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General Strategies[edit]

  • When trying to evade enemy fire, I find the best way is to decelerate and accelerate very rapidly by clicking the buttons. So you can still go about your objective while putting up a bit of defense.
  • Many may have noticed this, but try not to shoot the squad leader of a group unless you want them to scatter, and get off your back. If you're going for a gold, that probably means no. Refer to the ASCII diagram.
Group 1: |-O-| |-O-| |-O-| |-O-| |-O-|

Group 2:       |-O-|

         |-O-|       |-O-|

  • It's mentioned in the manual, but the fastest way to turn is to click both L button and R button.
  • Also, if your wondering what targeting computer efficiency is, read the manual. The more you use the computer, the more that goes down.
  • If you're having trouble seeing TIEs, especially on space levels like BoE, turn on black and white mode. You can do this by entering the code LIONHEAD, or just turning the color down on your TV.