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Gold Medal strategy[edit]

  • Difficulty: 4/10
  • Recommended Craft: TIE Advanced Prototype

How can something so evil feel so good? It's time to turn the tables on those Rebel Scum and kick them off the Death Star.

Keep your wings in formation. Simply follow your radar and kill every group of Rebel Fighters with Cluster Seekers. All the 3 ship squads usually take 2 salvos. Don't fire a single laser here. When the first easy part is over, you should have about half your clusters left.

At the start of the Trench, dive down and take out the 3 Y-Wings with lasers. Easy targets since they fly fairly straight. Head out of the trench and use your clusters on any Squads flying around. Make your way towards your objective, but the fighters should be your primary target. Dogfight until you either run out of clusters or the objective cone switched sides on your radar - meaning the fighters in the trench have passed you. Immediately chase after them and laser all 3 to death. Head out of the trench once more and finish off more fighters if you have clusters left. Then head for the final group and laser them as well.

Gold Medal Requirements[edit]

  • Time: 4:00
  • Enemies: 32
  • Accuracy: 35%
  • Friendlies Lost: 3
  • Lives Lost: 0
  • Targeting Computer Efficiency: 100%

Accuracy Boosters[edit]

  • The straight flying fighters in the trench are easy pickings for lasers.
  • Don't ever dogfight with lasers.
  • metalsandman ( says: When you are shooting down the Y and X-Wings in the trench, switch to cockpit view. It helps immensely with accuracy.

Quick Tips[edit]

  • Keep your wings in formation the entire time or just tell them to flee.
  • Don't die to get more clusters.