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Telos: Citadel Station on the Ebon Hawk's Galaxy Map

Ebon Hawk's I&D[edit]

As you disembark from the Ebon Hawk after landing in Docking Bay 1 of the docking module on Citadel Station:

Bay Control: Attention - this is Citadel Station Bay Control, Dock Module 126. Please remain where you are. Lieutenant Dol Grenn will arrive shortly to meet you. That is all.
Atton: I don't like the sound of that. If they think we caused the explosion... Uh oh - here comes the welcoming party. They may not know what happened, so don't blow it.
Lieutenant Grenn: I'm Lieutenant Grenn, Telos Security Force. I'm under orders to take you into custody in regards to the destruction of the Peragus Mining Facility.
1. Are we under arrest? 2. We didn't have anything to do with that. 3. How long will this take?
Lieutenant Grenn: You haven't been formally charged, but you will be placed under house arrest pending the results of our investigation. Lieutenant Grenn: That as it may be, the circumstances of your arrival are suspect at best.
Lieutenant Grenn: Due to the nature of the investigation, I have no specific timetable to offer you. In the meantime, your ship and any droids will have to be given over for safekeeping.
T3-M4: Dreet? Bee-deet?
Lieutenant Grenn: Yes, that includes you. You are a droid, so you will be detained. In addition, we will have to take your personal arms and armor until the completion of our inquiry.
3. This is outrageous. You don't have any evidence.
Lieutenant Grenn: You are the only witnesses of the mining facility's destruction. Thus it is necessary for us to keep you under surveillance until we have a better idea of what happened.
3. I refuse to go along with this. We're leaving.


1. Will I be able to get my gear back? 2. I understand.
Atton: Hold on. Is there any way to get our gear back?
Lieutenant Grenn: If you are cleared of any involvement, your personal effects will be returned to you. You will be held briefly in the TSF station until living quarters can be arranged, at which point you will be placed under house arrest. Do you understand?
1. I do. I'll cooperate.


2. No. Why are you holding us?
Lieutenant Grenn: Because this vessel and its passengers are connected with the destruction of a fuel mining facility - one that this station depends upon. We would like to find out the extent of your involvement.
3. The TSF can't hold me for anything. We're leaving right now. Do you understand?
Lieutenant Grenn: Look around you. Even if you managed to overcome all of us, Bay Control could simply open the magcon field and shoot you into space.
1. I understand. I'll cooperate. 2. I'll go... but one way or another, you'll pay me for the trouble.
Lieutenant Grenn: Good. My men will relieve you of any arms and armor. Please follow me. Lieutenant Grenn: Given your position, it would be a good idea if you took a more accommodating tone. My men will relieve you of your arms and armor. Follow me.
Atton: Tell me I'm not going to jail again.
Journal Entry Added Ebon Hawk's I&D
The Ebon Hawk, along with T3-M4 and all your belongings, has been detained for inspection and decontamination. Lieutenant Grenn of the Telosian Security Force said the procedure should take no more than thirty standard hours.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 1000 Ebon Hawk detained for inspection and decontamination

After you leave, a woman in white approaches the Ebon Hawk's loading ramp...


Lieutenant Grenn and his TSF officers escort you to the TSF Station force cages in the Entertainment module:

Lieutenant Grenn: You'll be held here briefly - living quarters are being arranged for you and your companions as we speak. Someone will return shortly to escort you to an apartment in Residential Module 082.
3. A force cage? This is ridiculous.
Lieutenant Grenn: As I said, this is only temporary while other arrangements are made. I'm sorry, but you'll just have to bear with us until then.
1. I understand. 2. Wait - I had some questions. 3. So be it, but I'll remember this.
Lieutenant Grenn: I've many matters to tend to. Your questions will have to wait.
Atton: Well, we might be here for a while. Might as well get comfortable.
Journal Entry Added Arrested!
You have been arrested by Lieutenant Grenn of the Telosian Security Force, and are to be held until the TSF completes its investigation of the Peragus II mining facility's destruction.

False Batu[edit]

Kreia: Someone is coming.
Batu Rem: So this is the "Last of the Jedi." I must admit, I'm a little disappointed.
1. You're wrong. I'm no Jedi. 2. What's going on? 3. Let me out of this cage and we'll see how disappointed you are.
Batu Rem: Jedi or no, you're the one I am pledged to kill - there is no mistaking that. Batu Rem: Doubtful, though at least it appears you have some spirit.
Batu Rem: The Exchange has a bounty on Jedi, you know. You're worth quite a bit of money.
Atton: The Exchange, huh? I'm pretty sure some two-bit pistol jockey like yourself isn't one of them.
Batu Rem: Eh? I'm more than skilled enough to work for the Exchange
Atton: You bounty hunters couldn't even win a fair fight. You're the cheapest, most worthless mercenary scum in the galaxy. I'd hire a Mandalorian over your filth in a second.
Batu Rem: No Mandalorian could match my skills. No Mandalorian could have been clever enough to infiltrate this station, taken the identity of one of the guards, then...
Atton: ...then what, overloaded our force cage fields and made it look like an accident? You probably don't even have the guts to fight me. Heh. Pathetic.
Batu Rem: Don't think overloading your cages had not occurred to me... you're wanted alive, but I doubt anyone will care as long as I bring them your corpse.
2. Why are you here?
Batu Rem: Like I said. The Exchange has put out a huge bounty on Jedi. I'm just looking forward to early retirement.
1. We're in a TSF station. How do you expect to get away with this?
Batu Rem: The security cameras have mysteriously shorted out. There will be no witnesses to your escape attempt, during which I'll have been forced to kill you. By the time the TSF realize I'm not one of them, I will be far from this place.
3. Let's get this over with. 1. I don't wish to fight you. 2. Your body's staying right here.
Batu Rem: Easier for me, then.
Batu Rem: Come, "Jedi." It is time to die.
Atton: Hey, leave her alone - you want a fight? Then try me, if you've got the guts. Atton: Hey, leave him alone - you want a fight? Then try me, if you've got the guts.
Batu Rem: You have goaded me once, and you shall not do so twice. But I shall dispose of all of you eventually. And an old woman, a fool, and a broken Jedi are no match for my skills.

He uses the computer panel by the right wall to open the force cages... all the force cages, at once. You may all be unarmed and unarmored, but there are three of you, as Jedi both you and Kreia are Unarmed Specialists, and Atton is capable of Sneak Attacks. Ladies and gentlemen, there's only one word for that: idiocy.

Batu Rem (main character level 9)
Set 3
Level 6
Class Soldier
Alignment 25 (dark)
Awareness 3
Strength 12 +1
Dexterity 12 +1
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 12 +1
Wisdom 12 +1
Charisma 12 +1
Vitality 51
Force -
Defense 18
Fortitude 12
Reflex 10
Will 10
Ranged Main Off hand
Attack 8 6
Energy 1-101-8
Threat 20-20,x220-20,x2
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Items and abilities Feats Force powers

Blaster Pistol Heavy Blaster

Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Pistol Improved Two-Weapon Fighting


Journal Entry Added False Batu: Bonus Mission
As assassin disguised as Batu Rem, a TSF officer on Citadel Station, made an attempt on your life while you were imprisoned there. It might be worth trying to find out who hired him and why.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Killed Batu Rem (level 9)

The door to the TSF Jail in the bottom right corner that remained locked throughout combat now opens:

Lieutenant Grenn: The security cameras ha- what?! What's going on here?
TSF Officer: Man down! Quick, call a medic!
Lieutenant Grenn: All right, "Jedi" - I want you to back up slowly, hands in front of you, into the force cage. Cooperate, and we won't have to gun you down.
TSF Officer: Come on, Lieutenant! They've already killed... eh... ...who is that? Is that Batu Rem?
1. He said he was an assassin. 2. No. He was an assassin. It's a good thing I didn't have to depend on you for protection. 3. Impressive. You allowed an assassin to infiltrate your ranks.
TSF Officer: Rem's no assassin.
Lieutenant Grenn: Batu Rem is on leave - he shouldn't even be on the station. This man isn't him.
2. How did he manage to sneak in here?
Lieutenant Grenn: That's something we're going to have to look into. I can tell you that it can't have been easy.
1. What's going to happen now? 3. I'm glad someone noticed that only after he tried to kill me. 2. Great. That's reassuring.
Lieutenant Grenn: We've arranged for an apartment in Residential Module 082. You'll stay there under house arrest until our investigation of the Peragus matter is complete. You'll be under TSF protection. I'll personally clear any visitors to your quarters, and we'll investigate this incident to the best of our ability.
1. Let's go. 2. Great. Another investigation. 3. The best of your ability? That's not very inspiring.
1. Just take me to my quarters.
Lieutenant Grenn: Officer, get Lieutenant Yima a report of this incident. She'll look into this. The rest of you, come with me. We'll escort you to the apartment in 082 immediately.

You're escorted to Apartment Complex C in Residential 082 East:

Lieutenant Grenn: These will serve as your quarters for the duration of your house arrest. Two officers will be stationed outside at all times. Again, I'll clear any visitors. There won't be another "incident."
Atton: But just to be on the safe side, why don't you leave us a blaster or two?
1. How long will I be here? 2. Get out.
Lieutenant Grenn: I can't say. We have a ship examining what's left of the Peragus facility now, so your stay might be brief. We'll keep you informed.
Atton: Well, this is a step up from a force cage at least.
Lieutenant Grenn: If there are any problems, we'll use the wall terminal to contact you.
Lieutenant Grenn: Let's go.
Atton: This isn't good. We've got to get off this station.
1. Why do we need to leave?
Atton: What do you think the TSF is going to find at Peragus? That could bring the S- You know what, forget it. As long as we're trapped here, it doesn't matter.
2. Let's not discuss this now. 1. What do you think, Kreia?
Kreia: We cannot stay in any one place too long. But our path has brought us here for a reason. I must meditate on this. In the meantime, we should rest.
Atton: Yeah, you go ahead and meditate. As for me, I could use some sleep.
1. (Rest.)
Communication Console: *ring* *ring*