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Stein's Gate Elite
Release date(s)
System(s)Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4
TwitchStein's Gate Elite Channel

Stein's Gate Elite is a remastered version of Stein's Gate for the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4. It revolves around Rintaro's experience in time travelling in an anime adventure involving cell phones, microwaves and computers. Not only that, but also experience in his friendship and love and how time affects them completely.

This story takes place in which Okabe Rintaro witnessed Kurisu's death and how a simple misunderstanding could lead everyone to World War Three, including the hardships that Rintaro has to go through while also dealing with his love interest throughout this unique visual novel in which you have choices in certain points in the game, in a total of ten episodes. Most importantly is to find a max of six endings for the players to find. Calling it "D-Mail", should Rintaro stay with his love interest or save the world from World War Three? The choice is yours.

If you own a Nintendo Switch, experience an 8-bit adventure in which you have to go through locations in a major fetch quest in this simple game. This 8-bit adventure is free to download on Nintendo eShop service.

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