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One popular aspect of Starport is colonizing planets. There are several varieties of planets that you can colonize; each type has pros and cons. You can build structures in colonies by having the colonists set to construction and by placing resources in the refinery. You get to set what type of government a colony will have; each type has differing effects on the colony, for example: Democracy raises morale the fastest, while prison sacrifices morale rate to increase production speed. You can also invade other players' planets using missiles and special ships (example: the Vulture, which has surface missiles).

If you want help, look at the Starpedia which you can reach from the menu system or by pressing Alt + E. Choose the "COMPUTER" menu followed by "STARPEDIA." The menus appear any time the mouse is moved up to the top of the screen or when you press the ESC key with no info screen up. You can also type /help for a quick list of all commands.

You can also get some help on the official forum. Here you can get tips from other players, This will normally be your primary means of game support as the small development team can be slow to reply. Veterans of the game are always willing to give some sound advice to the new guy in town.