security Plasteel Cylinder (3) Lock DC 21 (1) Bash Resist 5 Vitality 15
Item(s) Received Plasteel Cylinder (3)
  • ?

If you speak to any of the five sisters in the academy and you're looking for a fight, then all will be happy to oblige:

Handmaiden Sister: I would welcome a chance to instruct you. I have been anxious to teach you many principles of combat ever since you invaded this place.
1. Teaching?
Handmaiden Sister: Oh, yes. We train extensively in various combat styles, and we have not had another target for some time. You may prove a pleasant diversion.
3. Never mind. I had other questions instead. 4. Maybe another time. I'll be going now.


2. I could use a good sparring match. 2. Then I'll be happy to oblige.
Handmaiden Sister: Very well. Follow me, and we shall see if you have the endurance to learn the most basic of our teachings.

You follow to the Handmaiden quarters to the southwest, where one of the sisters now stands across from the player on the training mat while the other four now watch from around its perimeter:

Handmaiden Sister: Before we begin... are you familiar with Echani traditions?
6. Forget it. I've changed my mind.


1. No, what are they? 2. Does it have anything to do with why you wanted me to disrobe? 3. I'm guessing they involve me standing here freezing in my jumpsuit.
Handmaiden Sister: All duels between us shall be without armor of any kind. There shall be no restrictions upon our movements - or upon yours. Your feet are not to leave the training mat during the battle. If they do, you will lose. Also, this is not a fight to the death. Restrain your instincts when we fight, and we shall do the same.
4. Yes. If you're ready to fight, so am I. 5. Let's do this. 1. I understand - stay on the mat, no armor, no striking to kill. 2. Fine. If you're ready to fight, so am I.
Handmaiden Sister: The fight will be with hands and feet only - no stimulants, shields, weapons, or other items. Also, do not call upon any Jedi techniques during our contest. If you do, then the battle will be over. In turn, I will not use our higher forms, for this is only an opening battle between us - a test of each other's strength.
1. If you're ready, so am I. 2. Enough talk - let's fight. 3. Let me get ready, and I'll return.
Handmaiden Sister: Then let us begin. Handmaiden Sister: Seek one of us out when you wish to fight, and we shall honor your request.
Handmaiden Sister (main character level 12)
Set 4
Level 9
Class Soldier
Alignment 62 (light)
Awareness 10
Strength 20 +5
Dexterity 20 +5
Constitution 16 +3
Intelligence 16 +3
Wisdom 14 +2
Charisma 18 +4
Vitality 99
Force -
Defense 25
Fortitude 18
Reflex 18
Will 15
Ranged Main Off hand
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Attack 18 -
Bludgeoning 7-13-
Threat 20-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats Force powers


Conditioning Toughness Power Attack19


As the first fight begins, any active buffs are cancelled and any clothing, robes or body armor and weapons are removed: if you equip them again, use any Force power, grenade, stimulant, medpac, shield or mine, or leave or get knocked back off the training mat, then the fight is over. Although any mines set before a fight remain, the sisters have Mine Immunity so they won't trigger them.

After the first three fights, depending on the outcome:

Handmaiden Sister: You have fallen. Handmaiden Sister: You have succeeded. If you wish, you may challenge us again, and we will progress to more advanced movements. Handmaiden Sister: Have you returned to fight again?
1. I wish to challenge you again. 2. Let me heal up, and I'll be ready to fight again. 3. I've had enough for today. I'll be going now.
Handmaiden Sister: Very well, I shall honor your request. Handmaiden Sister: Seek one of us out when you wish to fight, and we shall honor your request.

If the first fight wasn't a success:

Handmaiden Sister: It shall be the same as before - hands and feet only, no stimulants, shields, weapons, or any other items. And no Jedi techniques. Are you ready?

Every Handmaiden Sister is unarmed but can use Power Attack, trebling damage on a critical hit, which also has a chance to knock you back, possibly off the training mat, if a Fortitude save fails. Although any clothing, robes or body armor and weapons are removed and cannot be replaced in the first fight, all other equipment remains in place: any Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Defense, Damage Resistance, Attack and unarmed Damage bonuses may help (as may Immunity: Critical Hits).

The first two fights without the Force will be particularly difficult for a Jedi Consular unless early feat selection focused on improving (unarmed) combat capabilities (for example, improving or mastering Dueling, Flurry and Toughness).

Vitality and Force points aren't restored to maximum before or after each fight, so save game beforehand or free Kreia from the Prison if she can Heal. Once the first fight is a success:

Handmaiden Sister: Our next battle will be using the higher forms among the Echani. You may choose hands and feet - or whatever melee weapon you wish, but use no other items or Jedi techniques.
1. I am ready. Let's go.
Handmaiden Sister: Then let us begin.

However, using higher Echani forms doesn't seem to have any effect, and every Handmaiden Sister fought seems no different from the first (perhaps Power Attack is used more often?). Although any clothing, robes or body armor is removed at the start of each remaining fight, it's possible to replace it before any attack is made without losing, and any weapons can now be used, not just melee weapons.

Once the second fight is a success:

Handmaiden Sister: Our next battle shall be free of restriction on weapons and items, and you may use whatever technique, Jedi or otherwise, you wish to attempt to defeat me. In turn, I will spare none of our forms against you.

From now on you can use the Force, although if you won the first two fights reasonably comfortably then you might not need it (yet). Once the third fight is a success:

Handmaiden Sister: You know much of melee combat, you surprise me.
1. I wish to challenge you again.
Handmaiden Sister: There is nothing more that we can teach you from such contests. Such battle would only be for battle's sake.
3. Never mind, then.


1. If you cannot defeat me alone, feel free to pair up. 2. Then that sounds fine to me.
Handmaiden Sister: If that is what you wish, then we shall honor it. We shall see how you fight against a group of us. We shall take you in a pair, using everything at our disposal. Use whatever item, weapon, or Jedi technique you wish - we shall match it.

Once the fourth fight is a success, save game because, unlike the previous fights, you only get one attempt at the fifth and final one:

Handmaiden Sister: You are a strong opponent. Atris was correct about you - you know much of war and battle. Perhaps too much.
1. I could take all of you on without breaking a sweat. 2. So you admit defeat?
Handmaiden Sister: One does not sweat in the polar regions of Telos... so all that will break will be your pride. Handmaiden Sister: I admit nothing. The Echani stand together, to defeat one or two of us says nothing of how a true battle would go.
3. Let me catch my breath, and I'll be back.


1. Care to back up those words? 2. Then let's put that to the test.
Handmaiden Sister: Then our last battle shall be the five of us against you. Use any item, any weapon, any technique you wish - you will need them.
1. Why not all six of you?
Handmaiden Sister: There is no need for the last of us to join in this fight - the weakest among us will only serve to diminish our techniques. We fight as one when we are five, not six - and that number should be enough for this lesson.
2. Fine. Let's do this. 1. I am ready. 2. You done talking, or are we going to fight? 3. Come on, then.
Handmaiden Sister: Very well - we shall begin.

You're outnumbered five to one, with three in front and two behind, but from the dismissive reaction if you lose, you'd think those odds were reversed:

Handmaiden Sister: We knew you were no match for us. Yet you decided you would try anyway. Our battle is done - there is nothing more that we can learn from you.

If it taking more than two of them to defeat a single low-to-mid-level Jedi without a lightsaber hasn't taught them humility, then maybe only defeating all five will do so (although refusing a rematch may be taken as a tacit admission of that being possible).

However, this may be easier said than done, particularly on Difficult: you may be high enough level to have improved Force powers, but not mastered them, and your Force points may run out before the end of the fight, which means you should still be prepared to slug it out in combat.

  • Improved Force Barrier can (significantly) reduce damage in the absence of Mandalorian Shields (although you, Atton or Bao-Dur should be able to create Mandalorian Melee Shields at the Workbench in Hangar Control), reducing the frequency with which you need to Heal or use Medpacs).
  • Force users should use Knight Valor to increase maximum Force and Difficulty Class (among other things), while more combat-oriented Jedi should use Knight Speed for a Defense bonus and added attack.
  • The dark side powers Horror or Insanity are likely to be the only Force powers available that offer area of effect debilitation.
  • The dark side powers Improved Force Scream and Force Lightning are likely to be the only powers available that can damage multiple targets
  • The Handmaiden Sisters can be tricked into stepping off the mat with carful maneuvering, taking them out of fight. Force Whirlwind can also be used to knock them back if they fail to a Reflex save; move to one of the corners and allow the Handmaiden Sisters to cluster around you to maximize the chances of affecting as many as possible.
The First Rule...
The First Rule...
Completed the Handmaiden Battle Circle
Handmaiden Sister: There shall be no more matches, no more challenges. There is much we have learned from you. If we meet on the field of battle, we shall be prepared.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 750 Completed the Handmaiden Battle Circle


There are three plasteel cylinders at the top right end of the room beyond the door in the top left wall of the Entrance Chamber:

Item(s) Received Plasteel Cylinder
  • ?
Item(s) Received Plasteel Cylinder
  • ?
Item(s) Received Plasteel Cylinder
  • ?

The room beyond the door in the top left wall at the bottom left end is empty: beyond the door in its top right wall is another room with a Handmaiden Sister standing to the right by the bottom right wall, and a short tunnel in the top left wall to the door of Hangar Control; beyond the door in its bottom left wall is a short tunnel to the door of the prison, which can also be accessed from the Handmaiden Quarters to the bottom left.


When you open either door to the prison, Kreia turns toward you in the middle cage on the left side, gets up and speaks:

Kreia: Did you find what you came for?
2. A woman from my past has made this place her home. I did not expect to see her again. 1. [Wisdom] That depends. What was I supposed to find here? 3. Not exactly. We've been ordered to leave. 3. I think so, but we have to go now. 4. Perhaps. I've been given a chance to help the Jedi. 5. Yes, our ship will be returned to us.
Kreia: I... felt as much. Quite strongly, in fact. I suspected there was something from your past here - something unresolved. Kreia: Are you certain you are ready to depart? I sense some... unrest... in you. Kreia: I had thought that you would bring you some peace. Yet I still sense some unrest in you. Kreia: The ship. That is not what I meant. My question was directed more to you.
Kreia: There was something from your past here - something unresolved.
Kreia: I feel we did not come to this place by chance - you were led here. This woman who resides here - she did something to you once... something that hangs upon you still?
4. Well, I wouldn't exactly call her charming. 2. She was one of the Council who cast me out of the Order... and wanted to punish me even further. 5. Stay out of my head, or I'll remove yours. 6. It's none of your business.
Kreia: Whatever her charm, or lack thereof, you must deal with it. Unresolved events from our past can create wounds in the present, and the future. Kreia: Ah, I see it now. The act has left its marks. Kreia: Very well - though I can not be blamed for the intensity of your thoughts on this matter... or the depths to which they reach. Kreia: Is it? Perhaps so... and perhaps not.
Kreia: Be warned... unresolved events from our past can create wounds in the present, and the future.
Kreia: And more importantly, they can distract you... weaken you. It could prove fatal against the enemies we face.
7. Let's just leave. 3. I've heard enough. Let's go. 2. Are you done?

Otherwise, you can tell her about Atris:

1. The woman here is a Jedi, Atris, one of the Council.
Kreia: There is a Jedi here, perhaps. In that, you are correct. Yet there are no students, and this woman... this Atris... surrounds herself with those who cannot feel the Force. Curious.
6. Look, we need to leave, so let's go. 6. If I see her again, I will ask her.


1. Atris plans to heal the galaxy, then rebuild the Order.
Kreia: Plans are fragile things and life often dashes expectations to the ground. Perhaps students will come to her in time. For now, she is surrounded by those who cannot feel the Force.
5. We may be able to gather students and allies on our journey - let's go.


2. Aren't the Handmaidens students? 3. I knew the Handmaidens weren't students, but I didn't realize they were unable to feel the Force. 4. Those who cannot feel the Force?
Kreia: No... her servants are not Jedi. Kreia: Yes... her servants are not Jedi.
Kreia: Their minds are walls, trained to resist tricks of the mind. This discipline blinds them to the Force as well, even if they were Force Sensitive.
5. Let's talk about it on the way out of here.


1. How do you know that? Were you reading their minds? 2. Did you try to use Jedi mind tricks on them?
Kreia: Invade the mind of another? It is not something done carelessly... or when there is nothing to be gained.
3. Well, there's nothing to be gained talking here. 5. I couldn't care less. Let's go.

If you then say you may have to kill Atris:

3. I don't trust her - I may have to kill her. 3. She means me harm. I may have to kill her.
Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Kreia: Ah... killing such a one could prove difficult. And unwise. Yet she... distracts you, that is clear. And that may be reason enough. Such distractions could prove fatal against the enemies we face.
1. How would you kill her, if you had to? 2. You're cunning. How would you end such a... distraction?
Kreia: Direct action is not always the best way. It is a far greater victory to make another see through your eyes than to close theirs forever. Yet all that lives feels. And where something feels, there is weakness.
1. And what is her weakness? 3. Your doubletalk is starting to anger me. Speak plainly.
Kreia: Why you, of course.
Kreia: You are the gravity around which all her actions rotate. You exert a stronger influence than you know. Be her foil, her challenge... and eventually she will see things your way.
1. I did not realize I had... affected her so deeply.
Kreia: Oh, yes. Natural leaders do such things to followers... whether they be simple criminals or old women such as myself.
3. I will consider this. For now, let us go. 2. Anything else useless to say, or are you done?
Kreia: Very well... let us depart. Kreia: If that is all you wish to hear, then I have nothing more to say. Let us depart.

Atton begins to wake up after his 'sleep' in the cage to the right:

Atton: Enhhhhhhh....
1. Is Atton okay? He looks out cold. 2. What happened to Atton?
Kreia: He is only sleeping - it seems the journey here has fatigued him.
3. I'll shut down the cells and get you out of there. 1. He can sleep on the ship. Let's go. 2. All right, then. Let me free you.

If you speak to Kreia again before leaving the academy:

Kreia: Let us keep moving. There is nothing more to be gained here.
1. I want to explore a little longer, and then we can go. 2. Very well. Let's keep moving. 3. All right, let's go.
Kreia: Very well - but we should not remain here too long.


Unlike Atton, Bao-Dur speaks to you after he regains consciousness in the cage to the left:

Bao-Dur: I... am sorry, General. I must have lost consciousness in the crash.
1. There is nothing to apologize for. Are you sure you're okay? 2. I have no use for a soldier who falls at the first sign of combat. Be on your guard in the future. 3. We could have used you earlier when we were ambushed. Do not fail me again.
Light Side Points Gained: +1 Dark Side Points Gained: -1
Bao-Dur: I am fine, General. Even power has been restored to my arm. Bao-Dur: I will, General. The attack was unexpected, but I will not let down my guard again. Bao-Dur: I will not, General. The attack was unexpected, but I will not let down my guard again.
Influence Gained: Bao-Dur (+8) Influence Lost: Bao-Dur (-8)
Bao-Dur: What is this place? Where are we?
1. A Jedi academy - concealed on the northern pole of Telos.
Bao-Dur: This must be where I had detected the energy readings before - and the drain to the restoration shields. This room, this place - it looks part of a huge polar irrigation system, possibly planet-wide, like the one on Coruscant. I had been told by the Republic that it was not in use.
2. Not now, no telling who might be listening. 3. Keep silent, no telling who might be listening. 1. This'll be your new home if your wounds could slow me down. Understand? 2. Are you well enough to travel?
Dark Side Points Gained: -1 Light Side Points Gained: +1
Influence Lost: Bao-Dur (-8) Influence Gained: Bao-Dur (+8)
Bao-Dur: Of course, General. If you wish, I may travel with you or join you at the ship. Bao-Dur: I am, General. If you wish I may travel with you, or join you at the ship.
3. Just get to the ship, we can talk later. 3. Meet me at the ship and prep it for launch. We're leaving as soon as we can. 2. Just go to the ship - I will deal with your failure later. 1. Come with me, then. I could use your help.
Dark Side Points Gained: -1 Light Side Points Gained: +1
Influence Lost: Bao-Dur (-8) Influence Gained: Bao-Dur (+8)
Bao-Dur: Very well, General. I will await your arrival. Bao-Dur: Very well, General.
1. [The two party members left are Atton and Kreia. Bao-Dur will meet you at the Ebon Hawk.] 1. [Choose two members of your party - the others will join you at the Ebon Hawk hangar.]

Even if you tell Bao-Dur to come with you, you can still change your mind and choose the other two. There's a plasteel cylinder by the north wall of the prison:

Item(s) Received Plasteel Cylinder
  • ?

If you speak to Bao-Dur again before leaving the academy:

Bao-Dur: General?
1. Are you sure you're all right? 1. If you were wounded in the crash, I may need to leave you here if you slow me down.
Bao-Dur: I am fine, General. Even power has been restored to my arm.
2. Any idea on what this place is?
Bao-Dur: This place looks part of a huge polar irrigation system, possibly planet-wide, like the one on Coruscant. I had been told by the Republic that it was not in use.
3. Never mind. Let's keep moving.


If you speak to Atton again before leaving the academy:

Atton: Enhhh... hey, you're back with us. We were just on our way to rescue you from those ghost women, when... uh, we got locked up. Atton: What? Look, I'm fine, okay? I was just a little dizzy when I first woke up.
4. Enough of your excuses. Let's go. 5. Got it. Just wanted to check on you. 4. Forget it, then. Let's go.


1. Are you okay? You look a little disoriented. 1. Are you sure? 2. Whatever it is, shake it off. I need you alert.
Atton: Nah... don't worry about me, I'm fine. Atton: Look, I appreciate the concern, really, but I'm fine. Atton: Got it - sorry about that. This place must be getting to me. Atton: Got it - sorry about that. Everything we've been through must be wearing me out.

If this is the first time you've asked:

Atton: Uh... how did things go with the Jedi here? Are you all done?
1. Not yet - I've agreed to help them. 2. If by "done," you mean allying ourselves with them, then yes. 1. Yes, and they are done with us. They want us out, now. 2. They told us to leave immediately. 3. So to speak. We need to leave, so let's go.
Atton: Things went that well, huh? You make friends wherever you go, don't you?
1. Until the galaxy runs out of people, yes.
Atton: Well, that's not exactly what I wanted to hear. Atton: Well, that's encouraging. Nothing like a steady stream of people who hate us or want to kill us to keep the heart pumping.
3. Enough talk, we need to get moving. 4. Forget it. Let's go.


1. You've done enough, Atton. You can go, if you want. 2. Then leave. There's nothing keeping you here. 1. You're welcome to leave, if you want. You've done enough.
Atton: Nah. I was just complaining. Heh. I'm with you until things start going better for you. We need to stick together, you know? And who knows... I might be able to help you out of a tight spot at some point.
1. Thanks, Atton, I appreciate it. 2. You surprise me. I thought you'd want to jump ship as soon as you could.
Atton: Uh, hey. Don't mention it. It's my pleasure.
3. All right, then. Let's go.

However, there's not much point doing so unless you spoke to one of the Handmaiden Sisters before freeing him, and she told you about his Echani training:

3. Rescued me with what? With your Echani training? 3. I would have thought your Echani training would allow you to recover faster.
Kreia: Echani training?
Atton: Huh? What are you talking about?
2. Never mind - are you okay? You look out of it. 4. Nothing, we can discuss it later.


1. When we met those Handmaidens at the entrance, you dropped into an Echani combat stance. Where did you learn that?
Atton: Oh, that. Don't tell anyone, but you wouldn't believe how many fights you can prevent by just pretending to know that stuff. I mean, it doesn't compare to wearing a lightsaber, but then again, that doesn't seem to help you much.
4. Are you okay? You look out of it. 5. Very well. But I'll be watching you.

Otherwise, you can interrogate him:

Low (Affect Mind) 1. [Force Persuade] Tell me the truth. Now. Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Atton: Enhhhh... wh... Y... you damn Jedi are all the same... give you a little power, and it rots you all the way to the core. Stay out of my head! I mean it.
Influence Lost: Atton (-8)
Persuade 2. [Persuade (4)] Don't change the subject. 3. I think you're lying to me.
Atton: Yeah? So what? I don't ask any dumb questions about your past, despite the fact that it keeps throwing us into life-threatening situations. Want to know why? I figure if you ever want to tell me something, you will. So give me the same respect, all right?
Influence Lost: Atton (-8)
Persuade 1. [Persuade (4)] I'm not accusing you, I just want to know if you've got any other useful skills. You could be a real asset with combat training. 4. I was just asking - no harm meant. I just thought it could be an asset.
Atton: Well. Hey. Thanks. Atton: Huh? Well... hey, thanks.
Atton: But you've got the wrong guy. I'm good at shooting people, cracking wise, and pretending to know how to fight with my hands.
Light Side Points Gained: +1 Influence Gained: Atton (+8)
2. Whatever you say... hey, are you okay? You don't look well. 2. All right. Say, are you sure you're okay? You still look out of it. 3. Keep your secrets, then. I could care less.

If you speak to him again after persuading him with the Force or skill, or saying you think he's lying to you:

Atton: What, you ready to continue interrogating me? I think I've got some childhood details you haven't tried to rip out of me yet.
Persuade 1. [Persuade (4)] I wasn't interrogating you, I just wanted to know if you had any other useful skills. You're a real asset.
Atton: Well. Hey. Thanks. But you've got the wrong guy. I'm good at shooting people, cracking wise, and pretending to know how to fight with my hands.
Light Side Points Gained: +1 Influence Gained: Atton (+8)

If you interrogate him about his Echani training again, you can repeat this dialog and have second opportunities to gain or lose influence and move closer to the light or dark side of the Force.

Hangar Control[edit]

Hangar control is on the top left side of the Entrance Chamber (bear right), and above the Prison (bear left). When you open the door you see T3-M4 trapped in a force field, and the Ebon Hawk in the hangar below through the window in the wall behind. When you enter, T3-M4 speaks:

T3-M4: Bereep... de...rreep.
Atton: Well, if it isn't the one who stole the Ebon Hawk. Not so smug now, are you, you little thief?
Kreia: Don't be a fool - Atris stole the ship and the droid.
Atton: Says you.
T3-M4: Bereep... de...rreep... de-deet.
1. T3, are you all right? 2. What did they do to you? 3. So you've been sitting here, relaxing, while we've been running all over Telos? 4. [Repair] Your behavior core... they didn't memory wipe you, did they? 5. I thought you would be scrap by now.
T3-M4: De-reep dwoot de-beet... deet.
1. It wasn't your fault they took the ship, T3. 2. Look, I'm just glad I found you.
Light Side Points Gained: +1 Influence Gained: T3-M4 (+8)


3. Then fight next time someone tries to take the ship. T3-M4: De-beet... deet. Dwooooo. Dark Side Points Gained: -1
4. Don't waste my time with excuses. 1. Then up the charge. Make it lethal. 2. Fine, I'll buy you an upgrade.
Dark Side Points Gained: -1 Influence Lost: T3-M4 (-8)
T3-M4: De-de-wreep... bwee-breoop... de-be-reep dwoot de-beet... deeeet.
1. Hold on - what information are you talking about? 2. Wait... she downloaded what from you? 3. Slow down, I can't understand what you're saying.
T3-M4: Dweep... bee-bwoot... de-reep dwoot de-beet... deet.
1. Why would she want what's in your memory core? 2. Your entire memory? That must have taken some time. 3. Which console did it get downloaded to?
T3-M4: De... deet.
1. You can fill me in later - let me get you out of there first. 2. Let's get you back to the ship, then we can talk more. 3. Be quiet until we've left this place behind.
T3-M4: Dee-deet?
1. We'll see you at the Ebon Hawk. 2. All right, join us on the Ebon Hawk when we're ready to leave. 3. Get out of here and secure the ship.


There's a Workbench by the bottom left wall of Hangar Control, with a plasteel cylinder to the right, in the top corner of the alcove by the top left wall.

Item(s) Received Plasteel Cylinder
  • ?

Lab Station[edit]

There's a Lab Station by the top right wall of Hangar Control: to the left is a door, beyond which is a ramp down to the top left side of the academy, and the hangar bay below.

Hangar Bay[edit]

The entrance to the hangar bay at the base of the ramp down from Hangar Control is in its top right wall. There's a plasteel cylinder in the right corner, by the bottom right wall.

Item(s) Received Plasteel Cylinder
  • ?

Otherwise, all that remains is to board the Ebon Hawk. If you try to do so before freeing your party from the Prison:

[You'll need your companions to fly the ship.]


Ebon Hawk: [This is the loading ramp to the Ebon Hawk. Once aboard, you'll be leaving the Telos Polar Academy for good.]
1. [Enter the Ebon Hawk.] 2. [Step away from the loading ramp.]


If your character is male then as you leave the secret academy in the Ebon Hawk, two Handmaiden sisters approach Atris:

Handmaiden Sister: Mistress, the last of the Handmaidens is not among us.
Atris: She has left with the exile. Handmaiden Sister: Left? Handmaiden Sister: But - why? Her oath...
Atris: Her reasons are unknown to me. But I fear she may no longer be trusted. We will save her if we can, but we must let her discover the exile's nature for herself. Some evils must be confronted, and isolation from it would have been no defense.

The Handmaiden has indeed stowed away on the Ebon Hawk, and she joins your party. Later, Atris stands facing the pillar in the middle of the meeting chamber as two Handmaiden sisters enter behind her:

Atris: Has there been any sign of the ship?
Handmaiden Sister: No, mistress, nor any word of our sister. We do not know where they travel now.
Atris: The freighter... it is important. And I thought the droid was as well. But I was wrong.
Handmaiden Sister: Mistress, we still do not know the significance of the ship or the droid. We downloaded all you asked, but we are still no closer to the answers you seek.
Atris: Then perhaps you will need to have faith that your sister will change her mind, remember her oath, and return to us... with the answers we seek.
Handmaiden Sister: I hope so, mistress. But there has been no word of her since she departed with the other four on the freighter.
Atris: Four?
Handmaiden Sister: Yes, mistress: the Iridonian, the Echani-trained pilot, the exile, and the old woman.
Atris: Old woman?
Handmaiden Sister: Yes, mistress.
Atris: I... do not recall seeing her.
Handmaiden Sister: Mistress, she was secured for much of the time the exile was here. At other times you were meditating, and we did not wish to disturb you.
Handmaiden Sister: Mistress, is there something wrong?
Atris: I am... tired. I... sometimes feel as if things are collapsing... all around us. It is just at the edge of perceptions, waiting. I fear... I fear things will collapse before our enemies reveal themselves.
Handmaiden Sister: Yes... mistress.
Atris: I will meditate upon this. Perhaps it will clear my mind.

Later still, two handmaiden sisters stand at the window overlooking the empty hangar bay:

Handmaiden Sister: Has there been any word of her?
Handmaiden Sister: None yet. I do not understand why she displays such disobedience.
Handmaiden Sister: You know why. She bears the face of her mother.
Handmaiden Sister: She shames us all.
Handmaiden Sister: She has always brought shame upon us. In terms of combat, she is the least among us. Her stance always had too much passion about it.
Handmaiden Sister: Perhaps it is better that our sister chose exile rather than having it forced upon her.