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Every character has an amount of warp fuel. Warp Fuel is used every time a warp portal is entered to make the jump from one star system to another. One warp jump costs about 10 units of warp fuel (the actual number varies depending on the type of spaceship making the jump). Warp Fuel is automatically generated for every character, at a constant rate over time, regardless of whether or not the character's human controller is online or offline. A typical setting for warp fuel generation speed in a game of SGE is 1 unit every two to three minutes. If you want to make a jump but don't have enough warp fuel you'll have to wait for it to generate. On the other hand, if you have not logged on to the game for 24 hours or so, you will find that 24 hours worth of warp fuel (about 480-720 units) has accumulated for your character. Also, you can jettison up to 500 spice each day, gaining one gallon of warp fuel per unit of spice consumed. You can check your spice quota at any time using the "/spice" command. Entering the atmosphere of a planet requires 1 unit of warp fuel, and docking at a port also requires 1 unit of warp fuel. The warp fuel gauge on the console displays how much warp fuel your character currently holds.