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Gold Medal strategy[edit]

  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Recommended Craft: B-Wing, X-Wing, Naboo Starfighter

There is very short time on this mission, so you need to move fast. At the very start close your S-Foils and head to the first generator. Take out as many TIEs of the approaching 3-ship squad as possible, but aim carefully. Until you get into laser range of the generator, lock on to anything you can and fire torpedoes. Destroy the generator, and fly off to the back of the ship. After you get a fair distance, turn back around and target the other generator. Lock on to the small gun near it while firing lasers. You don't have time for a second pass, so use as many torpedoes as need be. When it's destroyed, make a sharp dive to the left, and destroy 1 turbolaser. Then kamikaze into the ship.

When you respawn, head for the generator underneath. On your approach, lock on and torp any guns you can. Again, you don't have time for a second pass, so use torps if need be for the generator. After it explodes, quickly close the S-Foils and fly around to the top. Open up on the command center, or ram it. This mission may take quite a few tries.

For starters, close your S-foils and fly over the frigate to your left. Open it when you see a squad of TIEs flying over the Star Destroyer's hull. When in range, lock onto one of them with a torp, and then acquire another target, either another TIE or one of the ion cannons along the side of the Destroyer, and destroy it with a torp.

When you get in range, fire one potshot into the two small turrets next to the nearest generator, then launch 5 torps into the generator to destroy it. From where you are when you destroy the generator, fire 5 more torps into the other generator, and smash into one of the ion cannons on the far side of the ship from where you start.

When you respawn, close your S-foils and fly to the ships belly. When you reopen your S-foils, take out two turrets surrounding the generator, then unload 8 torps into the generator. After you do that, close your S-foils, fly to the top of the ship, and ram the command deck.

First gold I got was on Razor Rendezvous, and I had a very easy time at it. I right away told my wings to fight tie to protect the rebel ship, then speed right to the top of the Destroyer. Making sure to use my homing missiles on anything they could grab, I slammed the first shield with lasers. It would blow, and I would wind up behind the destroyer. At that point, I would turn around as quick as I could and do the same from the back on the second shield. When that blew, I would then fly toward the front of the destroyer, leaving my lasers off, taking out everything I could with my homing missiles, then let my self die. With the second life, I would go right away under the destroyer and take out the third and final shield with missiles and lasers. I found that if I did not get it on one pass, I would not be able to beat the level, so I just wasted most of my missiles on it. When it would blow, I would have about 4 missiles left. From there, I would swoop around to the top of the destroyer, heading strait for the command deck. Finger off the laser, and shooting the last of my missiles at whatever I would get a lock on. Then just ram the command deck.

Using that approach, not being very good at the game I was able to slam the requirements for gold in a very short period of time. The trick was to get your missiles off on enough different targets on the first life. And if you did not destroy any of the shields on one pass, the falcon is too clunky to turn around. I was able to beat the level in right around 50 secs this way. (Ed. Note: Apparently, he recommends the Falcon. Anyone who thinks he's nuts say "Aye!")

Another strategy:

From the beginning, head straight for the first generator. Kill one of the three TIEs that approach you, and charge your ion cannon. Shoot the left generator with the ion cannon, and while it's still flashing blue, drop 3 bombs on the generator (advanced proton bombs or advanced cluster bombs). Repeat with the right generator, and drop some bombs on the top of the SD. Crash after this. When you respawn, head for the bottom generator, charge your ion cannon, shoot the generator, and rapidly tap "A" to fire two lasers instead of one each time. Kill the bottom generator, and head from the command deck from the front end of the SD. While heading for the command deck, drop bombs onto the top side of the SD to kill some guns. Crash into the command deck and you're done.

Medal Requirements[edit]

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Time 1:15 0:52
Enemies 12 20
Accuracy 50%
Friendlies Lost 0 0
Lives Lost 1 0
Targeting Computer Efficiency 85% 100%

Accuracy Boosters[edit]

  • The shield generators will provide you with all the accuracy you'll need.

Quick Tips[edit]

  • Always look for the option for R2 to repair your ship.
  • Count your kills so you can be sure to get 10.
  • Ramming the command center doesn't take a life and still kills the Destroyer (as long as the shields are down that is).