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There are four star bases that sell hardware to equip a ship with. One base is only accessible by having a very low reputation; this base is referred to as the "Pirate base".

Costs of hardware are shown in the following table:

Item Cost Comments
Nuke 50,000 Approximately 2000 damage. Purchased only from the Pirate base or with tokens.
G-14 Negotiator 1000 Approximately 900 damage. Purchased from any base.
Mines 100 Approximately 1000 damage. When detonated carefully, it only does around 300 damage. Purchased from any base.
Compound Mines 5,000 Similar to a regular mine but can be detonated up to 4 times. Purchased from any base.
Beacons 500 Leaves a short message for all to see. Placed in space or on a planet. Purchased from any base.
Biodome Kit 10,000-2,090,000* The foundation of colonies. Purchased from any base.
Flak Cannon 25,000 Deals approximately 100 damage and gives splash damage. Reduces energy slightly on impact. Purchased from any base.
Laser Cannon 75,000 Deals 200 damage. Reduces energy. Bounces off objects. Purchased from any base.
Shields 5-20** Shields are a ships primary protection against attack. Purchased from any base or port.
Cargo Holds 25 Used to carry resources & colonists. Purchased from any base or port.
Plasma Shooter 7 Poor standard weapon, approx. 30 damage with high rate of fire & low energy use. Bounces off objects.
Fusion Blast 15,000 Projectile weapon with approx. 70 damage, low energy use, and high rate of fire. Bounces off objects.
Explosive Charge 175,000 Projectile weapon with approx. 200 damage, slow traveling, slow rate of fire & high energy use. Detonates upon impact.
Graviton Beam 900,000 Weapon with auto-aim and average range. Can attack three targets at once. Passes through objects.
Hellbore Laser 15,000 Weapon with average damage applied as long as its in contact with the target, and medium range. Blocked by objects.
Death Ray 120,000 Weapon with very short range and high damage.
Broadband Scanner 800,000 Scans the whole system, returning the combined weights of all planets. Uses 3 fuel.
Neutrino Scanner 1,500,000 Scans the whole system, returning the weights of planets individually. Uses 5 fuel.
Tactical Scanner 500,000 Displays shield percentage of other ships.
Battle Scanner 1,000,000 It also reveals cloaked Ships. WARNING: Does NOT Display shield percentage of other ships

* This amount varies between servers. 40k is the standard price, while 2.09mil is normally found on the PAX servers.

** Prices are subject to Supply and Demand at ports with 20 being price at full supply, bases always sell for 20.