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Gold Medal strategy[edit]

  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Recommended Craft: Y-Wing

In order to get the gold here, you need to do this mission in the day, so you have the Y-Wing. If it's not day, you can always set your console's clock to morning.

On the approach ionize every sensor, but try to keep your speed up. Once you get to the last sensor, take the canyon to your right. You'll appear in an imperial base. Fly around to every platform and drop 2 bombs on each - one on both sides. This will take down the parked fighters, making your job easier and earning kills. Do this for all 3 platforms, then move towards your objective. You'll appear in another base. Bomb all 3 platforms again. Finally head for your objective again and you'll be at the academy. If you've been here before you know there's lines of parked fighters. Laser about 4 rows of them. Save at least 2 rows on the left quadrant while approaching though - you can destroy those with the shuttle while fleeing. Also, bomb all 8 guns. 4 are around the tower, another 4 by the shuttle. Steal it, and laser the 2 remaining rows on your way out. Head to the objective, but use the rear gun sparingly. You need to keep accuracy high. In fact, if you think you'll make it without being destroyed, don't use it at all.

Gold Medal Requirements[edit]

  • Time: 4:11
  • Enemies: 51
  • Accuracy: 49%
  • Friendlies Lost: 0
  • Lives Lost: 0
  • Targeting Computer Efficiency: 100%

Accuracy Boosters[edit]

  • The sensor dishes can improve your accuracy.
  • If your playing with the speeder at night, there's more AT-ATs.
  • You can shoot the turrets instead of bombing them to improve accuracy. Not the buildings though.
  • Tap the fire button for the rear gun. Never hold it in.

Quick Tips[edit]

  • The lined up TIEs make for easy kills.
  • Watch your time. You don't have a lot to spare.
  • Don't dogfight with the TIEs at all.