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Stardew Valley Interface


The Stardew Valley world is divided into Locations or Maps with specific names. A Map is all the area you can see without a screen reload. Your farm is one location.


The Menu has the following parts:


The Inventory tab includes two icons on the right. The upper one lets you browse the status of your Community Center donations.



The Social tab helps you with gifting by showing you whom you've gifted this week, their current friendship level, and—if you click on their name— their Birthday and what gifts they have liked and loved so far.




The Collections tab is useful to see what you know how to cook and to re-read your letters and secret notes.



The Screenshot tool is at the bottom of the Options tab. Click the Camera, then click Open Destination Folder, then double-click on the screenshot in the folder. Zoom and pan the screenshot to see a full-resolution map of your current location.

This tool provides the following functionality:

Pause: It provides a single-key pause that lets you peruse the screen (outside the game using your operating system PNG viewer) at your leisure.

God's eye or Helicopter: This is almost like cheating. It captures not only the current view, but the entire current map at full resolution (!!!). You can enter a mine floor and get a full view of the floor including autospawned ladders (no wasting time trying to hunt/determine that or break rocks to get a ladder that will never appear), monsters, crates/barrels, special nodes, etc. You can enter Pelican Town and can immediately see where villagers, forage, and Artifact Spots are. On your farm, you can quickly determine (at full resolution) where you will go to exit or find the trees etc you want to harvest.

Notepad: If you save a screenshot of your Museum donations(like to your character's Savefile folder), you won't need to keep notes of what you have donated to the Museum.

Exit Game[edit]

Status Panel[edit]

Status panel elements

Energy Bar[edit]

The Energy Bar sometimes is accompanied by the Health Bar when combat is a possibility.