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Gold Medal strategy[edit]

  • Difficulty: 3/10, or 9/10. Another mission others breeze by, while others scream bloody hell at their cube.
  • Recommended Craft: You can't choose - your in the Falcon's turret

I can't write a walkthrough for this, it's just pure skill. Don't fire unless you have a clear shot, and don't fire when the TIEs are far away. You'll probably have to play this one about 5-10 times until you get lucky or start to remember the TIEs flying patterns. Good Luck. apparently has too much time on his hands. Because he sent me a breakdown of all the fighter formations:

When the level starts shoot twice to hit the two ties right in front of you. The next group of ties come from the top left of your screen and fly diagonally down and right, immediately followed by three ties from the left side of the screen. If you fail to kill all of these ties, they will come back from the right side along with three from the left. After these are all destroyed three ties from the top left fly downwards and farther left immediately followed by another group from 9 o'clock. These two groups of ties merge in the middle for a brief time, so if you center your gun there you should be able to get most of them. Once these are destroyed, a group from the right and one from the left will come out at the same time. Kill these to find a few come out from the left followed by 3-4 from the right. These are the "few more." Once you kill the last stragglers from this group you'll be faced with "two more." This is the hardest part of the level. Just be sure that you don't shoot at them if they're ridiculously far off in the distance. If you keep your gun near the top, you'll be able to get them fairly early on.

HINT: You can aim higher than you think.

Gold Medal Requirements[edit]

  • Time: 1:20
  • Enemies: 35
  • Accuracy: 16%
  • Friendlies Lost: 0
  • Lives Lost: 0
  • Targeting Computer Efficiency: 100%

Accuracy Boosters[edit]

  • None

Quick Tips[edit]

  • Freakyaliendude ( tells me: In the Death Star Escape you can use the C-Stick to fire farther to the Side/Top/Bottom of the screen then just holding the reg one. (Am I the only one who didn't know this? ^_^)