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This is not like Sakura Wars. There is anime, characters to talk to and choices to make but without the mega robots verse monster battles and Power Rangers clichés. Instead, you go through the story of Okabe Rintaro, a mad scientist who learns the hard way about time travelling. Not only do you use your cell phone to either reply or ignore, you also have to use d-mails to determine your lab member's fate. Including whether you can reach the true ending or not.

  • Like the anime, you go through extensive dialogue and listen to the Japanese voice actors, playing their roles in each episode.
  • When you receive a message throughout, you can either choose a word and reply back or ignore altogether and continue to go through the story.
  • Discover the fate of each female lab member from episode six to episode ten.
  • Find a way to get to the true ending to find out what happens to Okabe and how he's able to save Kurisu from her fate.
  • If the episodes runs super long, don't worry! There's an option to auto speed through the text or just skip through the text but it would stop at important moments through your cell phone. Be ready to decide what you want to do as you go through the puzzle of time travelling through it's ridiculous storyline.
  • Find the six endings for all female lab members. Not all endings were that bad. You just have to plough through over and over again to see what each member has went though have you either chose to use d-mail or not or find the right choices through your cell phone chat with your friends.